The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, November 20, 2017

That was Different

I have to work 2.5 days through today and tomorrow so I get Wednesday off! Huzzah! Love that schedule! Today I started at 8am, even though I wasn’t supposed to start until 9, I had to go to my Pathway this morning. Childhood Trauma and how that affects Learning. So very good! Then on my way back to work around 11, I asked my hubby if he wanted to meet me for lunch at one of our favorite places, La Hacienda - it’s not far from Leslie, and he did! So I had a nice lunch with him before heading on to work. When I got back to work, I had a phone call that we had our book give-away tomorrow and to be sure and come to meet someone...our teacher that fell down the stairs and really hit her head horribly hard is doing part time work at LMSS!! I was so excited! I had heard she was there, so I found out what time she came in and will go over there to pick my books and greet her! I made up a quick card for her (hey, we’re in a school right? We have construction paper, pictures, glue sticks....!) and sent out a notice to staff for them to come and sign. I checked in a whole bin full of books and put away most of them. Sold a few things here and there to parents of students who came in for conferences after 4. Had two girls from other middle school libraries come to see my library and how I have it done and we had some good talks and I got a good recommendation for my students who want to read high school appropriate books - to send home a letter to their parents/guardians/whomever to sign before I give the student the book. Loved that. Took up book fair money to our bookkeeper and we counted the batch I had turned in last Friday to our office manager and the new one I had ready for today. Trained our IC on how to collect book fair money since I had to leave for the day at 5:45 and conferences go until 7. (Or 7:30, I forget which!) She is so amazing! Work from 10am - 7:15 tomorrow and then I am done until Monday! Huzzah!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

6 Weeks Done

Forgot all about this last night! Book Fair went well today, has a lot of purchases! Finished up covering the Outcasts United books a gift from the Salem Public Library Foundation, then sent out an email to all the teachers that a class set was ready to go as well as five adult versions! I got immediate response from two teachers! That's exciting! I had also sent them all the blurb from SPLF with some of the events that will happen in February. Our second six weeks are over! Conferences next week on Monday night and all day Tuesday which means book repair time for me!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Depressing Reality

Found more items missing today from our book fair, so we're at about $100 worth of items I know are missing. That makes me so very sad. Listened to a webinar on the OSLIS Gale site today. Took awhile between everything else going on in a normal day! Covered some books. Had the laminator get all balled up on someone running posters through and I had to finagle with it to get it all pulled out and running the right way again. Crazy sad day.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Today we had a meeting in the library of the South Salem Connections (I think it was!) There was a lot going on in the library. Lots of students coming in to complete work. Students coming to the book fair. And we had this meeting set up for around lunch time. We had to put almost all the tables together, and a lady brought in sandwiches and other munchable things for the people who came. They talked about our Peer Mentor group and what they’ve accomplished, as well as some of the other things our student body has done. It was very nice. Since it was over lunch, I handed our passing person two of our old lunch passes and if the students were coming down to buy, she could send two at a time into the library to get their purchases and then leave so someone else could come in. It worked pretty good, though my regular students were not happy about it I was told! But there’s no way they could have all come in with our meeting. Tomorrow they’ll be in and happy! Had a $25 hat stolen today. That makes about $50 stolen that I know of. I’m sure there’s more. Made about $200 today, so not bad considering we were basically closed for lunch. I made out our overdue slips today, and the computer formatted them different, and I was like, oh, I like the portrait style more, printed them up, put on the notes I do by running them back through the printer. As I was writing down the classes for the students I haven’t done before I noticed one thing, No Book Title! The notices were short, so they got the call number and barcode of the book overdue, but no title! I was a bit tempted to do them again, but decided not to. Next time I’ll make sure I have them the landscape way with the titles on them! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Oh my! That’s how my day felt today, like I was just crawling along! After 2nd period I was certain we were already into fifth period, but no! Did good on the book fair today, about $400. I cleaned up old emails. Went back and took a look at things I had left as reminders, like, what about getting an entry set up for our Super Multi DVD Drives, and had kept looking up ‘multi’ in search. I never saw it, so I asked Ms. D today where might that be and she had put it under ‘LG....’ with no ‘multi’ in the title! So I got those 5 DVD drives barcoded today and ready to go. Well, two of them were already in use! And another got checked out this afternoon! Glad they are getting some use already! Had both lunches in today for the book fair and it was nice to see the kids buying stuff they wanted. Packed up more discarded books for Garten. Did just a lot of interaction with students today in the book fair, getting them checked out, getting teachers a few things. Even had a sale before I went to score volleyball from a mom who was coming to see her daughter play! Our girls didn’t do very well today, but Thursday is another game! Hopefully they will do better!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Book Fair Opens!

Yeah! (Just picture Kermit the Frog waving his little arms and yelling 'yeah!!!' and that's how I feel!) Got into work early so I could hang up our banner and get the signs out before today's storm hits with wind and rain. And I was so bummed on Friday, went to the bank to get change for the book fair and they were closed. For Veteran's Day. I managed to get most of my coin change from my hubby who has a Tupperware container he dumps all his change into. Then I went to Safeway and bought a bag of potato chips - got three $5's and a couple of $1's. I had a $5, so that made my $20 in $5's! Then I went to Winco and bought more chips, some raisins and a Kombucha and asked to get my change all in $1's! And he did! My hubby and I had $8 in $1's so I was set! So I managed my usual $60 in change for the book fair this morning! That was close! And I did have students in right away buying, so glad that it was ready for them! Had three classes in for book talks and I asked if I could show the book fair trailers and their teacher said yes, I could, so I did. During one showing, the fire alarms went off, luckily while it was sunny and not raining, but the wind was cold!! Did about $110 today, so better than my usual first day. I didn't get any of the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid books in, so I had to order a box. I hope they get here tomorrow, but if not, I'm sure they'll be here by Wednesday. I was very unhappy that someone stole a fidget spinner from the pack. Then, when a class was in, another one went missing. I let the teacher know and after school, one of our teachers found one of the missing ones on a chair, under the table in the far corner of the library from the book fair. So, at least one was found! Got all my books put away this afternoon. Had a teacher take the last of the books from Sprague, and that made me happy that they will have a new home! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Book Fair Delivered!

Spent most of the day working on covering the Outcasts United books. Did some laminating, just daily stuff (this is Monday so I don't quite remember!!) The book fair arrived 5th period and so I spent the rest of the day opening the cases, pulling stuff out of the boxes and recording what was in what box so when I go to pack up, I'll know exactly what box had which stuff. Made it so much easier last time when I did it that way! I'm really liking that we can put the book fair all in the old computer lab and everything can go in there! Lots of other cool new stuff, some fleece blankets, book bags (two I really like1) - one huge omission!! None of the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid books! I know my fair was packed before it came out, but I was really hoping a box would come my way and it didn't - ugh! I still have some unpacking to do for Monday, but most of it is done! Hoping we can do $3,100 on this fair! Looking forward to a nice three day weekend up with my daughter, her hubby and granddaughters at Great Wolf Lodge! Never been there, so it'll be interesting!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Got You Covered

Well, all right, only half of you. Today I pulled out my class set of Outcasts United to get them covered with our clear contact paper. It just helps making them last longer. I had 40 to do, and I think I got done about half. So, a good day. Both lunches were in. Did some emails of stuffs for a bunch of different people. Had three classes in to check in/out books today and did a mini book talk for two of them. The library was never really quiet today, but glad to churn out those books! I'm hoping to release them to teachers next week!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Scholastic Kind of Day

The Scholastic Book Fair is nearly upon us and I had to kick into gear today! Posters went up, brochures went out, toolkit checked, announcements sent in, notice for our online school site went in. Teachers notified, sent out a link to the book trailers. Definitely a Scholastic kind of day! I did one book talk, then found the DVD with the book fair book trailers on it, so did that one for the next class. Ran the trailer video all through both lunches. Had to write up a student today for not running, but rather bouncing down the halls, looked right at me and bounced right by, went down a hallway and into Ms. V and Ms. K, turned around, bounced right by me again and off down the other long hallway. He got written up several times today from what I heard. Gave some Penzey jars to our after school program and they were looking for jars to start painting in a week or two! So good timing! Off to score volleyball tonight, the 7th grade girls have their opening game tonight!

Monday, November 6, 2017

We Are All Ambassadors

We were very honored to have Mr. Andrew Young speak at our assembly today for the Harold Schnitzer Spirit of Unity award! It was amazing that this man who walked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Mayor of Atlanta, came here to our school! It was put on by the Wholistic Peace Institute and we had three schools here today to be awarded. Our own Leslie, Blanchett, and Jesuit schools were here to show how they have impacted their communities. He talked about we all, all of us, in the halls, in classes, in our school, in our families, in our communities are all ambassadors of peace, and we have a choice every day on how to make that happen. After he talked he rode in his chair around the gym and let students ask him questions! So that is the only reason I got even close to him! He did not make it down to the library, but all the important people here for this did! It was a great morning, and we were all very blessed to hear and see this great man, talking as if we were all a guest in his living room. Very cool! Back to business, had math books to check in, I gave two book talks today on realistic fiction. I had a stack of books that I asked the students to thumbs up or thumbs down on whether a book was realistic or not. They did really well and I think they engaged better than if I just talked about it! I sent off two small boxes of books to two other schools today, and a big box off to LMSS to process for us. I had to talk to our bookkeeper about a girl who returned a book she thought she lost, so she paid for it, then it was found! But the computer didn't have a payment on it, just that it was lost, so we are going to keep an eye on it to see what the computer says tomorrow! A fabulous day, glad I got to be a small part of it!