The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Thursday, November 8, 2018


For the first time ever we middle school Library Media Assistants got to have a meeting during our working day to just discuss being in Middle School Libraries. It was amazing! We talked inventories and lost books and titles (Associate or Assitant, I said still made us an “Ass.”) We talked Hour of Code, Makerspaces, and got to talk with the district Technology Coordinator who is supposed to help all the district become more tech savvy. It was a good time. Before that, I put away all the non-fiction that had built up over the week and straightened out some of the shelves and read shelves that I saw were definitely out of order. When I got back to my desk, I had around 45 emails! Oh my! All because some poor lady hit to send to the entire district instead of just her school that someone had left a pumpkin roll on the front counter. Thank goodness most people disregarded it, but many ‘replied to all’ and thus the other 43 emails! There were more here and there throughout the morning, but with thousands of employees, we’re pretty lucky that only about 70 or so replied to everyone! I worked on new books today, adding some to my lists and some that I liked, but were not age appropriate, so they went on the wayside. I am really tending towards graphic novels, so I need to watch that. Then my sub came and I took off for my meeting. After the meeting I headed back to Leslie to score volleyball. Huzzah!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Library Con Live

Spent the morning at the virtual Library Con Live. Visited booths, listened to one panel talk. Got a few ideas for books and put them on my orders. It was really nice. Had four classes in today. Made a few more poppies to fill up the wall. Handed out my Chromebooks for students for the classes. Went over the notes for the meeting tomorrow. Sent out some books that other schools requested. Took a ring to lost and found. Looked at eBook statistics our PA sent out (at least the 2nd one was bigger so I could actually read it!). Forgot to tell my 6th period aides that I’d be gone tomorrow. But I did tell the 7th period aides. Put up all the Scholastic posters about the book fair. Got money for change for the book fair on my way home tonight. It’ll be a quick one. Only four days open during school and then the conference times. Not sure how much I’ll make. Hoping to buy some chair furniture and maybe my own STEAM K’NEX sets. But, not sure that will happen. At least I have the OnLine fair option going on until December. That might help!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

11th Minute of the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month

I hadn’t done a display up on the pony wall until I got to thinking that the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War I was this Sunday. Our students need to see this. My aides did an amazing job of cutting out the poppies for me today. I rounded up all our books on World War 1 and got them up for the display. I have a couple of great books that are out with students and hope they come back. I had Mr. A’s classes in today spreading out on the big tables to work on studying for a test. They were great and did a fabulous job of working together! I had students in A lunch for STEAM day and they just went right to the new K’NEX alternative energy builds I got in. It took a long time to put my honor display together, but I think it was well worth it. I’m so very happy with how that turned out.

Monday, November 5, 2018


We had eight classes in the library today in five periods! It was so cool!! There were two classes in at one time for three periods. So very cool!! I took my repaired books and got them back out there in circulation. I got in the K’Nex Alternative Energy kit in so I was excited to put those in the announcements for tomorrow and I made a poster as well for the hallway on the STEAM things. Unpacked the Scholastic Book Fair flyers and had my aides count them out so we can deliver them to teachers tomorrow. I pulled the posters as well and got them flattening. I got to help Ms. M’s students today finding books. 

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Forgetting Day

Totally forgot to do this yesterday! Got busy after work. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it! All right I’m back! I worked in the back room today and decided to clean up books, and I also decided to take my Outsider books and put in their numbers in their records. That took awhile! I also attended a webinar on graphic novels. I spent a lot of time helping students with their Axis360 accounts. They were getting all kinds of messages on their accounts, from needing to reset passwords to just having the site tell them there were too many devices. I called our office and also sent in the feedback notice to Baker and Taylor. It’s hard to see students wanting to read and they can’t.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

All Saints Day

Today I brought in a candle (fake, with batteries for the ‘flame’) and had that out on a table with some fall  leaves and made it look really nice with orange tissue paper and red tissue paper leaves. No one really asked about it, just one kid and he was all ‘Oh, it’s the Day of the Dead!! That’s what it is!’ Not quite, but good of him to make a connection. Did the actual book repairs today and we’ll see how they turn out tomorrow. Sent off the KEVA blocks and the one I tried to fix, didn’t fix. Darn. Withdrew a few more books and replaced a couple of them on my list. Since I don’t feel comfortable lifting boxes, I took a box, put it on the floor and filled it with withdrawn books. Then did another, and then did a partial box! Yeah! No lifting and I have another cart to use when I need to! Gave two book talks today and had five of the six books I talked about checked out, Yes! Fist pump here! Love it when that happens! A really good day, students were not too bad even the day after Halloween. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween Day

Read two books today! OK, one was really short, the other a novel in verse. Didn’t really take too long. Ordered in a new set of K’nex for our next STEAM projects. Had to glue a KEVA block that split. I put in some book glue and set it in my book press! Hopefully it will be good to go back tomorrow! Sent books back to schools. Had a teacher that needed 40 science books. Another needed two class sets of math books. Of course I was trying not to lift today. Ran the Scholastic video during lunches today. Ordered another replacement book. Had to help students use the copier. I have so much I want to do to get the withdrawn books packed up but don’t want to lift the boxes!! The students were actually pretty good today. I was expecting them to be completely wired because of Halloween, but they weren’t. Maybe the low pressure system over us and the very dark cloudy day helped with that! We’ll see how tomorrow goes!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Repair Day

I have a few books that need some repair, so I started to go and pull each book and make the decision if I wanted to repair it, replace it, or just get rid of it. When I had a book that had multiple copies, I went out and hunted them all down making sure they were either checked out, declared lost, or on the shelf. Then I took the broken book and made sure that it was designated as ‘out for repairs.’ Had two students come in with logging into Axis360 program. One was a boy that came in and he finally realized he was spelling Salem wrong. Glad we finally got that figured out. Then I had another student who we tried to change her password and the computer said ‘Access Denied.’ That was nothing I’d seen before! So we called technology and I was on the phone with them for quite awhile and he finally found the piece he needed to change so we could change her password. So I’m hoping she’ll come in tomorrow morning. I’ll look up her first period class and tell her. Had my aides get books for Mr. R - they pulled the books and I had to dash out the door because they didn’t check them out to him. Then they brought the old ones back and checked them in. Had students in for STEAM lunch today. I worked on an announcement about STEAM for next month and that the Scholastic Book Fair is coming. I set up our online fair dates. Then I tried to find the link for the middle school books. I had a page for all the individual book talks, but I wanted them all together, and I finally found it. I’ll probably play it during lunches. I also realized that we will only be selling at school for only 4 days. We’ll only be open for the week after Veteran’s Day holiday and then it’s Thanksgiving break. I’m not sure how that is going to happen and affect my sales. 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Reading Day

I keep doing too much lifting and such and really need my chest to heal. So I designated today as a reading day. I read so much out of work for work that I decided it was all right if I read books for book talks while I’m at work and it’s quiet. So I read my eBook today and once I resized the font for my computer at work, it went pretty well. I still had other things to do! Had to find a book that belonged to another school and was sitting on our shelf. Reset student passwords. Had both lunches in. Checked out calculators for Ms. C after I had to re-enter their barcodes since the computer said they were ‘not found.’ Had to take a book call slip up to a room since I don’t have aides that period. Answered a call from a mom who thought her daughters had maybe turned in a Salem Public Library book to me. I explained that yes, they occasionally turned up and I would take them down and turn them in within a couple of days if they came to me. Had another student email me that she no longer had the book that was overdue. I checked for it, and didn’t find it so let her know that it was still lost. Another student had a notice for a math book so we went in back and leafed through the math books of that title and didn’t find it. So, lots of little things here and there. Loved watching the clouds and rain out move across the valley today.