The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Final

Kids were all done today with finals. I put away all the books we got in. Renumbered and sent 70 copies of Sentence Combining off to North HS today and did all the renumbering of the ones we still have here. Did a lot of checking in today and had a lot of kids that needed money in their print accounts. I opened the cash box up this morning to make change so I could buy a donut from the fund raiser, but was aghast that most of the dollar bills we had in there are gone. Mrs. H and I are the only ones with keys to the box. Unless I'm an unconscious klepto or she is, we have no idea of who is getting in there. It's not like the lock is really any good, but still, we're miffed and upset and there was at least $30 or more that is missing. Not happy  :(

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Graphic US Constitution

Yes indeed folks! We got in a marvelous set of the making of the US Constitution in graphic form! It is so cool! One of our social studies teachers wrote a grant to our local credit union and got the money to purchase these books! Thank you so much to Maps Credit Union here in town! Checked in lots of books today and worked on renumbering the Algebra Connections V2 books. Came in early and I freaked out because I nearly hit a kid on the way in. It's dark at that time in the morning, and even though he or she was in the crosswalk, there's very little light and they were wearing all dark clothes. Really creeped me out.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


First day of finals and I came in early. Since the kids are gone by 1pm, it makes no sense for me to come in late to stay until 3:15. Took in more books today, but still not enough by my thinking. Had a teacher ask for some books that we don't have. He checked them out last year and says he returned them, but they never got checked in under the old system. And the ones we're missing are the ones he had out last year. He says he returned them, but I'm not seeing them. Finished up the Algebra Connections V1 today and started in on the V2 books. Processed in three magazines for teachers and four for us. Helped a lot of kids today, and teachers with the scantron machines! That was a big surprise since I'd never worked with them before!

Playing with Family

Before finals, that is. Got back some books today, but not nearly enough. Worked more on the Algebra Connections books getting them renumbered in the system. I got asked to be a last minute addition to the Sprague play 'Footloose' that starts on Thursday, but then remembered I have family coming into town to celebrate my hubby's birthday and we're all having a family portrait done, so I fudged out. My moment on the stage, given up for family, so I'm happy with that :)

Friday, January 25, 2013


Finished up the Algebra 2 books and moved on to the Algebra Connections set. Felt so good to give good directions to students today, I helped each and every one with perfect instructions! That felt good! Also had a phone meeting with our textbook guy down at LMSS and we talked about books due at the end of the semester. They had all our year long books down for just one semester! That won't do! I told him about 75% of our classes are for all year, only a few are just a semester. So he will talk to our tech guy to see what they can do for that. He was very grateful for my insights.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


More renumbering today. Checked out ten books to a teacher for class. Checked kids for books still out for another teacher. Helped a student with the overstrike key. Got in a copy of Esquire to replace our now defunct Spin magazine. Looked through to see that yep, this is not something we'll put out for students! Thank you magazine company that made that decision :(

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Renumbering

More renumbering today, though I did get through the Algebra 2 books (volume 1) and started to work on the Algebra 2 volume 2 set. Processed in 3 magazines for us, worked with a lot of students and staff today. Picked up my W-2 form, cleaned up the scantron boxes a bit that had gotten discombobulated. Love our kids!

Too Busy

Tuesday the 22nd - I was so busy helping hubby get ready to leave that I forgot to post! Oh well! Worked on renumbering the Algebra 2 books. We got in the new Scantron cards and had the sub for Mrs. M portion them out to the teachers that ordered. There were a few missing, most were fine but I did piece together one more order that was out of whack! Did a lot with students today since Mrs. M was gone and finished up in the library since Mrs. H has play practice every night after school.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Crazy insane day! The kids were wild and wooley! But I still worked on renumbering the Algebra 2 books. Worked the front desk for the afternoon after Mrs. M left for the day since Mrs. H was working in a classroom. Processed in two magazines for us. Helped lots of students and that was fun! Three days off! See you Tuesday!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Finished up all the novel renumbering today from the novels we use every year. Then started on the Algebra 2 books. Also processed in one magazine and helped a lot of students on various things.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Word --

Worked all day on recovering the rest of our dictionaries and they look so much nicer now! Had to unpack one of the Scantrons for teachers that still have old scantron sheets and Mrs. H had to get an ink cartridge out of another. A teacher came in just before I left and said it's not working, so Mrs. H can mess with it tomorrow. Processed in three teacher magazines and four for us. Checked out a class with the Algebra Supplements.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Once Upon a Time

Today the library was closed all day for an AVID forum. So, we worked in the back. Mrs. M worked on books that were weeded and after further review we decided to keep them, so she was laminating their covers and otherwise making them look like new again. I took our old Scantron machines and got them into boxes to get ready to ship them back and was pleased to figure out how to take off the shelves of those. One was a simple move to the side and pull out, but the other I just couldn't find the key to get it going until I picked it up and looked underneath, ah ha! A screw nob just needed to be unscrewed! I finished all those To Kill a Mockingbird books finally and dusting off all the Novel Set shelves and the Business shelves and started the English shelves. While I was there, I remembered that I had always wanted to relaminate the covers of our dictionaries that I hadn't done the last time, so I rounded up the ones with the old film covers that had holes in them and generally look pretty poor. So I finished up the day getting those back on the books. We did have the library open after school for a bit and I closed it down when I left, thank goodness we'll be back inside our lovely library tomorrow! My new display was ready :)

Monday, January 14, 2013


Worked on more of the To Kill a Mockingbirds today and should finish that up tomorrow, then I'll be about done with fixing up the novel section! Checked out three classes of the Algebra Supplements, processed in two magazines for us. Worked with a lot of kids today since Mrs. H was gone. Had some computer issues, and I'm sure that the mockingbird was having a lovely time of it as I messed up helping one student get something saved onto his folder (yeah, he needed to copy the picture onto a document, then save that - duh.) Another kid withdrew and I was trying to figure out how to bill him, and rather than just declare his books 'lost' which would have instantly billed him, I billed him for the books and now I'm not sure how we will fix that! So I emailed our textbook guru to see what he can do! Then a girl was looking for Oedipus Rex, and like her, I went to the 822's instead of what I had written down which was the 882's! 'duh!!' What a ding-a-ling! Had to send out a notice for the next day that our library will be completely shut down for tomorrow. We had classes scheduled in the labs, but our AVID coordinator said 'oh no!' they were supposed to be empty - so after I called Mrs. H at home and talked with our principal, I sent a notice to the four teachers that were scheduled in and another to the whole staff. We also got in some extra The Adoration of Jenna Fox so I let Ms. A know that we were ready for her kids to check them out when she was ready.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Cleaning Up

Today I worked on getting the To Kill a Mockingbird books entered and taped up. Then I decided to clear up some carts and put books away. We had a whole cart of Geometry Supplements that were just taking room up on a cart, so I put them on a shelf and in a couple of boxes up on top of that, then put away a cart of Foundations books we had gotten in to replace our 125 books that have disappeared over the last several years. I also put away the last box of math teacher materials we had on the floor boxed up from the bond work last summer - no one needed them, and there wasn't space, so I just had left them in the box. So, now they are all home and happy. Mrs. H also used our back counter for the new Scantron machines we got in, so I cleared off that and got all those bits of things taken care of in one way or another. Checked out a lot of books today, pieces here and there. Processed in one magazine. Sent a whole box of materials out to Mr. C at LMSS for barcoding. Sent out an email to the Social Studies department to see if anyone had ordered any National Geographic materials.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Hedgehog Makes a Visit

Today we had the Little Oly's Preschool come in and since we were reading Jan Brett's The Mitten, I brought in my little stuffed hedgehog. He got held by a little girl who was having her birthday :) Processed in two teacher magazines, three for us. Checked out two classes of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Got 34 Geometry Connections supplements ready for a teacher, checked them out to her and had an aide take them down. Got ready three class sets of Algebra Connections supplements for Monday. The Algebra Connections supplements we had processed in under the old system, so I spent a lot of the day putting notes in the new Destiny system as to their numbers since we'd already put those numbers on there. I was the last one out of the library today since Mrs. H was gone at a conference, so I bagged up the trash (to help out our custodians) and got everything ready for the morning. Lots of students checking out new books. A great day again!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcome Back!

Came back today ready to start the new year and ready to work! There was lots to do! Mr. M needed the teacher guide and 30 of the new Geometry supplements, so I got those all checked out to him and sent them down with an aide to his class. Mr. S needed me to pull all the Sir Gawain and the Green Knights that we have. I pulled down my Hobbit bulletin board and replaced it with 'Once Upon a Time' with our fairy tale/legends collection. Went and got our mail, and needed a box to bring it all back. Sorted it out and processed in six teacher magazines and fourteen for the library. Checked on getting some additional Adoration of Jenna Fox for a teacher from another school. Let Mr. C know that we'd gotten a card on some Destiny training up in Seattle, but he wrote back that the district will not pay for him to attend, even though he could stay with family while up there. Got in our new Scantron machines so we will work on those Friday getting them set up and ready to use since Mrs. H will be gone tomorrow. Brought in all our books that we purchased up at Powell's on Monday, and Mrs. M worked on getting them ready to send to LMSS for processing. I recommended a book to Ms. O (The Fetch) and she was so excited she checked it out then and there. Put up book images of what I'd read over the break on the front of my desk for kids to see. A fabulous day!