The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Book Keeper

Had a student walk by and leave a sticky note that said "X thinks you are an awesome book keeper." It made me smile! I guess he left other notes around, the ones I saw were all uplifting and nice. What a nice way to go about the day making people smile. That should be a class! Checked in a class set of Beowulf and 8 other texts, checked in 7 books and signed out a student who was withdrawing. Put money into print accounts, then Mrs. H decided to turn over the money to the bookkeeper today, so I helped her count as her double checker person. Processed in 4 teacher mags and 5 for us. We still don't have some of our magazines on the Insignia update yet so I did put the three out since they will be in the holders. I am keeping a list of the ones I put out without barcodes. Looked at a set up for the November calendar, autobiographies and biographies. A student took a moment to look at the dewey decimal system chart on my desk today! w00t! Did a lot of repairs and got books ready to be handed out, so that stack I pulled the other day is about done. Mrs. M was looking for a book called Damage, and I knew it was in our new maintenance file, but opps! It slipped through and didn't actually get logged into that! And that was the book that got me started to do that! Had another student come to me that her computer had a virus warning, we couldn't get out of it, so I shut down her computer. Had another teacher come by and look at bringing in some books she has in class to have the students check out, they are barcoded, but not in the system, so I will process them in.

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