The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lots of Things

Can I just say I love my job? Just everything about it, and even the drive in. On my way I get to pass Crossler Middle School and they have these amazingly beautiful trees all turning color. Spectacular! Today I came in and put away 6 boxes of paper for the big copier in the workroom and loaded up the mega tray. Had one of our aides dust all the shelves in the back, especially around the bottoms. Checked out a student leaving us. Checked out a second set of books to another student that is on crutches. We got in college writing books, Longman Readers, so I redid the workbook price sheet that we have each year. Sent an e-mail on old german workbooks that we no longer need to Follett to see if they want them. Checked out some books to a teacher. Checked out another book to a staff member for a student (the student already had a book out to her, but it was at home). Processed in our replacement Biology book. Shifted some math shelves. Need to do more! Mrs. A came and walked me through the freshmen agenda for next Wednesday. My book repair supply box was a mess, so I revamped it. We got in a delivery of books that I don't know what to do with! So I will see what Mrs. H knows when we all come back on Monday. Went around the computer labs to see if the keyboard keys were in the right spots. Some of the students have been flipping them off, losing them, turning them around. It's a problem. Mr. B showed me how to get the last student off the computers, so I wrote down their names and sent an e-mail to Mrs. H on them. Worked on repairing an old humungous dictionary and also repaired the three Realidades books that had some very minor damage. Better than sending them back. Some students were freaking out about a dead spider on the bottom of the 300's shelves, so I got some wet tissue and picked it up and threw it away for them. Worked on my fantasy list for books to read. Turned off monitors for the weekend. Stayed another 20 minutes so a student could finish an assignment from watching a DVD. She was grateful and got it all taken care of. And of course, the usuals.

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