The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't Take my Vine!

This week is homecoming and it's all about 'Wild Things'. They decorated all the hallways and mine has grass and rivers and these twisted green vine things hanging down. So at the first break today, I heard a kid grab one and he was walking down the hall with it. I hung out my window and told him to bring my vine back! He was so funny! All embarrassed and said it was coming down anyway, so he put it up and over the drink vend machine. Too funny! He even came back later to apologize! Checked out 11 individual requests, checked in 4. Helped 4 kids with log-in issues and put money into 4 print accounts. Ms. L came over and asked for some Sentence Combining books, so I got those ready and she came the next period with her class and checked them out. Did a new book review for Tender Morsels. Worked on some repairs. Put the library books that need repair into a maintenance account (they didn't have a repair account) and Mrs. H liked it and then called to see how to generate a report on that. Helped a student print out a paint (program) project, helped another figure out how to print. Handed out 3 Longman Readers to students that had purchased them. Liferinged in a student who has had one computer log-in number that no longer works, and now she has a completely new number. Mrs. M has had this happen too, so we're letting the techs know that this is coming up and they might want to check into it. Mrs. H had a meeting after school today, but the Manga Club was having a brief meeting before the homecoming parade tomorrow so I was the adult-in-charge so they could go ahead and meet. We've really been cracking down on students coming into the library during class time. They need a pass, a project, and to sign in on our log sheet, otherwise, back to class!

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