The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Long day taking care of teachers, organizing everything to be ready for next year. Checked in and out just a bit today. Put away all the rest of the textbooks and library books. Had to make a ton of new barcodes for calculators and books that had theirs torn off. Did a lot of cleaning up teacher accounts for the year. Carted out the rest of my stuff for home. Got everything all signed off. Put notes on all the boxes so I'd remember, or a new person could make some sense of what everything was. A very good busy day and I'm glad to be done and gone for the summer to play with granddaughters! Farewell! I'll be back in August!

Monday, June 19, 2017

One Down, One to Go

Today was hectic. Checking in loads of books, from rooms, teachers, carts in the hall. Had books in my mailbox three times today. Good news though, I got back some books I knew were missing. Grabbed a whole slew of books from the pass room - a whole shelf and a half on a cart. Signed out teachers. Had one of our subs looking for work so I asked if she wanted to do math books and she came and shelved a ton of math books. I was so grateful for her help! I got so much farther today than I thought I would! Still lots to clean up, lots to straighten, lots to get ready. I applied to go back to Sprague today, and if that happens, I don't want to leave the new person a horrid mess. One more day to go for me, then home with the granddaughters!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Students Done!

We did have a full last day of classes. Checking in tons more books. Got the rest of the math books all sorted and now I just have to place the ones that have come in with their book and in the stack where their number belongs. Teachers came and checked in all their stuff, then some of them turned around and checked it out again so they would have it over the summer. I was running all day. Sending books back to other schools, getting books back from other schools. I put in 5 miles on my fitbit today! Put away books, checked in still lots of lost books. Just a day of getting things all straightened out and cleaning up for the break. Two more days to go and I'm done!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Six Periods To Go

 We had our recognition ceremony today during 1st period to show off some of our great students and their accomplishments. I love our Donavan Award, for a student that is just a good student every day. Nothing specific, but just a student that makes you glad that you work in a school. A very long day of checking in books, working with students and teachers. Finding issues, trying to work out those issues. A real long getting things in and done day. We had the final locker clean out this afternoon and got in more things, but still, so many more to go!! Here's to hopefully more coming in tomorrow!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Inventory Done!

Yes, it is all done for this year. Got in my new books (!!squeeee!!) so I could scan those that were on my 'missing in inventory' count. Then I went and found the books in Russian that were on the inventory and some Spanish books. Still have students bringing in books as well. Did laminating for teachers first thing this morning since I was too busy yesterday to remember to do it! Checked my new books off the invoice (I think I got in about 55?). I see a couple I want to read already! Then I ended up laminating again for the DLC since they needed to send cards home with their students. I also helped cutting out the cards from the lamination to make sure the kids got their learning words to take home. Got some of our old math books deleted and raunchy ones to go in the surplus pile and now have a box of some really nice ones that hopefully will get bought back. Hunted books for students and found a couple. Had a music assembly this morning. Our music students are amazing! Loved the choir, the orchestra and the band. I am so lucky I get to hear these students play!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Buckets of Books

Got in tons of books today! Oh my! Our assistant let everyone know that all textbooks needed to be in, so the teachers started coming with books. Getting carts for books. Crazy. Then I worked on printing up the last of the overdue/lost book notices, getting them into classes and getting those up to the teachers to hand out tomorrow. About 240 or so. That took up the rest of the day.

Monday, June 12, 2017


Today I got down into inventory. Got all the non-fiction done. The 001.001-099.999; the 200-299.999; 500-599.999 and the fiction A - G. But I have some cleaning up to do there. I still need to find 50 or so books, and some may be in the new district diversity books they let me know they shipped out today. So I may have to wait to finish until those books get here. Oh well!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Staff Wins!!

We had the annual Staff/Student Basketball game today and the Staff won! Good thing I didn't play! Last year I did and Staff nearly lost, but we won by a good margin today! Lots of books coming in, books to put away, making sure books are all in the right places. Opened up my three boxes from Sprague and looked them up, kept some, will look at replacements for others, put the rest up in the staff room for teachers to look at. A very busy day! But I think I got most of everything done I wanted to for the weekend! Will be starting Inventory on Monday!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Locker Clean Out

We held the first locker clean out at school today before the end of school. Got in 107 library books (many came up 'lost'!) and 112 textbooks! Not too bad, but as always, I hope for more! Listed and sent off my books from Sprague today and kept some for summer reading. Worked on covering the new The Outsiders that another school had sent our way to replace copies they lost. (I have two to go!) Got in three more boxes of Sprague books so I'll be popping those open tomorrow! Had a teacher turn in their Schoolwide boxes today, so checking those in means I also have to account for all the stuff that comes with it! I checked in the 107 library books, but left the textbooks for the aides tomorrow! I put numbers on the few History Alive: US History books that were checked in this morning. We had numbers on them, but with the new system the numbers on the top and bottom of the  textblock were no longer on there. The new books have the barcode number, and some of the old numbers were scratched out and the barcode put on (just the last 5 numbers), but some still have their old numbers, so we pull them up and put in a note that book barcode 220228976 is actually #85. It really helps when a student comes in saying "I turned in that book" to just be able to look at the bottom number rather than open each book to look at the barcode. Good night!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

PGE Kits

I think that's what they were. One of our teachers got enough kits for all our 6th graders to take a kit home. New water efficient shower head, LED light bulbs, faucet aerators and a booklet. It was fun to see the students come into the library and pick them up. Very nice! Took all the rest of the Sprague books and got them all stamped. Will type up the list to send for processing up tomorrow and send them off. Checked in a lot of textbooks from teachers today. Had my review (yes, it was good!). Worked some more on getting books put away. Took all the series books down off the shelves and put them in the back room and had enough room in the workroom shelves where I get rid of a ton of VHS tapes to put them back there. That made me happy! Still lots of books coming in, that makes me happy too!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Back at Work

Went back to work today and a lot of people gave me their condolences. It was good. Did a lot of pick up stuff from the last three days. The aides kept busy checking in books. I went through the stack of damaged books that the sub had in a pile for me to look at that she had checked in yesterday. There was no sub for Thursday or Friday!! I felt so bad for the kids! Ran some reports today for teachers, what they had for textbooks and for library books. Had two teachers bring in cartloads of textbooks to check in. Had another teacher bring in all her Schoolwide boxes and we went through all of them and found the barcodes that were supposed to be with them and got all those straightened out. Had lots of mail to go through. Trolled through emails. Laminated Darwinesque squirrels and some DLC stuff. Off to The Ram to say goodbye to two of the middle school library media people who are leaving us this year. A beautiful evening to be out on their deck with good people.

Monday, June 5, 2017


My mom passed away on June 1st. I will miss her.