The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Three Weeks

Did not even realize we are halfway through the first grading period! I got out the last two Chrome Carts to teachers and worked on getting the Chromebooks without a home into the last empty cart. I was glad to get them all out of my office and the library workroom! I also pulled eight chargers for some of the old Chromebooks out of Room 200 and will hook those up on Monday. I felt really bad because our choir teacher wanted a cart for her room today, and our IC was doing testing, and I kept swapping her out Chromebooks for her testing. It made me very frustrated and she was so kind and gracious as I would steal away some Chromebooks and give her others. The only good thing was that I didn't have to have any lunches in because she was testing, so I got a bit of a break in the day. I had one student come to be with password problems that was one of our challenged students and I spent some time with him getting him his correct ID number, resetting his password, then helping him with a new password. I was very gentle and kind with him, and loved that I got him all set, wrote down everything for him and told him to keep it handy in his planner. That was the best part of my day. I love it when I get to really help a student! I was really confused by the offerings for Microsoft Educator status. We are supposed to try and do these trainings but there are so many facets and most of them involve teaching and I'm not a teacher, so I need some clarification on what we are supposed to do. It was all mind boggling, so I think I must have missed something somewhere. I messed about with the Digital Citizenship stuff and still, feeling very confused and wondering how I am going to get out of that what I should, and if it is for teachers who have classes. So I went to Konditeroi's and got some Tuxedo cake for the evening. I have no confusion about that at all!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Three Carts

I got three Chrome Carts out to teachers today and felt really good about that! I think I only have two carts still to go and then everyone will have the resources they need in every classroom! That’s something to celebrate! 👏 Put away a bunch of non-fiction today. A lot of it was our very well loved graphic novels! One of my aides is working on a Hispanic Month display. She pulled some books and is working hard on it. I’m proud of her! Did some laminating. Helped aides from teachers make copies and showed them how to use our die-cut machine (it’s really old!). But I’m feeling great about all the Chromebooks and Chromecarts that got labeled today and out to teachers. I feel really accomplished! And that was making paper labels and taping them in, still no cartridge for the DYMO label maker, but old school works and the teachers have their resources! That’s all that matters in the end!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Mandatory Training

I had a quiet morning so I decided it was a great day to work on my mandatory training. This is something we do every September. It takes a few hours and I had to leave it a few times, but I finished it all and got the quizzes all perfectly passed. Got three classroom sets of books out to teachers with the help of my aides. Two for science, one for math. Found some math books that a teacher needed and he took them today. And our curriculum PA didn’t need the extra Read 180 books we have. I got another cart out to a teacher, and almost got another one ready. Had a class in to do a book talk, but so sad, no one picked any of the books I talked about. I feel like I let the students down. I got both lunches ready for students, and then got all involved in picking out my books for the book talk and one of the lunch crew had to come down and get the passes! I was on top of it for B lunch! We had to close the girls bathroom by the library because of vandalism. I had noticed a student in there twice in the morning. I even asked her if she was all right. I could see her shoes, that’s how I knew she was the same student. She said she had thrown up, and I asked her to go to the office and get taken care of! So she wouldn’t spread anything and get some help. I was sad that there was vandalism, and that that student may have been involved. I had to go up and identify the student for security. Makes me so sad. I’m hoping that the student gets the help they need, whoever it was. I ended the day with scoring another volleyball game! I love to watch the girls, either side! A great series of hits and saves makes me cheer no matter what school! But still nice we won all five games tonight! Home to spaghetti!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Label Laminating

We started the day with Ms. K’s first two classes coming in to work. I worked on getting labels on the cart of Chromebooks. Then the labels ran out and the office didn’t have any more. Sad face. I was all set on getting that cart out today and getting another partial cart out. Dang. I moved the old book drop box and a Leslie Lion picture back in the student store. I worked on my whole cart of non-fiction books I needed to put away and also looked at the mis-shelved books from all the students going through them. I still need to work on that! There were a lot of them! I also put away all the textbooks in the back. Put the extra Chromebooks in one of the empty carts. Ms. K came in to say she was keeping the rest of her classes in her room, and could I just check out the books to her? So I did that and ended up having both lunches in rather than just one since her class wasn’t coming in. Ended the day finding some Read 180 books I’m not sure if anyone knew about. We got an email from our curriculum person looking for some and I asked our teacher if that was ours? Did we need them? And sent her the email from curriculum. Then I turned on the laminator and I knew, my heart dropped, that I’d have to put on new rolls, and yes, I did. But it actually went really smooth! One of the best ones ever! I was happy so I could go home! 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Training Aides

It’s a Monday, and today I gave my aides their shelving assignments. They got to pick what they wanted and I find that works the best. First period was a bit crazy because I needed to finish the Chrome cart for Ms. N. I picked up the label maker so I could number all the Chromebooks and the slots where they go and so I could also give an extra Chromebook to Ms. M to get her cart up to the number of her largest classroom. So I was happy to get that all done before first period actually started. Thank goodness for AVID strong day so I had an extra 15 minutes to get that cart ready! Had to the AVID slides for my 4 boys in here, then to get my aide to pick his area. I had them get books off the shelving cart for their area. Showed them how I want the shelves and displays done. I had lovely plants in the window corner over the weekend and they were finally taken back to the choir room. It was cute to see these four girls each carrying a plant out. I got another cart ready this afternoon for Mr. E. Just 13 Chromebooks, but in their own cart so I had to rig up the chargers and of course, label them all.  Got some books together for the plot workshop Ms. K is doing tomorrow. Packed up some Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key books for Kennedy Elementary. I pulled in all the new Chromecarts into the back rooms this afternoon since I have classes coming in tomorrow. After work I scored the first volleyball games of the season! I love watching our girls play! And they won four out of five today and I saw some amazing plays on both sides. I’m tired! Time to relax before bed!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Cart 💖

The Chrome Carts arrived today!!! Six fully stocked Chrome Carts and 4 empty carts!! Super exciting!! First though, I had the library filled all day with classes coming in to check out books! Non-fiction, and after they came I found out that they were really looking for narrative non-fiction. I had put out a ton of display books for non-fiction because I wanted the students to see all the areas the non-fiction covered and the options they had other than narratives! It was very, very busy!! Just before lunches, the truck came with all the Chrome carts! We had four techs come in and help along with my aide to get them all in before lunches came in. I got one ready for Ms. N, but I need to get a label gun for them before I take them over to her. She only needs 23, so I pulled the others and the chargers, put them in one of the empty carts for another teacher. So I had LOTS going on. I’m doing this Sunday afternoon! Took me that long to recover! Had the Peer Helpers in for their first meeting, and 7th period was set aside for students to finish testing, but it was pretty quiet. With four classes in checking out and being sure they were getting the books they needed for their assignment, we even dipped into the fiction a bit so students at the end still had a good selection, but that means we have a LOT of books to put away this week. But, I will get my aides set tomorrow for their areas and get them started to work on shelving! And - since I got empty carts my AEM cart is now back in place and my smuggling day worked out. Can I say “Thank you Lord for saving me???” Now when Ms. W comes in on Monday I’ll have a cart just for her, like she had before I smuggled it ;) 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Meeting Check

We had six classes in today checking out books. We had two of the classes doing memoirs and autobiographies. It was a lot of fun. Then we had four classes come in just to check out fiction books. I had a student tell me he had turned in a book that was still on his record. I got ready to email the school and decided to walk over and check my shelf, and there it was. So, I sent it back to McKay and put a note on his account that it’s been taken care of. I’m just rolling my eyes here, that either my aides never noticed or I never noticed. Had both lunches in today, and let my noisy, group know that maybe they could try again in October. That made B lunch just lovely and quiet. It was nice. I had a meeting this afternoon that went from 4 to 5:30. I got my iPad for my green screen set up, so that was really nice! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Never Forget

I almost did not bring in my display material today. I really wondered if it mattered to our students who weren’t even born yet. But at the last moment, I did. So glad I made that choice again to honor those who lost their lives. I knew it was right when I drove in and saw the flag at half mast. I will do it again next year for the last time for me. I really want to visit the site one of these days and pay homage. I finished up the Chrome Cart for Ms. S today and took it to her at the end of the day, huzzah! I also did a lot of work on the AEM devices and sent in the list to our coordinator and now she wants to visit, on Monday, and I’ve given her cart away! Prayers that I get one in!!! Had our lockdown drill today and it went well. My only comment was that the library doors didn’t lock shut and they said they knew about that. So hopefully that will get resolved. A very busy day, but lots of good things done! Ms. N has her 11 minimum Chromebooks for tomorrow. I have one extra Chromebook for Ms. M, but I need chargers for two more. Hummmm... might have to do some pirating - I think that’s like smuggling, but cooler costumes. Have classes in tomorrow! I already had to tell a gentleman to leave the library at B lunch today. Already?? Oh my. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


That’s right. I smuggled a Chrome Cart today. I needed to get a cart to Ms. S and I had a cart that really belongs to another entity, but I’m sure it will work out and when we get our empty cart, I will get them back in a new home! But it’s more exciting to get a teacher a cart for her room. I had all the Chromebooks, but I still needed more chargers! I checked one cart that I thought had 12 chargers, and it didn’t! Then I found another cart that had the ten I still needed! So I managed to get all the chargers (30) of them into the cart and hooked up. I still need to get the Chromebooks relabeled and in there, but that should be pretty easy. I had set up to go to classrooms during the teacher prep. I still have more to go, but most are cleaned out. I have four that I need tech to bring me the keys to. Had both lunches come in today and I think they liked it. Did a bit of laminating at the end. Had an aide change, got another new aide. Helped students get online from a room with a sub. I was so tired by the end of the day, but so very happy with what I got done!

Monday, September 9, 2019


A great Monday! I did find out from Mr. Farias that students do have access to the workbooks online and so he just sent down students that really wanted a paper copy and we had plenty workbooks for those that did want one! A great collaboration! I let our principal know about the issue when I came in and she was excited to hear we had got it all taken care of. We also had 8th graders come in to check out books today. So we were pretty busy. I worked on my substitute plans I need to do. I had to put in a heat ticket to get keys for some of the computer carts I need to get chargers out of. I went around the building today, tracking down the carts. Seeing who needed access by key, Allen wrench or using the combo lock. I did get back to one cart (yeah! It used a key that I actually have!) and pulled 7 chargers out of it. I’ll work on the others tomorrow since I won’t have classes in. I’ll even have students in for lunches tomorrow. Scary!! Tried to access the student reset password tab today, but couldn’t find it. I’ll have to find it tomorrow. Some students just can’t remember their password from last year and it looks like they won’t be able to. Finished reading Rebound from Kwame Alexander and finished my preview of the George Takei graphic novel about his internment in the Japanese camps after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, They Called Us Enemy. Really well done, I was incredibly impressed.