The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, June 22, 2012

So Long!

All my hours are in and I even finished up that cart of books! See you in late August!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

One Cart

So yesterday I took the massive 400 (all those tiny 1/8 inch thick kids paperbacks) or so books on a cart to get ready for the new school and, ah, didn't quite get it all done today. Had to peel off massive amounts of labels that someone had stuck on and that took a bit of time. Just 3 hours left and I'm done for the summer :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Battle Creek

Finished off three schools of books today and did all the laminating for them, boxed them up as well! Then we finally got to work on the piles of carts for the new school :D These books are repurposed, from other schools for one reason or another (like had two, only need one, etc...) and will go to the new school, so I ended the day working on a cart making sure the new labels were on the spines that needed new ones and placing the new 'Battle Creek' barcode labels on the back of the books! So exciting!!


Tuesday - 19th - Got to play with new books today as we needed to rush out an order of 20 copies of Titanicat to a school and their summer program. Who knew that Titanic had a cat? I was amazed! Finished up the encyclopedia's for the new schools and kept processing in books for other schools.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Worked 8 hours today putting spine labels and barcodes on books over at LMSS. I figure I should have all my hours in by Friday at noon and be done for the summer! Got to put some of the spine labels and barcodes on the encyclopedias for the new school just two blocks from my house, so that's pretty cool!

Friday, June 15, 2012

1....and Done

School is closed as of 3pm today! Went into work early and by the time we left for the LMSS end of year meeting, we wouldn't have to go back to the school. Mr. R applauded us for the way we got all the clean out done and that he was moving on to Klamath Falls to be principal there. We also had a few others leaving and good-byes were said. The LMSS meeting was nice (though I got lost on the way there and turned around on the way home!) and a good way to end the year since no one lost their job this year. I have about 34.5 hours to go and I'm done for this school year, so off to LMSS on Monday to get that done! Good-bye Sprague! See you all pretty and dudded up in August!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


My fabulous helpers today got through all the billed reports I ran and though we didn't find much, we did find a few things. Packed up my desk, all but a few things I will take home for the summer and will need immediately when we get back. Opened up the new Realidades 3 and barcoded the teacher text along with a few other items. Helped Mrs. H work on cleaning up our missing books list from the library and found just about all the items on my page - we had connection problems at times and I think the computer just dropped them when she was doing them, so they are now in. Stuffed things in cubby holes around and about trying to fit everything in, got our last set of surplus books taken away today (thank you Garten!!!) and cleaned out the last of our old shelving that was just laying around in various nooks and crannies (some teachers came and took a bunch - yeah!). Mr. C came by to remind us about the lunch tomorrow so we will head up for that and hopefully, the building will be cleared and we won't have to come back that afternoon. The gates are up on the road, boxes are being carted off to storage, computers dismantled, what an effort, but needed and it'll be like a new school when we return.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Set up people to go through our 'still out' list of books and we found a lot that had been out and some students and parents came in with books as well, so I feel good about turning over lists to Kim when we leave for billing. Then I had my crew work on the 'already billed' books, just to see if we could pick up a few that had gotten missed. All around, a great day. We had packers show up today and work on packing up what we hadn't done yet, so lots got done! Almost got our magazine orders ready for the summer and will turn those in tomorrow. Two more days in Sprague, then out of there until August 29th! The days go turning by!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


More books in today, but not near enough. Usually I am deluged by the tsunami of books that rush to shore at the last moment, and today, just a ripple or two of no account. One student still had eight books at home! I asked if she realized today was her last day of school. Yep.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Countdown 5...

Five days and we are out of Sprague! Still have 3600 textbooks or so to collect as of last count today. Way too many for tomorrow being the last day of school. Basically worked on textbooks all day. Checking in, clearing the ones that had been billed. Billing others that have damage. Did process in five magazines, but they will just go into boxes for now and be available for check out when we come back.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Graduation is tonight and I'm looking forward to seeing all our seniors graduate! Hopefully the weather will cooperate because we are out on the football field, rain or shine. I hear 50% chance of rain and perhaps thunder showers, so it may get interesting! Just slogged through books today, we're down below 5K at this point and had a couple of seniors come in and really work hard on putting stuff away for us this afternoon. We are very grateful to them!!! I also got a hero moment. One of our teachers unexpectedly left and had borrowed something from a different teacher we didn't know about. While they cleaned out his room, they did find the book and I put it into surplus. It was old, withdrawn and from another school. Turns out the teacher still here needed to return it, so I checked boxes packed for surplus and there it was. She was very grateful :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Came in early so I could get some things done before the Senior Awards Ceremony. It was very nice! One of our favorite kids gave a speech, and we saw a lot of students get awards of some kind or another. It was very wonderful! More books in all day, but the good news is that all the carts were clear when I left tonight. Tomorrow finals start, so I will be in early!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Yep. We are filling up the shelves! Seniors had their last day today, but come back tomorrow for awards and Friday for graduation, so they turned in a lot of books today! So, checked in books and put books away - all the ones turned in today are on their shelves peacefully sleeping until August 29th. Still lots to go, but today made a good dent.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Been working with Mr. D on getting some Conceptual Physics books, so I did a lot of research, number crunching, checking our different suppliers on the specific items he wants to use for that. Took in a lot of books today, put away a lot of books, found miss shelved books again. 
June 4th - Worked in the back mostly getting things ready for the big push - seniors are done Wednesday so we must be ready. Checked in a lot of books and shelved. 
June 1st - I finished boxing things up in the back. Boxed up all but two shelves in the back so I could turn the other books - I have 91 boxes now!