The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I know, I've gotten a zillion requests wondering what's happened to me...Ah, well, maybe not, but life has been busy! Alongside the regular stuff, I worked at LMSS for two days during our finals and had a great time there. I put tags on four carts of books (two of them were for Sprague!) and pack boxes with books heading out to other schools! That was much fun! The next day I got to open all our 18 boxes of books from our Baker and Taylor order and stamp them and put them on carts - too much fun! I also got to look up prices on the web site to gather in prices for the books that didn't have them on the covers somewhere. Friday I was supposed to go back over, but Mrs. M was ill and had left early Wednesday and wasn't there Friday, so when Mrs. H texted me and let me know she was gone on Friday too, I went back to Sprague. I helped check in books from the last of the semester and checked off the titles of the books that I had brought over on Wednesday. Yesterday was a full grading day so I was up at my daughter's for the weekend. Today we checked out books to kids for the new semester, I processed in three magazines and did some repairs. At 1:30 I had to leave for a meeting at technology with the crossover for billing for the library books. It was interesting and good to talk and provide some responses to the discussion. I also tore down the old January bulletin board and started working on the new one.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Quotes

Snow day, snow day, 2 hour delay. Well, I'm on a 2 hour delay anyways, so I went in at 9 like I usually do. Processed in 4 magazines. One of our teachers asked us for while we were reading to send her quotes, so I typed up what I had from the last two books I read and sent them to her. Worked the kids the rest of the day. Mrs. H was sick and didn't come in so Mrs. M and I ran the library with a sub. It was really light and a lot of kids never made it into school today. Near the end of the day they said that students were dismissed at 2:20 (our regular end of the school day) and when they were gone, we were told to go home. So I packed up the library and was out by 2:45, so a little early for me.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Up Front

It's not often I get to work the front desk but I did today after Mrs. M left for the day since Mrs. H was at a Professional Development and wasn't here. It really is fun to do from time to time! Worked mostly on the PoT books and had a couple of really great conversations with students. Helped out a few teachers. Got everything all locked up for the weekend, putting chairs under tables, turning off computers for the weekend.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Control Prompt

Caught another student today doing something he shouldn't have - using a screen to take over another computer and shut them down. I quick clicked on him and did a screen print. I went and told him that I'd have to turn it into Mr. R and he was then very serious and asked why? I told him that it was a huge problem here and that's what I would do and leave it up to Mr. R to see what he needed to do about it. The student said he wanted to talk to Mr. R right then, so I sent an email with the screen shot and then we walked over to Mr. R's room and I explained what I had found and left the student with Mr. R. I spent most of the day working on the PoT books and found a few better ideas on how to manage the repairs. Boxed up 32 of Friday Night Lights to return to West Salem HS and put them up for pick up and emailed the person responsible for all that. Just a note here about let's call him C. He's one of our special needs kids and comes to my window every day, usually around lunch time. He doesn't speak, but I often will turn and tell him 'hello' and say a few things. For some reason, it really meant something to me today and I just wanted to put that down.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I was invited today to be on the team that will help push our textbook program over to a Follett textbook program. I am very excited about that! Our program was created by a now retired Salem/Keizer employee and he is now retired, so not much support for that anymore, but it's a great little workhorse of a program, but we knew we needed to start looking around. I'm very excited! The rest of the day was spent mostly working on the PoT Unit 2's but they are getting a stack of ones that are done! Had some great interaction with kids today, always a highlight.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Unit 2

Yes, back to the dreaded PoT books today and started glueing and taping them up. Processed in three magazines for the library and two for teachers. Changed some of the books on my display (pulled some from the stack and set those up and put the ones that were up in the stacks). Checked out a student who is leaving us. Went to the Site Council meeting. Looked up some info on the Shackleton expedition and I think my new calendar for next month will be on ships and things. We have this awesome wooden boat model that was donated a couple of years ago and it will be the centerpiece.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Processed in three magazines for the library. Painted around the new thermostat in the wall since there was a white ring around it from when we painted around the old bigger thermostat. Finished clearing off the old deleted copies of magazines. Cleaned up some stuff in the back. Made a new screen saver for the Vision program. Showed Mr. N the new religion books we got in and got an approval to send them to LMSS and rush them back since they are for a class, so I packed them up and sent them off.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Thursday - 1.5.12 - Finished up the bulletin board today and processed in three teacher magazines. Sent out an email to the classified staff on the rest of the magazines I withdrew for them to come and get some. Put away an entire cartload of books in the back. Checked a lot of books into repair today.


Friday - 1.6.12 - Came in early because I needed to go to an appointment this afternoon and had a lot of fun opening up the library and being Mrs. M! We swapped hours for the day and that was very sweet of her to let me do that, especially on a Friday! Helped students in the morning. Took the religion books we had purchased over the break up at Powell's, and pulled them for Mr. N, then I wrote them all up for him to see and sent him an email. I then wrote up all the Arthurian books we had purchased and sent them to the Language Arts department for those teachers that do that segment. Processed in four magazines for the library. Spent the rest of the day cleaning up the old magazine files, destroying the old records from the magazines I withdrew until it was time to go!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Started working on my bulletin board today for this month. I did a search for all the books in our library that have 'bildungsroman' for a subject! Very impressive list! So, I worked on the letters and the background, pulled books for it. Checked out books today to three new students, put money in print accounts. Helped a few others with various computer issues. Processed in three teacher magazines. Mr. N brought in a student that will come to me tomorrow for some book repair lessons! I'm so excited!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Magazine Give-Away

Got in magazines for the last two weeks and processed in two teacher magazines and 14 for us. I then turned attention to our 2009 collection and withdrew them from the system then alerted the teachers that they were all up for grabs! Rather than just trash them, we let the teachers take them for classes or whatever, and then the leftovers we use for students to cut up for projects. That was a lot of magazines and took all day. Glad to be back! I love my job!