The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Called this morning to a local bookbinder, Max Marbles who works just around the corner at Mission Mill. I wanted to see about getting Sprague's copy of Book of Kells fixed, and he said to call at my lunch and see if he was there. Did my new LLI group, way down the level from my upper level kids but they all worked really hard. Did my first Running Record with one of them, and it was pretty easy. The book had maybe 100 words, so it went well, then the head of the program went over that with me. Then a bit of time in the library and up to Mrs. M's room. There I worked on her vocabulary sorts. Writing prompts and words on index cards, I probably did about 270 cards total today. Then the kids came back from other activities and I took my group of five out in the hallway and we worked on the Chocolate book more. Went over vocabulary and a couple of questions for them to do. Then it was my lunch time so I called, and he was available, so I dashed over and spent a wonderful half hour talking with him. He said it would be cheaper to buy a used copy than for him to fix the one I had, but then, he asked if I'd be interested in buying his business. He'd like to move back east, but wants to sell the business to someone who will keep it going and be passionate about it! Man, I was so excited! He showed me some pictures of his restoration work and it was beautiful. That got me all excited. I was a bit late getting back for cafeteria duty, but I had let Ms. H know I might be. Did cafeteria duty, then into the library for a bit of work. Back up to Mrs. M's class. They were doing their art projects for the week, so I continued my work on the sort cards. Used up all her cards, but by then it was about time to get the kids ready to leave for the day. Then back to the library and shelving and straightening up the non-fiction section. I stayed a bit later today to make up for the 10 extra minutes I spent at lunch talking with Mr. M. It was so worth it!

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