The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Finches on Sunflowers

Looked out the windows today and there were a ton of finches (or some smallish goldenish bird!) climbing all over the sunflowers in the garden out there eating the seeds! They were so cute! We had classes in nearly all day. I gave some Battle of Book book talks to three of the classes. Did some more inventory work and finished up the C's Glad those are all done! Next will be the D's! Printed out the overdue slips - heavens! 75 overdue books already!! I took each of the students and looked up their class, then put that class room number into their 'homeroom' on the computer, so I won't have to look them up next time. Put those into the teacher boxes before I left tonight. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Inventory 111

Today was assembly for the school fundraiser today, so periods were shorter and I had to take my aides to the assembly. It was all right. I decided to go ahead and get started on my inventory. Having students look up books that may or may not be there was really bothering me, so I went for it. Put in a tester case of F aaa - Fazz and it went ahead and loaded ALL the fiction. Drats! But, just as well, I can start and stop as I please. So I would check in all the books on the shelf starting with just the A's. Round up all the books on carts and racks, then run a report on the missing - which was 5,000+ books off! But then I could take just the 'A' pages and work on those. I noticed I had books from school 111 supposedly on my racks and after a few of those, I called in to ask and oh my! It was a glitch from years ago and when they rolled over the program, it pulled back in all those books and if they were even part of a name from a book you had on the shelf at some point, it loaded it back onto your shelf. So I took my 'missing' books and had to do a three part search, one for the books that might still be in the library, one to delete all the 111 books (one title had 8 of them on the catalogue as being 'available') - then go in and mark all the rest of the books officially 'lost'. I feel good that our A and B sections are all done and I nearly got done with the C's. Did some laminating. Had both lunches in today. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Yes! The games started today and I did my first score keeping! Our Lady Lions won 4 of the 5 games - both sides did really well and a few of the games were really close. I really do love this! Now, back to work! Got my username and password for our book order site, Titlewave. We are all really wondering about ordering with the new system - not Destiny, but Baker and Taylor were bought out by Follett, so there have been some changes with how schools can order. Then I even figured out how to download my list into there! I was so proud! Then I added in some other books and it created a new list with the same name - Huh?? So I have to figure that out. (Insert rolly eye smiley here) Did some more book looking up. Mr. M brought in three Chrome carts and asked us to label all the laptops to match the slots they go in, so I had my aides work on that today. We only had two periods to do it in, and my aides did a great job. They nearly had all 114 laptops labeled by the time school ended and I finished up the rest. Pulled 35 DayBooks for a teacher and had my aide check them out to her and take them up to her room. Had my Scholastic Rep call me about what is going on with the Scholastic fair that will come up in November. Both lunches were in the library today. I was planning on covering books today, but never got there! Oh well! Tomorrow is another day!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Walk the Plank!

Had a lot of fun getting students to walk the plank I made outside the library entrance today! Some did it on their own, the ones who we caught running down the hall seemed intrigued with the 'consequences' of their behavior. Maybe we should do this every day! Stripped the rest of the hardback books and started to work on the paperbacks we have. Worked a bit on the new book order - got inspired to do so since we have a meeting (online) next week. Worked on adding in some dystopian books to my catagories. A pretty quiet day all in all. Had both lunches in the library today. Also did some laminating. Lots got done, just picking away at tasks that need to get done!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Avast Maties!

I found out it will be 'Talk Like a Pirate' day tomorrow! So I put together this display for in the library for the next couple of weeks. My aides helped me out and they enjoyed doing the display. I really had fun making my 'plank'! Tomorrow I think when the day starts, I'm going to put a brown poster paper 'plank' in the hallway, and if you run, you are called back to 'walk the plank!'. Mr. C was really into it and made a sign he held up during passing! Today we didn't have in any classes, but still had bands of kids waft through. I got my mom's old computer tower in to give to Mr. C and his 'computer museum' which is what I did with my mom's old Apple II GS. Worked with one of my aides on his shelving. He picked the Graphic Novels and thought that section was ONLY the cartoon books! Ha! So I helped him out with them today. Put all my aides' shelf assignments on a better piece of paper so I could keep track of that better! Tried to figure out what everyone was saying with the new Destiny library program, but my poor little brain was just having a very hard time! 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Book Talks & a Floatie

A busy weekend for sure! Oktoberfest, kayaking, working at my mom's. So, here is what I remember from Friday! I had a full day with book talks every period except 7th! I had fun with our journalism class showing them the great online resources they have available to them and going through them and all they offer. The other classes got my standard talk about the new program and how that affects the library and their checking out and searching. Then they also got a bit of a book talk on our new Diversity books. So that was fun! Got the rest of my aides to pick out their non-fiction sections and we worked a bit on that. The morning started out a bit rough. Our evening custodian came in with a book inside a garbage bag. She had found it floating in the boys restroom. Yes, in the .....  So, I charged the gentleman for the book since there was no way to save it. Then Mr. M came in asking for a referral, then Ms. P sent a student down calling me and telling me that student was to sit in a chair and read or do homework - no fraternizing with other students!! Discovered I still had some books at LMSS somewhere to come in - yeah! But wondering when we get to order?? Tried to get on Google Hangouts, but I had no camera nor microphone! So I could see and hear the others that made it in, but I was blank and unable to participate! But at least we can have meetings now during the work day and not have to drive all over - not to mention there is no longer any budget for meetings. A much quieter week next week with a blank book until Friday!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Non-Fiction Sign Ups

I managed to get done with the non-fiction shelf sign ups and did a great sheet on publisher with tables for the shelves, groupings and the numbers the students need to look at! I think it turned out rather well! Laminated. Got the Access Math all checked in and I think I know where it will end up in the back back room. Had four classes in today to just check out books and two orientations for 6th graders. Helped a lot of students looking for books today (one of my fave things!!) Have more book talks tomorrow...!! Got in a mini iPad for a student and had to figure out what to do about that. Scrolling through emails from yesterday, then sending an email to Ms. D at LMSS. Turned out to be as easy as printing up a barcode. Got barcodes for the pile of math teacher resources done that had been on my desk since I got back to work in August. Sent off a couple of books to other schools. The days just go by so fast with the new schedule and with my lunch during 5th period, it seems the students hardly get time to check out at all! I'm going to have to shorten up my talks :( 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Huzzah! All my books are out of boxes!! But that only happened at the end of the day. Had two orientation talks with 6th graders. I put away the two sets of fiction shelves that haven't been taken by aides yet (I still have one aide that's been out.) I put away all the non-fiction. Worked on cleaning up a few things that needed to be taken care of on those shelves as well. I'm sure there's more! I also worked with a couple of aides to clean up the Graphic Novel section and got that all nice and neat today. The girls did pretty good, but I don't think they will ever want to volunteer to do that section! I also did get those 3 boxes of books unpacked and on a cart. Checked them in, then started to put strips in them before I left. I should still have some books somewhere down at LMSS waiting for me!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fiction Pick

I decided this year to let my aides pick the fiction sections they wanted, so they could pick an author or series that they might like. Then I spent most of the day working with them showing them how to read the shelves, make sure the books were all straight and pretty. Looking for anomalies, putting books up on the top of their shelves. I got into the 900's a little bit and they were a real mess! I worked the shelves a bit, but I know they still need a lot of work! Had two remember the rules and the changes over the summer talks along with a quick book talks for Ms. R's classes today. Did some laminating and had to change the rolls - ugh!! Then they were horribly misaligned so I had to straighten them out, but it got done. Got all the Diversity books on the excel sheet! Yeah, so now tomorrow I might get a chance to go through the three boxes of books I haven't touched yet from last June. Had both lunches in so the students were happy about that!

Monday, September 11, 2017

You're Tomorrow

Had a teacher come in today and line up her class and then realized she hadn't signed up until tomorrow! So we grabbed books and got her all set up. So, we had her and then another math teacher and classes coming in for book talks on top of that! Luckily all my aides were in today. But, I had the clearance to get them all signed logged into the computers and they can check out from their own district accounts. So I had to get them all logged in and then over to the website and where to go from there. I was in about half an hour late because I had an MRI this morning and lovely Ms. M was there. She is awesome, but didn't know about the change to Follett for the library program yet, so she was happy because she used that so much in other districts! I did some orientation talks today with a bit of books for some classes, then a talk on memoirs for a couple of our older students. I love it when I talk a book and it gets checked out, makes me happy. No one in the district has any extra Spanish 1 books, so Mr. M asked me to get an estimate for that - 20 books, $1,000. It is what it is. Had a teacher ask me to find some Seedfolks books (I love that book!!) and I found some at another school, so maybe they will lend. I'll find out tomorrow. Got a bunch of my Diversity books all on my excel sheet so they will go out tomorrow. Worked on getting the shelving assignments set up for all my students. I think I will let them pick their own areas. I'm going to have to make a publisher set up I think, so I'll  always have the shelves set up the way I want them and can just change names, etc. Depending on how many aides I have! We'll see how it goes!