The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Came in and went into the LLI room so I could get ready since I didn't do it yesterday. Found that I had today's lesson, but needed two more for the week. They are up with one of the other LLI teachers, so she's going to make sure I get them today. Put last weeks stuff away and had a great lesson. Went through our blend sheet, and had the kids think of new words that started with the blends, then they had to do the consonant/vowel designations (like cat - cvc - consonant vowel consonant). Then I picked up a bit more of the inventory. Up to Mrs. M's room for the rest of the morning. Did some copying work for her and then did my Chocolate Touch reading group. Down for lunch, then cafeteria duty. Back to the library and I worked on highlighting my inventory list from what I did this morning. Back up to Mrs. M's room and they were doing their art project, painting rocks. Then snack and reading from Mrs. M, then Mrs. L, Mrs. F and I took the second graders down to work on math. I am still so impressed with Mrs. L and her instruction. She is fabulous. Back down to the library after school got out and checking in 66 books or so. Sent a book back to Sprague that I had borrowed. Worked some more on the inventory and oh my! Time to go and meet with my cousin from Washington over at my Mom's after I stop by Salem Public Library to pick up a book for reading tomorrow!

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