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Monday, August 29, 2016

First Day Back

I had a plan for the day and that kind of went almost out the window! But I got a lot of other things done as well as some of what I planned, so all is well! Had to put in tech rings after I had to figure out all of the computers that needed generic logins had to be reinterred for that. I had to log into each one and find their new computer number, which with our new Windows 10 upgrade took a bit of mucking around. Then I couldn't access my printer by my office and had to run up to the copier upstairs until they did a remote fix on that (it had also been renamed!) Loaded paper in the copier! Ha! Picked up more books from the office that needed to come down. Checked them all in. Some had been done, but never hurts to make sure. Packed up six books to be sent to LMSS for processing. Had a stack of teacher room stuff and checked in all that too. Some were still checked out to people, so good thing! One student claimed he had turned in a math book, so I found it. Checked it in and took paperwork up so they would get a refund, then noticed he had another book that was due for a refund, so I checked on that with the bookkeeper and she said he had never paid for it, so we couldn't refund it. So I called LMSS and talked with KD, and she was going to take care of it with a note so if the matter ever came up. Did our new sign up sheets for the year. Seems like we hardly have any time off! Bummer! Checked on getting some Spanish books for our students, not much luck there. Then went into the back to shift LIT book shelves and condense them. Had to remember the cart in the back and take those books, change their call numbers to LIT and put them in too. So, a very productive day all in all. Picked up the book A Monster Calls since I had seen a movie trailer on it & we had the book! Also picked up The Breadwinner to read at home tonight. Too many good books! Glad to be back!

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