The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Crazy Friday

This morning was the CIS labs, so I worked with Sophomores in getting their information updated and then the classes they've taken since the last time they were on the computers. Helped a student with an assignment to write a memo. Stephen Colbert dropped by, or at least his younger double! One of the students looks amazingly like him and dressed in suit and tie today for Halloween! Helped another student with bibliography info. Helped out at the front desk. Had a billed book returned so I cleared the Main Frame on that one. Had another book returned that belongs to South, so I got it packaged up and sent on its way. Did the usual check in/out and put money in print accounts.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Thursday Post

I ended up giving my passes to another teacher so Mrs. M let me get some of hers. Checked out the Anatomy Student Art Notebooks I processed yesterday. Helped a student with some flower pictures for her poster. Did more repairs, and did a repair on All Quiet on the Western Front. Unlocked a computer, worked on the magazines and found I couldn't edit the information, so I had a conversation with LMSS on that. Had two very old books returned, but we no longer have them so they got surplused. Did the usual check in/out, put money in print accounts.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anatomy Back in the Fold

Had a teacher bring me in 50 student art notebooks from Anatomy & Physiology. They had numbers and barcodes, but weren't in the system anymore. Someone along the line must have pulled them and sent them to a room, but Ms. R wants them checked out to students, so I reenter them and get them ready to check out. We had to check in with the hours we'd work on Thanksgiving week. We are scheduled for 2.5 days, but since the building will not be open on Wednesday, so I need to work 7.2 hours both days. I send in the paperwork to the office manager. We got in four rhyming dictionaries from a teacher to have available for the students and we put them on our dictionary cart. Processed one teacher magazine and one for the library. Our Athletic Director needed a textbook for a class he's taking, so I had to get him entered in. I helped a student with a project, did the usual check out/ins, log-in checks and money into print accounts. Our new german teacher wanted to know if we could get TPR resources for the 2nd year class, so I contacted our rep and she said that no, they didn't have one for that year, but supplied the e-mail for the author and said he loves for german teachers to contact him, so I printed off the e-mail and gave it to the teacher (she's not on e-mail here yet). I also took the original quote to her and had her check it out to see if there were other materials promised, but we didn't have yet and she needed. She didn't find anything she wanted. Did some more repairs.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Book Keeper

Had a student walk by and leave a sticky note that said "X thinks you are an awesome book keeper." It made me smile! I guess he left other notes around, the ones I saw were all uplifting and nice. What a nice way to go about the day making people smile. That should be a class! Checked in a class set of Beowulf and 8 other texts, checked in 7 books and signed out a student who was withdrawing. Put money into print accounts, then Mrs. H decided to turn over the money to the bookkeeper today, so I helped her count as her double checker person. Processed in 4 teacher mags and 5 for us. We still don't have some of our magazines on the Insignia update yet so I did put the three out since they will be in the holders. I am keeping a list of the ones I put out without barcodes. Looked at a set up for the November calendar, autobiographies and biographies. A student took a moment to look at the dewey decimal system chart on my desk today! w00t! Did a lot of repairs and got books ready to be handed out, so that stack I pulled the other day is about done. Mrs. M was looking for a book called Damage, and I knew it was in our new maintenance file, but opps! It slipped through and didn't actually get logged into that! And that was the book that got me started to do that! Had another student come to me that her computer had a virus warning, we couldn't get out of it, so I shut down her computer. Had another teacher come by and look at bringing in some books she has in class to have the students check out, they are barcoded, but not in the system, so I will process them in.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Blustery Day

Spent most of today working on repairing books. I had one that had "I AJD" in all different ways and on innumerable pages. I went through the book about four times, and was still catching pages. But I think I finally got most of them. Oh, she also just 'likes' Derek. I got more of the books ready for check out. Checked out individual books, checked some in. Put money into print accounts. Had a class come in from the dlc and I had to get log-in numbers for about 12 of the students.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Homecoming today! I got in four magazines and when I went into Insignia this morning to work on them, they said two of them didn't exist! We had an update last night, so I e-mailed LMSS to let them know we lost some. I found eleven magazines titles have no records. We also talked about the barcodes from the magazines are not working, so I printed up a barcode on my printer, and then our main printer. Wow, you can really see that my printer is smudging things, so I went through a good cleaning on it. Checked out two class sets of Ricochet River. Did more repairs mostly on the Prentice Hall Platinum books. We are so low on them, and the ones we have left are the real dregs of the batch and I determined not to check another one out unless it had been repaired! So, I had a student that needed one, and tried to get it repaired before class started. I didn't have enough time, so I sent her to class and had the book delivered! Gave out help in the computer lab today, monitored our students for passes, checked out 5 books, looked up 2 log-ins, put money in 4 print accounts. Mrs. M and I also took all our print account monies, sorted them and put them into the cash box for the weekend. Happy Homecoming you Sprague Wild Things!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't Take my Vine!

This week is homecoming and it's all about 'Wild Things'. They decorated all the hallways and mine has grass and rivers and these twisted green vine things hanging down. So at the first break today, I heard a kid grab one and he was walking down the hall with it. I hung out my window and told him to bring my vine back! He was so funny! All embarrassed and said it was coming down anyway, so he put it up and over the drink vend machine. Too funny! He even came back later to apologize! Checked out 11 individual requests, checked in 4. Helped 4 kids with log-in issues and put money into 4 print accounts. Ms. L came over and asked for some Sentence Combining books, so I got those ready and she came the next period with her class and checked them out. Did a new book review for Tender Morsels. Worked on some repairs. Put the library books that need repair into a maintenance account (they didn't have a repair account) and Mrs. H liked it and then called to see how to generate a report on that. Helped a student print out a paint (program) project, helped another figure out how to print. Handed out 3 Longman Readers to students that had purchased them. Liferinged in a student who has had one computer log-in number that no longer works, and now she has a completely new number. Mrs. M has had this happen too, so we're letting the techs know that this is coming up and they might want to check into it. Mrs. H had a meeting after school today, but the Manga Club was having a brief meeting before the homecoming parade tomorrow so I was the adult-in-charge so they could go ahead and meet. We've really been cracking down on students coming into the library during class time. They need a pass, a project, and to sign in on our log sheet, otherwise, back to class!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Arrival

Checked out 27 individual requests today, along with a class of Abraham Lincoln's DNA, and The Ear, the Eye and the Arm. Worked again with Ms. A on texts for her students. Walked the lab several times to monitor the students working there. Did more reshelving and it's not working out the way I'd hoped. Sent a '2 textbooks out' slip home with a student. Something we do to just let the parents know that a student has misplaced a book and they are now financially responsible for 2 books of the same title. I confirmed the purchase of the Six-Ways Paragraph books today and wrote up the form for the purchase order. Got a couple of log-ins for students and checked in a book. We have a teacher that uses The Arrival to show how it might have been for immigrant families coming over to America, and she noticed that there were duplicate pages in 5 of the 45 books! I tagged them all and Mrs. H will speak with a rep to see if we can get replacements. I helped Mrs. H to make a sheet on procedures for Study Hall students that come to the library. We came up with quite the list!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life Ring

Checked out 24 individual requests for texts throughout the day. Talked with Ms. A on texts for her students and she brought in two classes this afternoon to check out The Adoration of Jenna Fox. Mrs. M needed a quote on some books, so I checked my sites and sent out some e-mails for pricing.When we have technical issues, we will often go directly to Mr. B and ask him for help, but still put in a 'Life Ring' so they can catalogue issues and time. So I had a student that couldn't access SK OnLine, so I asked Mr. B to help her, and put in the Ring for his log book. Did 2 simple book repairs. We have one Art History book in the library to study, but another student needed one as well, so I got her one from the back. Processed in two teacher magazines and five for the library. Mrs. H wanted one that dealt with Alzheimers for her Diversity class, so I just handed it to her rather than putting it on the shelf. One of our other teachers wanted to get the last People magazine on bullying, and I found it today, checked it out to her and put it in her mailbox for her to retrieve and let her know I found it. Also did money into print accounts and looked up log-in numbers. Pulled books for tomorrow, The Eye, the Ear and the Arm and Abraham Lincoln's DNA. Worked more on the shelving in the back, getting all the spanish done up to the new books, reconfiguring the spacing on the shelving. Mrs. H is doing a book talk on fantasy/sci fi/ type books along with some other genres, so she came over and went over some of my recommendations for her to talk about.

Monday, October 18, 2010


We had our wonderful orchestra in again today playing Sarabande and Pizzicato! So much ear candy! Finished up the surplus boxing from the Friday half day - 31 boxes total all packed, marked and ready to go! Shifted shelves for the language books, since I surplussed out half the Bienvenidos, could make some room. Some of the shelving made no sense, 40 books on one shelf, the one underneath could only hold 8, so I evened them out and renumbered them. Checked out two classes, one of Fahrenheit 451, the other Prentice Hall Platinum lit books. Checked in and out various other books during the day. Checked out a student leaving us. She is going to South with two textbooks still out to her, and a library book. So I noted them. The office asked me to bill her, so I did. We had decided our 6th period aides needed to listen to Channel One before they began work for the day. So I rounded them up and they listened nicely, then off to work! Helped a student with deleting columns on a spreadsheet, checked students in the lab making sure they had passes and signed in our log book, entered in a new student and got her texts for her classes. Processed in one teacher magazine and a library magazine. Checked in a stack of books left on my desk. Put money in print accounts.

Friday, October 15, 2010


That's all I did today for our half day, pack boxes of surplus books. 3 hours worth! Got done all the german and most of the spanish before it was time to go!


Thursday - the 14th - Forgot all about this! I went to the dentist after work and found I have 4 abscessed teeth! Oh my! But, in other news: I had a teacher ask for a resource that we hadn't gotten in, so I decided to go over the teacher materials list from our original invoice to see what we'd gotten in and what we hadn't. There were still three items out, one of which was the Audio CD's - very important for language classes! I e-mailed our rep and let him know. Tomorrow they are having an inservice in the library and I am working a half day, so I withdrew all the rest of the old german books and some of the spanish books. I will pack them up in the back tomorrow! Did lots of print accounts, checking in/out. Mr. S told his kids to do work in their text, and they hadn't come and gotten any yet! So he had two classes to come down and pick up books! They are the ending dregs and I hated to hand them out, but the kids needed them. I also talked with Mrs. H about our resources, and she wants me to change back to the old way of listing each resource separately so she can easily see what we have for teachers, so I will work on that next week.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cycling Freshmen

Today I went in early since I needed to be in and help the freshmen get through their CIS program. Little did I know that not one, not two, but three classes of freshmen would cycle through in 2 hours, 20 minutes. Wow! I was busy helping each of them get logged in, filling in their personal information, their classes and filling out a worksheet. I also checked on some Teacher Express resources, packed up some workbooks that Follett bought from us, processed in four teacher magazines and six for the library. Checked the repairs I did on the last two Realidades and they look good, so I barcoded/processed them and they are all set. Begged for another copy of Bien dit! 2 for Ms. B from another school. I got to try out one of the things I learned on my training, to make a bunch of barcode labels at once instead of one at a time. It worked great! Also got the approval to ship out the old german books and half of the spanish 1 & 2 old books. So I withdrew the Wir, die Jugend and got almost all of them packed up before I left today. We also had a teacher come to me with the new People magazine and its focus on bullying, and I could show her the new Time magazine on cyberbullying and give her several books off my shelf to show the teachers. They were going to do a training on suicide prevention and bullying was included in there. Glad to help!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Worked on covering the paperbacks today with our contact paper, helping out students with check in/outs, putting money into accounts and various other requests. Also looked through our biography section for books. It is so crowded and no real room for what we have, much less to try and get the books in there if we have new ones. So Mrs. H and I decided to put a row on top of the middle low shelf and relieve some of the crowding. Looks so much better! I also cleaned behind two entire sections, ugh! the dust! Checked out two class sets of books, The Arrival and Immigrant Kids to Ms. O and took them to her since her class is close by.

Monday, October 11, 2010


So I brought in all my books this morning and spent the day mostly in working on getting the jacket covers ready to put on the hardback books. Too much fun! Did the usual student helps as well. Also processed in one teacher magazine and five for the library. Got to thinking that on Wednesday they want me to run the freshmen lab, and I don't normally come in until 9 and school starts at 7:50, so I sent an e-mail to Mrs. A asking if she'd like me to come in early. Since the kids are all done by 11:30, there's no need for me to stay late that day. Also had a librarian from a private school call and say that she'd been in our building for training on Friday, and asked to look at our library. She is getting to do some remodeling. Mr. M brought her down and told her we were getting rid of all the shelves and probably all our fiction too, with just a little bit to keep. Ah, HELLO!!! We set her straight, that no, the library is going nowhere and that the shelving removal is going to renovate the old computer lab, we're not changing the library to all computer labs! And definately no, we're not getting rid of any books.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Today was a statewide inservice day, so I chose to head over to LMSS for the Insignia training. Since I was going across town, I also volunteered to work the rest of my day over there and they accepted. I was hoping they would pull all the books we'd sent in and I could get those ready to take back, and Huzzah! they did! So I brought home 6 boxes full of books that I'll bring in to work on Monday so our kids will have brand new books to peruse sooner than if I hadn't gone down there. I did a bit more work for them while I was there and the inservice training was great! Thank you LMSS!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lots of Things

Can I just say I love my job? Just everything about it, and even the drive in. On my way I get to pass Crossler Middle School and they have these amazingly beautiful trees all turning color. Spectacular! Today I came in and put away 6 boxes of paper for the big copier in the workroom and loaded up the mega tray. Had one of our aides dust all the shelves in the back, especially around the bottoms. Checked out a student leaving us. Checked out a second set of books to another student that is on crutches. We got in college writing books, Longman Readers, so I redid the workbook price sheet that we have each year. Sent an e-mail on old german workbooks that we no longer need to Follett to see if they want them. Checked out some books to a teacher. Checked out another book to a staff member for a student (the student already had a book out to her, but it was at home). Processed in our replacement Biology book. Shifted some math shelves. Need to do more! Mrs. A came and walked me through the freshmen agenda for next Wednesday. My book repair supply box was a mess, so I revamped it. We got in a delivery of books that I don't know what to do with! So I will see what Mrs. H knows when we all come back on Monday. Went around the computer labs to see if the keyboard keys were in the right spots. Some of the students have been flipping them off, losing them, turning them around. It's a problem. Mr. B showed me how to get the last student off the computers, so I wrote down their names and sent an e-mail to Mrs. H on them. Worked on repairing an old humungous dictionary and also repaired the three Realidades books that had some very minor damage. Better than sending them back. Some students were freaking out about a dead spider on the bottom of the 300's shelves, so I got some wet tissue and picked it up and threw it away for them. Worked on my fantasy list for books to read. Turned off monitors for the weekend. Stayed another 20 minutes so a student could finish an assignment from watching a DVD. She was grateful and got it all taken care of. And of course, the usuals.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Concerto in La maggiore

Came in and went through the computer lab picking up drinks from students. Most put them away in their packs, another I took to my desk. We got an e-mail saying that we'd be doing video announcements, but I haven't seen a disk, so I e-mailed Mr. C and he says they have gremlins, maybe next week. Mrs. I brought in her seating arrangement for the orchestra and we set it all up for them. They played Vivaldi's Concerto in La maggiore. Beautiful! They could play in here every day as far as I'm concerned! Haulage came and carted off our surplus books. Had to give some computer assistance to some students today and made sure they had passes and signed in the notebook up front. Mrs. O came and took 12 books with her to write brief synopses for. I numbered the Bien dit! shelves. Checked out another class set of Physical Science w/Earth Science books. Withdrew our old Precalculus books and boxed them up for the next surplus pick up, about 20 boxes worth. Got in another magazine subscription discount notice, so I checked it against our current suppliers and they weren't any better. Mrs. M had brought a box of Dramatic Tragedy in before we left last summer, so I did as she requested and barcoded them and put them up in their box on the top shelf. They are very old - copyrighted 1971!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ancient of Loans

Checked in old german books and out the new ones for two classes today and a class checked out the new spanish books as well. I did a couple of new book reviews and later in the day, one of the books was gone! Someone had checked it out after reading my review, of course! Processed 2 teacher magazines and 4 for the library. One of the teachers asked if we had renewed his Sports Illustrated subscription and since he hadn't responded last year, we didn't. So he came down and we talked about what he wanted and he'll talk with his department head on that. Straightened out the magazine spinner rack and made some extra room for our weeklies. Renumbered the shelves for The Journal of Finn Reardon. We had gotten in some copies from another school. I hate to have lots of marker covering on the books, so I used the same numbers and we now have 1 - 40 of two different sets of the same book. But I'm thinking we can do this! So I did the shelves with a 'J. Finn Reardon 1 - 6 & 1 - 6' and I hope it works! Sent off 3 boxes of The World of Fashion Merchandising to another school. We have one school that has kept track of books they loaned to us for years. Like one was checked out in 1998! These were all books that kids had then checked out from us, and never brought back. So, I asked Mrs. H if we could just go ahead and withdraw copies we had to replace the ones she had on her list - so I pulled 22 books (mostly novels) and sent them off and that should clear us all up except for one we don't have (checked out in 2000) and the three they just loaned us. We had cleared up all the other schools last spring and this one didn't let us know until we were ready to leave last year. So, hopefully we're almost all good with all the schools now.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Checked out books all day, the new Realidades, Deutsche Aktuell, Fahrenheit 451, Physical Science with Earth Science. Checked in old german books. Withdrew three texts and boxed them up for the surplus run this month. Seems like I turned around and it was time to go!

Friday, October 1, 2010

No Bullies!

Finished up the Realidades and the Deutsche Aktuell books today! Finished up the October calendar on Bully Prevention Month and very excited that I get to move the slash to circle each day. Here also is Mrs. M's Banned Book Month board up at the front entrance to the library. Did the usual student stuff. Did have some students help out today that made a big difference! Got all the boxes sorted, stacked and put away so I'm so much happier with the workroom! The german teacher came in and checked out a bunch of the new teacher resources to go over this weekend and gave me her schedule to pick up books for Monday and Tuesday.