The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Temps were up today and I even opened up the library windows to get some air flow in! Came in early since I was heading over to Leslie Middle School to talk to the librarian over there who is retiring at the end of this school year. She was one of our teacher/librarians who got 'released' since the district decided they didn't really need them anymore, and she stayed on and became just a library media assistant until she made the decision that this year would be her last. We talked shop and I drooled over the textbooks and their nice windows looking out over to the Cascade Mountain range. Came in at 7, and turned on the computers. Someone had been working on all of them, so I had to relog in as a bush student and use our password. That took a lot of time, then I had ten computers that didn't want to do anything but scroll. How annoying. They just worked on them all day Monday and yesterday too. Got to LLI and did my reading group. Did a running record on one, which took quite a bit of time. Had them do a worksheet on helping. Then a quick trip back to the library for my four morning classes in a row. I really enjoyed reading 'false apology' poems to the older classes. I thought they were hysterical. I used the Gail Carson Levine book 'Forgive Me, I Meant to Do It' I picked up from Salem Public Library last night on my way home. I put out colored pencils and paper, put up the poem "This is Just to Say" with a picture of an ice box then invited the students to do their own false apology poems and was able with one class to have them share a poem. I thought it was nice. The two younger classes also got to make a poem or picture and I read some young Emily Dickenson and Dr. Seuss! Then my lunch, cafeteria duty, and the kids went home for the day. I worked on the school inventory just about all the rest of the afternoon. I hope I can get it all together! There was a lot!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Came in and went into the LLI room so I could get ready since I didn't do it yesterday. Found that I had today's lesson, but needed two more for the week. They are up with one of the other LLI teachers, so she's going to make sure I get them today. Put last weeks stuff away and had a great lesson. Went through our blend sheet, and had the kids think of new words that started with the blends, then they had to do the consonant/vowel designations (like cat - cvc - consonant vowel consonant). Then I picked up a bit more of the inventory. Up to Mrs. M's room for the rest of the morning. Did some copying work for her and then did my Chocolate Touch reading group. Down for lunch, then cafeteria duty. Back to the library and I worked on highlighting my inventory list from what I did this morning. Back up to Mrs. M's room and they were doing their art project, painting rocks. Then snack and reading from Mrs. M, then Mrs. L, Mrs. F and I took the second graders down to work on math. I am still so impressed with Mrs. L and her instruction. She is fabulous. Back down to the library after school got out and checking in 66 books or so. Sent a book back to Sprague that I had borrowed. Worked some more on the inventory and oh my! Time to go and meet with my cousin from Washington over at my Mom's after I stop by Salem Public Library to pick up a book for reading tomorrow!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Channeling the Inner Writer

Off to a mandatory training this morning and what I thought was a talk about the Common Core Standards and what that means, turned out to be a workshop continued from ones the teachers have been doing about the literacy piece with math this time. Not sure I got it all, and I'm afraid I was 'spooling' information. One of my Bush collegeas asked me about what plan I would implement in the library and I was just blank. 'None of them work for me.' I told her. I have so little time! Then back to the library for an afternoon of AV Inventory. I got the library all done and had one gal work on some of the other rooms in the building. Feeling good about how far I got today. All that afternoon time paid off!

Friday, April 25, 2014

New Books!

My new books arrived as I was leaving last night, so of course, the first thing I did was unpack them all!! Ahhhh,  Ohhhh.... Pretty. Couldn't find the packing slip, so I wrote down titles so I could put them out for check out this morning! I had them stretched all down the counters under the north windows! Then off to LLI and their lesson for today. Did a running record, got their weekend reading together. We went through their words. The boys were both "I got them all! I can throw them all away today!" So I tested them, and not so much! They got to dump about half of their stuffs. Then back to the library and got ready for my kinders! They were so excited to see all the new books! They checked out nearly all the new Elephant and Piggie books. Yeah! I love it when I get new books and they get checked out! Had some girls be really disrespectful while I did my author presentation to their 5th grade class, so I told one of our gals. I got three apology letters this afternoon from them and one came up to me during cafeteria duty and apologized to me personally! That was huge! Then my lunch, then cafeteria duty, my last group of the week, a bit of clean up, then up to Mrs. M's room. Helped with some science again today, then down for the computer lab and the kids worked on sumdog and starfall. Back to the library after school to clean up, water plants, shelve a few more books. I hear the door click, 4pm! Time to leave for this Friday!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Math Spooling

So today Mr. M asked me if I was looking around, like for another posting, and I had to say yes. I've applied for the McKay job tonight and hopefully the Leslie job will post soon. Went in and woke up computers for getting onto the OAKS site. Opened the windows, then heard the volunteer appreciation was going to be in the library! Like, at 9! I had to be in LLI at 8:15, so I blitzed the library and straightened up and put up fabulous books so it would look really nice for our volunteers. Then off to LLI and a reading record and didn't have to scramble so much! Then back to the library, shelved and got ready for my groups. One Snow Queen, one Junie B. Jones, then our DLC kids came in and I read The Steadfast Tin Soldier. It seemed appropriate for what they go through. Then my lunch (I worked on my application) then cafeteria duty. Back to the library, more shelving, then up to Mrs. M's room and patrolled students while they did a science lesson on butterflies and how to highlight and note important facts. Then back down to the library for Mrs. H's class and another Junie B. Jones read and then since they had told me the second graders would be in the LLI room, I didn't have to go upstairs, but to the LLI room for more Common Core math work. Tape lines? I get it, but most of the kids were just totally blank about it. Mrs. L does an amazing job with the lesson plan Mrs. M gives her, but the kids are just spooling the information. It's frustrating to them as they keep trying and trying to understand and just start putting numbers in hoping they're the right ones :(  Helped take the kids up to their room and ready to go home. Then back to the library. Shut down monitors, checked in the last set of books for the day. Sent off a book to another library. Went into the office to give them a tape holder and there was my new Baker & Taylor order!!! Yippee!! Can't wait to get them all checked in and ready to get checked out!! Muchly excited!! I love being in the library!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spider vs. 1st & 2nd Graders

He was just a tiny little guy, but he didn't stand a chance against Mrs. M's class. One boy had him in his hand, dropped him several times, the girls and boys were all shrieking, so I took a tissue and put him out of his misery. Poor thing. One never knows what's going to happen when you enter a library. Went in, got computers up and running for the OAKS testing. Off to LLI and really scrambled to make sure they had all their take home stuffs for the night. Back to the library and my four classes in a row. Read to the younger classes about Barbara Park and that she had passed away from cancer, and we read Junie B. Jones Lunch Boss. Then the older classes got Hans Christian Andersen and The Snow Queen, that the current movie Frozen is loosely based on. Some similarities, and some differences. We also discussed Public Domain and what that means - smart of Disney to use fairy tales! Then my lunch break and cafeteria duty, back to the library and I took my 10 minute break and then went and stood in the hallway to halt the stampede, but they had the kids line up and walk in calmly this time! It was nice! Then into the library for the rest of the afternoon. I put books away and then pulled out the AV inventory from last year I had printed up earlier today. Since we replaced the whole library computer lab, I had to check each serial number and school barcode on each monitor and hard drive. I ended up going to the office to see if they had a magnifying glass!! Oh my! They opened a drawer in the cupboards under the printers, and there one was! It came in very handy! So I got all that done at least, I'll just have to enter it all later. That took up the rest of the afternoon, and I'm off to see a Beatles tribute, 'Rain' tonight with my hubby down at the Hult Center in Eugene at the UO.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More News

So today I got news that a position will open up at the end of the school year at Leslie Middle School for 8 hours. That would be awesome! Still in a secondary, still my 8 hours, and much closer to home than McKay. So, I will go in that direction! That's very exciting, not to mention they have awesome windows in their library there too! Got the computers all set up for OAKS testing today, but I'm not sure if they did any or not. Did LLI and my kiddos were pretty good. Had all my stuff together. We worked on consonant clusters, read together and did some poetry reading. Then back to the library and shelved. Then up to Mrs. M's room. Usually the kids are gone when I go up on Tuesdays, but they have a weird schedule so they were all in. I worked on my sort cards project and then went down to make copies of the lesson plans for the sort cards. Then it was lunch time, so I called the application office and talked with them. Then cafeteria duty. Back to my beloved library for more shelving and then up to Mrs. M's room for two hours. Helped with a spelling test. Made copies of the math to do for that afternoon, graded the spelling test then went downstairs with Mrs. L to do math for the second graders. Mrs. L is amazing. She is quite the teacher. Though Mrs. M gives us the lessons, Mrs. L does a fabulous job with keeping them on track and hopefully they also learned something! Took them back up to the classroom to get ready to leave for the day. Then back into the library. Put the last of the books away. Lots came in today and they are all checked in and put away. Ran reports for each class on what books are due. Sent off some book requests to a couple of people. The future is looking bright! I may be back in a secondary school! Huzzah!

Monday, April 21, 2014


So today I thought I'd just check the job listings and the assistant position at McKay is open. All 6.5 hours in the library. Might be worth applying for just so I can have all my time in the library. I see that I'll go down to just 7 hours next year at Bush, and only 3 hours average a day in the library. Makes me sad every time I leave the library to go work somewhere else. Came in and pulled up the computers for the OAKS testing. Then to LLI for our Monday meeting. Back to the library for an hour and did some shelving and did some reading for my class coming in today so I'd know what I was doing. Up to Mrs. M's room for some more of the index card work, then my Chocolate Touch reading group. Back down for my lunch, then cafeteria duty. I seriously need earplugs. Then I had my first class of the week, and told them about Barbara Park passing away from cancer and I read Junie B. Jones, Lunch Boss. Then half an hour to shelve and up to Mrs. M's room. Helped with a writing assignment, the kids had to do it on their own, but we could remind them of the rules and bring them dictionaries, then out for math. Mrs. L and I took the kids down to the computer lab to work on math papers. Arrow Math, mental math and block math systems. So confusing! Then back to the library after the students left and got nearly everything shelved, but then I looked up at the clock and it was already past my quitting time. Off to run errands.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Golf Career

Today was dress like a career day so I chose to dress like a golfer. There are so many different avenues in that industry! Came in and left the rest of my birthday cake in the break room, started computers up, took snack up to Mrs. M's room since I had promised to do that for my birthday. Then down to LLI and finished off the week with my new group. Sent them home with books for the weekend. Back to the library and getting ready for my classes. Gotta love my kinders! They really are cute. We read 'Recycle Every Day' and I had them whisper some of the chants "Recycle, recycle, recycle" and "Re-re-remember to Re-re-cycle Every Day!" it was fun. Then my solitary lunch, then cafeteria duty was back to normal. My last kinder class of the day was cut a bit short since a presenter for career day needed a space and they decided it should be in the library. I did some shelving while they presented nurse nutrition education, then up to Mrs. M's room where I got a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. W!!" from the kids. They sang and gave me one of the cards where everyone fills out a large index card and they staple it all together. Very sweet. I handed out my snacks and then we did math for the rest of the afternoon. Mrs. L and I took some kids down to the LLI room to work on math, then when my group was done, they got to go up into the upstairs computer lab and play sumdog. When school was over I did more shelving and straightening in the library and then off to pick up my granddaughters for the weekend! Happy Easter all!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Birthday, Bearcats and a Meeting

Busy day! Came in and got the windows open and computers up. Then to LLI and just had two of my kiddos today. The wonderful coworkers there got me a card and had all the kids sing happy birthday to me - and a nice little cup of strawberries and pineapple for a dessert yummy! I ate it with my cottage cheese at lunch. Had my three classes and then my schedule changed for the rest of the day. Most of our kids left to head over to Willamette University for Bearcat day. I guess the athletic department sets up a whole arrangement of different sports for the kids to all try and participate in. We had just three classes left here and the kinders. I actually got to eat with some of my coworkers for lunch today, and that was a nice change. Usually I have to eat by myself since nobody else has to eat as early as I do, but with the change of schedule, I delayed my lunch to a better lunch time and got to sit in the breakroom and talk with people. It was very nice. Then into the library a bit and sorted the Everybody books. Cafeteria duty with our three classes, then back to the library. Then up to Mrs. M's room and she had me read a book about careers and talk about different avenues off each tale - that was kind of fun, like the veterinarian and we talked about all kinds of animal jobs. Fun! Then down to have my other afternoon class, and then Mrs. H had them in the computer lab and I helped her out. Mrs. M had me work with their classes since she was over at Willamette with her class. Then after school got out I was off to Swegle Elementary for our elementary meeting for the month. Lots to hear, stuff to do. Will sort it all out tomorrow. Then off to dinner with family.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Today went pretty well. Came in and got the computers up for OAKS testing. Then off to LLI for my group. We were very busy with stuffs, double consonants, worksheets, words, new book, another running record. Then back to the library for my four in a row classes. Then my lunch, cafeteria duty and a break then watch the hallways during their early release and into the library where I got a ton of shelving done! All the non-fiction and fiction books are all done and those shelves all straightened out. Looks so nice when everything is in their place! Had April birthday celebrations today, so I got a little gift and birthday wishes since tomorrow is my birthday. A pretty good day all in all. Had the PLC in the library this afternoon, so no music (drats!) but that's all right, at least I got to work in the library!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Called this morning to a local bookbinder, Max Marbles who works just around the corner at Mission Mill. I wanted to see about getting Sprague's copy of Book of Kells fixed, and he said to call at my lunch and see if he was there. Did my new LLI group, way down the level from my upper level kids but they all worked really hard. Did my first Running Record with one of them, and it was pretty easy. The book had maybe 100 words, so it went well, then the head of the program went over that with me. Then a bit of time in the library and up to Mrs. M's room. There I worked on her vocabulary sorts. Writing prompts and words on index cards, I probably did about 270 cards total today. Then the kids came back from other activities and I took my group of five out in the hallway and we worked on the Chocolate book more. Went over vocabulary and a couple of questions for them to do. Then it was my lunch time so I called, and he was available, so I dashed over and spent a wonderful half hour talking with him. He said it would be cheaper to buy a used copy than for him to fix the one I had, but then, he asked if I'd be interested in buying his business. He'd like to move back east, but wants to sell the business to someone who will keep it going and be passionate about it! Man, I was so excited! He showed me some pictures of his restoration work and it was beautiful. That got me all excited. I was a bit late getting back for cafeteria duty, but I had let Ms. H know I might be. Did cafeteria duty, then into the library for a bit of work. Back up to Mrs. M's class. They were doing their art projects for the week, so I continued my work on the sort cards. Used up all her cards, but by then it was about time to get the kids ready to leave for the day. Then back to the library and shelving and straightening up the non-fiction section. I stayed a bit later today to make up for the 10 extra minutes I spent at lunch talking with Mr. M. It was so worth it!

Monday, April 14, 2014


A crazy day but my hubby took me to Konditeroi's for some cake tonight. Came in and got the computers set up for the OAKS testing. Then off to LLI for our Monday meeting. I am getting a lower group this week and starting to do running records, which I still don't really know how to do, but it seems that they just throw you in and hope it works out in the end. Makes me a bit sad, but that's what I have to deal with. I do my best. Back to the library and getting ready for my class that comes in right after lunch. I ran their bookmarks off the class list and checked who could check out books and who couldn't and ran letters for the ones who need to take care of books. Then it was time to go up to Mrs. M's class. I helped staple stuff and then the kids came back and I worked with a reading group. One of them was way off, but soon it was time for me to go to lunch. Then cafeteria duty and back quick to Mrs. L's class. They brought in their books as they came in, so I had to check them in and filter out the bookmarks for the kids that could now check out. Then some shelving before back up to Mrs. M's class. The kids were working on what they wanted to be when they grew up, then snacks, then I took a group into the computer lab and they did sumdog while a couple had to finish some paper work. Then back down to the library. Shut off the monitors, ran reports for books out for the teachers, did an April Bush Leaves. Got a bit more shelving done. Had a mom bring in money to pay off a book. Then home to run (and then to eat yummy Tuxedo cake - in celebration of my hubby's getting a work trip to Tiger Jam in Vegas!).

Friday, April 11, 2014

Muncha Math

Came in a bit early since it was Friday. Opened the windows to let in all the gorgeous sunshine. Turned on the computers and got them ready for OAKS testing today. Had my last LLI day with my group and they graduated and are on their way to other things! Back to the library and I worked through all my kinder classes, putting out my overdue/lost notes for the kids that needed them and getting their barcode bookmarks ready. I think it worked really well. I could hand the bookmarks out to each kid, then the ones that had books out that weren't overdue, then the notices to the kids who need to take care of book business! My first class today was my sweet kinders who are all so quiet!  They really are a joy! I had them all do hand motions with the Muncha, Muncha, Muncha book and they were so cute, making little mouth moves with their hands and whispering 'muncha, muncha, muncha!' with me. But then I learned that we were to have an earthquake drill, so I quick printed off their class list and got them all lined up at the back door. The drill came and they all dived under the tables, then we went out the library back door and their teacher met us on our way out. Back in for my next two classes who not near as well behaved. Then my lunch, then cafeteria duty and straight back for my last class of the day. Some library time. Looked for my books for next week, focusing on recycling. Then up to Mrs. M's class for math. Ugh. I really drag through math. Again Mrs. L and I took the second graders downstairs to work on their math. Mrs. L really is amazing. She could be a teacher, and did a great job trying to work through the exercise with the students. We had about a third of them get it, but the rest seemed pretty clueless. Back up to watch a bit of Because of Winn-Dixie since Mrs. M just finished reading the book and then the kids left. Closed windows, shut down monitors, sorted books. Signed a card for our instructional coach, what a great guy, and his brother passed away last night. A stroke, and nothing to be done for him. So heart sorry for his family. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014


More kids in today, and again, hard times keeping them quiet!! Computers were up when I got in, so I woke them, turned on monitors, did a bit of checking in and book sorting then off to LLI. Had all four of my kids today and I kept them busy, tomorrow will be their last day with this particular program. Back to the library and covered my last two books from my last order and noticed that on the MARC record, it said volume 6, not volume 4 so I emailed our lovely LMSS ladies and they got that switched. Then got ready for my three classes. 5th grade class, then Mrs. M's class and last before lunch our DLC kids. They were all noisy!! Our principal came in and talked with them. And it still didn't work out very well. It's a very hard population so we expanded my expectations to be sure they knew to 1. Come in quietly and sit on the rug area. 2. Listen to my book and instructions. 3. Silently go and look for their books. 4. When they have their book checked out or if they can not check out books, they are to take their/a book and sit quietly at tables and read. So did not happen. My lunch time, then cafeteria duty, back to the library to sort, then up to Mrs. M's room and she wasn't there, so I helped the sub with the nutrition lesson. Back down to the library with Mrs. H's kids who were all in huge trouble from recess! They came and sat at tables, then I did story time and handed out bookmarks and notices. No, they weren't very quiet either. Then back up to Mrs. M's room and worked with students and their math. Mrs. L and I took some groups outside to the hallway tables to finish up their math worksheets. Then back down to the library and helped our presenter get ready for the meeting right after school. We had done a meeting six weeks ago or so about challenging students and this was the follow up to that with intervention strategies and the like. Ended at 4:30ish, just over my 4:15 normal quitting time.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Running Records

Today was my busy day for classes. Came in and it took all my library time to get the computers up and ready for OAKS testing. Then off to LLI and my kids. All of them passed levels and will graduate on Friday out of this program. They all seemed very excited about that. Then a rush back to the library and my four in a row classes. Read Seedfolks to my 5th graders and I think they enjoyed it. Read Weslandia to my 1st-3rd graders. Really had trouble keeping them quiet with the OAKS testing going on. I think I asked each class 10 times each (in just 15 minutes of their free look for books time) to be quiet and respectful for those who were having to test. Our principal came in and even talked sternly to my first class. Our test proctor came in for two classes and asked them to be quiet. My scanner would not work so I had to hand enter all the kids codes and book barcodes. That was frustrating. Then my lunch, and I had forgotten to bring my sandwich. Really??? I make one every morning! How did I forget it? Then cafeteria duty. Back to the library and the presenter for our afternoon meeting was there. I had heard that we were to maybe do running records for reading which they have talked about since I first came. Well, she wasn't doing the records, but rather the next step on doing the records. That was frustrating. I've been waiting six months to be trained, and a lady comes to do the 2nd step. So, we went through that, but then a bunch of us classified people met with her alone, and I said how I'd been promised training for six months, and nothing has happened. Then they talk that I just need the mark sheet, can watch someone do it, and then do it on my own after that. Really?? Something that should have a two hour training and they want me to just watch someone do one, then go for it on my own? This is an assessment of students and their reading ability. I think it's much more important than something to just 'wing it.' It's not fair to the students, or the other ladies who do the records and have to take on my students as well as their own. And, I don't get a real feel for what I need to focus on in their work with me. We also had two baby showers today, three of our staff are very pregnant, and so we did stuffs for two of them today. The last one will be at the end of the month. They are all due within a week of each other I think!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Missing Sprague

Came in and got computers up for the OAKS. Then on to LLI and we're on our last week for this group. Had to talk to our counselor again about one of our students, who is very sleepy. I was concerned so let her know about him so she can contact him and see what's really going on. Then back to the library for a bit and then up to Mrs. M's room. I looked through her book section, then took a reading group for her. Off to lunch, then cafeteria duty. Back into the library for just a bit, then back up to Mrs. M's room and math. Mrs. L and I took the second graders downstairs to work on their math while Mrs. M worked with the third graders for their upcoming tests. Mrs. L was awesome as she taught the second graders, I was in awe! Checked in a ton of books today, ran reports for all the classes. Got an email from Mrs. H at Sprague about making sure we had our orders in, and I told her I was all set, and how today I horribly missed her. She wrote back and said she missed me every day. Picked out some great books for reading tomorrow.

Monday, April 7, 2014

In Memory

Worked today on my April authors bulletin board and one of the sets of books that get checked out all the time is the Junie B. Jones series, and I learned today that her creator, Barbara Park just died in November of ovarian cancer. That made me very sad. She was only 66. The kids just love those books. Came in today and opened up the library windows, set up the computer lab for the OAKS testing that started today. Then to the LLI room and a check in with our fearless leader on my kids from last week, then off to the gym at 8:30 to walk the assembly gyre. Sat through the assembly and then back to the library and started working on my authors. Then upstairs to help Mrs. M, cutting out square blocks for math for later today. Found out it was Mrs. M's birthday today! She had me take a reading group. We did the rest of the first chapter and started to answer questions and Mrs. L came so I could head off to lunch. Then cafeteria duty, and back to the library for my class. We are working on gardening stuffs this week, so I read Gardens from Garbage. Pretty interesting! Then more author work and then I had a substitute teacher come and ask if I needed any help and so I had her work on my non-fiction stack of books on the cart. She not only got them all in order, but two-thirds on the shelves! I love great help! Then back up to Mrs. M's room and donut holes to celebrate her birthday. I ordered her a Because of Winn-Dixie video, then we did math. I made some copies for her before the end of the day, then back to the library and more author work. Gorgeous day outside, so on my breaks I sat in the windows and gazed outside. Off to a beautiful afternoon, I will enjoy it. How blessed to be able to enjoy a great day.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Slapped with a Very Large Fish

So today I was checking in books and one came in that had a half piece of paper that started to come out, so I grabbed it out. It was a nice colored paper and someone had tried to do some calligraphy that said "Happy Birthday! Remember all men are equal when slapped with a very large fish." What?!!?? Gave me quite the chuckle. I wonder who it was for... Came in at 7:30 since it was Friday, started computers, opened windows. Checked emails. Went to LLI and only had two kids. They were both really good and worked very hard. Back to the library and got ready for my classes. They were all pretty good today. I had a couple of kids renew books. Had my lunch, did cafeteria duty, back for my immediate after cafeteria duty kindergarten class, then library time sorting books and shelving. Up to Mrs. M's for math time, then back down to more sorting and shelving. Closed windows and headed off to pick up grandkids for the weekend. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Waiting for Books!

Got all my book order sent in today and talked with Mrs. H at LMSS and she finally said for me to just sit back and wait for the books to come :D That's so cool! Had LLI this morning and only had two kids, then back to the library to work on that book order (what? I ordered a CD? I meant a book!) Got books together for my DLC class today. They have me put out books on a table for their kids to look at. Then my three classes, lunch, cafeteria duty. I had a couple of kids ask me during lunch if they could come in and work off their fines, so after lunch I went in and they went to work. Both of them worked for the whole half an hour and got $5 each on their account. Just a bit more for them to go. Up to Mrs. M's and listened to her do a nutrition talk with King Henry the Egg, Queen Anna-Banana. Oh my! Then back down to do my last class for the day, back up to Mrs. M's room for math. I watched a table of kids working on their addition with carrying. I had to add fast! Back to the library. Sent out several books to other schools and found one for a teacher here. Then we had a meeting for the rest of the afternoon working on the calendar for the month. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CCSS $$!!

Today we got notified that the monies that were spent at the beginning of the year on CCSS books were being half refunded to the libraries! Huzzah! And again, Huzzah! Came in and got computers going, checked in some books then off to LLI and had all four of my kids. Then a quick turn around into the library for my four in a row classes. I was in a funny mood, so read Fortunately the Milk, The Frog Prince Continued and The Three Samurai Cats. Then my lunch, then cafeteria duty, then I worked a bit more on my order since they asked us to put in an order of $500 and then submit that to LMSS for them to order for us. So, that took awhile, but I finally had it all ready and submitted by the end of the day. Covered some of the paperbacks today as well and checked in more books. I love Wednesdays since the kids all leave at 1:15 and I have all afternoon for library pursuits! Good thing, since I needed time to get my order done!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nice Treats

First today I had a maintenance man come in and drill the hole in my desk for the printer cords! I had asked way back in October on one of my first days! Then I had asked if a staff member from Sprague who lost her wheelchair student who passed away, if it might be possible to transfer her from the DLC to working with our wheelchair student who lost his one on one from an injury, just for the rest of the year. Today she was with our student! That made me very happy, it seemed like a perfect fit for both of them and I'm glad it happened! Had LLI today with only one student, and another who came in at the end. Then did some work for Mrs. M, took her books down and checked them in (she had a set of president books) and then brought her class up and we had reading time. Cafeteria duty, then a bit of time to relabel shelves from all the moving I did before break. Back up to Mrs. M, then I got to paint my clay sculpture I did before break, then Mrs. M had me read Because of Winn-Dixie to her class. Then we did math, graphs, I do like graphs! Then back down to finish relabeling shelves and got those all done and some books checked in too. A nice satisfying day.