The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

PGE Kits

I think that's what they were. One of our teachers got enough kits for all our 6th graders to take a kit home. New water efficient shower head, LED light bulbs, faucet aerators and a booklet. It was fun to see the students come into the library and pick them up. Very nice! Took all the rest of the Sprague books and got them all stamped. Will type up the list to send for processing up tomorrow and send them off. Checked in a lot of textbooks from teachers today. Had my review (yes, it was good!). Worked some more on getting books put away. Took all the series books down off the shelves and put them in the back room and had enough room in the workroom shelves where I get rid of a ton of VHS tapes to put them back there. That made me happy! Still lots of books coming in, that makes me happy too!

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