The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, February 16, 2018


Back later...

Thursday, February 15, 2018

T'was a Quiet Day

I'm thinking of Paul Simon's 

"Was a sunny day 
Not a cloud was in the sky 
Not a negative word was heard 
From the people passing by"

So it was very quiet today in the library. One of my aides was gone to the orchestra field trip. Two others were just gone. We did not have anything much to do, so I worked on some more ordering. We also got a notice that we were all to get more diversity books from LMSS and they had compiled a list of those. So when the list came out, I went through it and took out the books I already had. And I also made the comment that I really do not like the little 32ish page books. I think they are a waste for the money spent. So later this afternoon we got an email from Mr. G and he explained the shorter books were for the low level readers we have. So, possibly. We are showing the movie "Hidden Figures" next Wednesday, so I stood in the hallways during passing calling out "Read the Book! See the Movie" and Mr. C across the hall would point and say "Next Wednesday!!" It was funny! Spent some time covering the rest of the books that came in while I was gone. Did some laminating and horridly messed up a set. I had started to run them in, then realized I had two together, tried to reverse, got the one out, then realized after I was done that the reverse had really screwed up the set, so I had to recreate them and redo them. Thought I'd left the laminator on, but no, it was cold, so had to pull them again and reheat the laminator. (Where's that shake your head smiley when you need it....). But, I think they turned out fine at the end! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Got in my budgets today so I needed to work on my spring orders. If we don't use all our budget by spring break, we can't count on having it. So I spent quite a bit of time today looking up the new books, the award winners, other new books coming out this spring. I ordered some supplies too for the library. Our special tape and some other supplies. Put away my books. Had my BOB students in today for lunches and was disappointed with A lunch, only 3 students turned up, but B lunch was much better! Cleaned off a few carts and got things put away. A great day! 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I had four boxes sitting in the office and finally got around to them today. One was a box of advance reader copies that were sent out by Salem Public Library. They had some to give away and I said yes! Any free books are great! Another two boxes were from Scholastic. One with all the book fair stuff and another with my replacement Vietnam book. Another box had books that finally came into LMSS from an order that were delayed to finish off that order. I also had a package of more Book Fair preview brochures that I put into the Scholastic Book Fair box. I went through all the books from Salem Public and decided I should check the grade range on them and only 7 of them met middle school standards, so I emailed Sprague and they took the high school ones. I packed them up and sent them on. Also stamped and packed up the seven books I could take along with the Vietnam book to send for processing. I finished off checking in the books I got in and then made a list of the other books not on any of my lists and got them ready to go on the cart. We had a very quiet day in the library. The South counselors were in to talk to all the 8th graders about coming to South next year. They filled every period except 7th nearly from bell to bell with all the information they needed to let the students know about as a first step. So, not much went on in the library! At the end I was very happy to see our Leadership class use the projector along with a Chromebook and work on doing a video announcement in the OCL (old computer lab). That got me very excited to see them doing a project like that. Then after work I stayed to score and time keep the wrestling match. We lost, but some good matches went down! 

Monday, February 12, 2018


I really did enjoy my time in Kauai with my hubby as we celebrated his 65th! I never worried about work because I knew Ms. M would do a great job and she did! Took me awhile to troll through all my emails that were left even though I left an 'out of office' message. Deleted a lot, but also answered and responded to the ones that needed it. Had to do a CELL survey and commented on the lack of meetings and the fact that we have a great new library program that we know the easy stuff on since we've done textbooks with it for awhile, but the library side is new and we have had little to no training to use this great resource to its full potential. Worked through the stack of 'Bud, Not Buddy' books to get them all ready for Ms. B. I checked to make sure they were all checked out to her and got them on a cart. Sent back four that we don't need. Took all our new and old interactive books and made a little set of bookends for them all and made labels for them that say 'shelve with interactive' and put that right by the spine label. We have about 30 of them now. I wonder if I should do that with a few other of our sets? Checked in the 5 boxes of books that came in while I was gone and Ms. M had put on a cart and started to put in their tattle tape and get them ready. I have a group of books that I'm puzzled over. I don't have a list for them and I think that they were from the Thanksgiving holiday book give-away I plucked from. That's all I can think of anyways! Looked for a math book, talked to a new student today and helped her find a book. One of our students was sooo glad I was back. That really made my day. I am tired and still have to unpack! If I think of something else, I might post it! Goodnight!

Friday, February 2, 2018


A very busy day! 5 book talks today and lots to get ready for next week when I'll be gone. Cleaned up my office, made sure people knew I'd be gone. I nearly ran all day. Talked to the students about some of our new books and the Black History book timeline. We checked in a lot of books and checked out a lot too! I'll be back on the 12th!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Black History Book Timeline

I think I did an awesome job creating a 'book' timeline for black history month. Starting with slavery all the way to Obama and great things people are doing now! I love it! Put away books today on the cart and the animal books I did have up on the counter there! Came in to find a whole row of books pushed over, then my desensitizer was missing. I happened upon it over in the 'S' section of fiction. The stamps were gone, but found them in the drawers. Mr. J had put them there since students were stamping each other during the after school program. Called in Bud, Not Buddy books from all over the district for Ms. B. We were up to about 29 coming in by the time I left today. Had a talk with Scholastic about our next book fair. Covered more paperbacks. Put all the repair books I had on my desk in a repair box and marked them in the system as out for repairs. Will have some maybe book talks tomorrow? New books? Not sure! But I have new books on a cart that I can take out there!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Battle of the Books!

Today I had my first Battle of the Books meeting. The turn out from lunch was really small, only 5 students per lunch. That was a bit disheartening. I had made up title\author mix up sheets, some bookmarks with the books all on them and a sign up sheet. So, we'll see how it goes. Several students checked out the books though! So I'm hoping they will get even more excited about it all! Maybe get friends involved! That would be nice. I am off for the evening, might add later, might not! Mr. M asked for a document camera for room 114 so I knew I had one, but didn't have time to do it, so I put in a tech ring and our amazing techs came and took it over to the room and got it all up and running! Yeah for delegating!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Much Easier!

I thought yesterday would tap me out! And I even did go to bed early, but today was much easier! I had to find the 'Order in the Library' game and it wouldn't come up on Google Chrome, but I finally just went to Internet Explorer and it came up on there! Thank goodness! A few of my aides just whipped right through all eleven levels, so that made me hopeful that I may have some of them that can do non-fiction! I managed to get one coding book covered for a student who had asked for it and when he came in at lunch was happy I had finally gotten it done. Got in 14 new country books from Scholastic with my Scholastic money from the last book fair. One wasn't glued properly, so I asked for a new one and they are sending a new one! That was good. Got them all stamped, repackaged and off to LMSS for processing. Put a couple of new books on my Titlewave order that came from an email from LibraryConLive I attended. Checked in science books from Mr. R today while my aide that period 'Ordered' the library. Put away some math books in the back. Oriented the aides that were not there yesterday. Printed up a nice document on the 4 S's - Sorting, Shelving, Shifting and Shelf Reading. We'll see how it goes! Had both lunches in today. Ms. M came in with her class and had them working on their books with the white boards and crafting a graphic representation of their books! It was so cool! One group was in the main library, and the other was in the old computer lab. Loving the use of the space and watching the students getting their literary game on!! Will have the PE students in starting at the end of March to do a health study in the library, and that will be awesome! They are just trying to figure out how to make the space work for 50 students at a time! I'm sure they will come up with something! A very good day and I don't think I need to go to bed early today, thank goodness!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Second Semester

Today we began a new semester and I have 12 new aides! Thank goodness not all of them showed up! I also have two students in, one using the library as a study hall, the other on a PE substitute because he's on crutches from this weekend. Poor thing. So, I spent the day working with the new aides, getting them their expectations, their shelving assignments and we also had six classes of math books to check out and two book talks with checking in and out to do. So I was very busy. I didn't get to my breaks until after school was over for the day. Tomorrow should be easier! Ms. K wanted a talk on sports books - heavens! I never read those, but I could walk around the library and show the students some of the authors that do sports and talk about that! Not too shabby! Tomorrow should be a bit better, as we crank into it. Got some good resources from two of the other LMA's. One on shelving, another on responsibly using the check out computers. So I will print those up probably tomorrow. Tired, so just went home after work. Goodnight!