The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, April 21, 2014


So today I thought I'd just check the job listings and the assistant position at McKay is open. All 6.5 hours in the library. Might be worth applying for just so I can have all my time in the library. I see that I'll go down to just 7 hours next year at Bush, and only 3 hours average a day in the library. Makes me sad every time I leave the library to go work somewhere else. Came in and pulled up the computers for the OAKS testing. Then to LLI for our Monday meeting. Back to the library for an hour and did some shelving and did some reading for my class coming in today so I'd know what I was doing. Up to Mrs. M's room for some more of the index card work, then my Chocolate Touch reading group. Back down for my lunch, then cafeteria duty. I seriously need earplugs. Then I had my first class of the week, and told them about Barbara Park passing away from cancer and I read Junie B. Jones, Lunch Boss. Then half an hour to shelve and up to Mrs. M's room. Helped with a writing assignment, the kids had to do it on their own, but we could remind them of the rules and bring them dictionaries, then out for math. Mrs. L and I took the kids down to the computer lab to work on math papers. Arrow Math, mental math and block math systems. So confusing! Then back to the library after the students left and got nearly everything shelved, but then I looked up at the clock and it was already past my quitting time. Off to run errands.

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