The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Finished Up

Today I took the book sets that had been in the non-fiction room and moved them back out into the fiction side of the library. I had all the Dear America books, Lemony Snicket, 39 Clues, Warrior cats, and not sure what to do with Spirit Animals yet, but I'll find it a spot. Bashed my hand that I messed up camping this summer and begged for Neosporin for it. It opened up just a little, just a few spots of blood, but I was so unhappy because it was doing so well healing! Made barcodes for some of our Schoolwide sets that I had in, but didn't have barcodes. Asked a school to send mine back and send her the one that belongs to her. Asked another school about books that have her stamp and barcodes, but don't show up on our system. She said to yes, send them over, so I will! Helped our custodian replace three of our circular flourescent light tubes that had been flickering. Did a massive ton of laminating tonight. One of our PE teachers made puzzles and I had eight baggies of puzzle pieces alone! That was interesting. I had three that got messed up, so I had to cut them out and work them. Then I had another set I had done front to back for a staff member and when I got done her post it note was laminated on top. Oh my! I cut it out and relaminated that as well. Checked out several iPads today. Asked to get in a KEVA Makerspace kit from LMSS. I couldn't find it in the catalogue and no one really knew why so they are looking at that while I just got to put in a tech ring. Ready for classes in all day tomorrow!

Monday, September 17, 2018

A - TwMM - W - L - V

Lots of things went on today! It was Monday, so our focus on AVID first thing with binder checks and making sure students have what they need for the week. Then Mrs. C brought in her math classes to pick up Thinking with Mathematical Models for six periods today. I finished up that three tier cart of books to withdraw and started having my aides sharpie out the 'Leslie' stamps. We also had our lockdown drill today. I was happy that our library doors did automatically lock and unlock! I also scored volleyball tonight! Our first games! We only won one, but perhaps Wednesday we'll do better. We lasted a bit longer than we were supposed to because we totally forgot how long the 5th game was supposed to be! We played to 25, but really were supposed to stop at 15! Heavens! I couldn't remember from last year! I know now! 

Friday, September 14, 2018

First Full Week, ✔

8th grade math was supposed to come in, but they didn't, Mrs. C forgot! so it was pretty quiet in the library today. We did have Mr. G's classes come in to get a reading book since he has them read every Friday (it's the shop classes) and some from the Language Arts classes, but otherwise quiet. I finished off a whole cart of withdrawn books. All marked out, all with discard stamp and date. All with labels over barcodes and spine labels. Just a lot of work! I was glad to see that they did use the library last night for the AVID family night! Yeah, all that work was worth it! Not much else went on today. Just cranked out the books and I'll put that cart up in the staff room on Monday to begin that process. Lots more to go!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Open House

A nice morning and I got out our tall roller ladder with the nice stairs and rails and got it into the library to take down our old 'Nonfiction' letters and the numbers where our fiction now is. I got the ones in the old computer lab down and put up new ones so there is some direction back there. I have more to do, but got the basics down. Listened to a webinar while I had lunch today. Had two classes in and did some book talks for them. Talked to our principal about getting the iPads and Chromebooks out to our students who need that extra support so I put together a list of teachers and the students they have now that had those devices last year and sent that out. Then I looked at our school calendar to see if our classes were coming in and ah, it says that the AVID family night will be in the library right after the Open House (which I didn't think anyone would come into!). And the library looks a real mess!! So I rushed around and started to straighten shelves and display books and so yes, I stayed over about half an hour, but the library looks at least presentable if anyone does walk in! One of the teachers thought the library would be too small for the meeting, but you never know. I'd rather prepare for the company than not! We also had maintenance and technology in to try and fix the doors into the library. They work, most of the time, but they still glitch out every great once in awhile. So our evening custodian got on it and finally one of the maintenance people went in and found that some of the wires in the door handle were crushed and replaced them so hopefully we will be good to go! I was excited that he was the first one to realize a problem, and fix it! So we'll see what happens tomorrow! I also started to check over the cart of books I withdrew to put new (Discarded) stickers over the barcodes and blank stickers over the spine labels. Hopefully that will stop anyone from thinking a real library book is a withdrawn one! Also gives me a look to see if my aides did all the work I asked them to do in crossing out all the 'Leslie' stamps. Missed some stuff, but mostly pretty good! Worked on my new book spine as well! I wish I had them all done, but it's been busy. So busy I hadn't even looked at my book requests from other schools. One I said no to, since it was a brand new book, the others I got ready and sent them off! And for the first time, I had both lunches into the library. The kids loved it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


That's how I felt with the 8th graders today while I did book talks. I had 5 classes in today. That was a lot! They had a sub and he was really good with the students. I had one student that was a bit attention hogging. But she apologized and that was unexpected. I really appreciated it. Started my next book spine for my window display. Did all my mandatory trainings today. Got my first call for the AEM iPads so I went through the cart and pulled out the six called for and couldn't check out two of them because they are not residing at my school! Hopefully when I get in they'll have gotten them transferred so I can check them out and give to the teacher. My aides did a fabulous job and I gave them their fiction shelf assignments today. Lots of clouds and rain, and we even be open during lunches tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


I put on my 9-11 display today. Still impacts me. These students weren't even born yet. So I got to tell my story to a few classes today. About how libraries are holders of the stories.  I think they heard me. I also talked about the books from World War II and how that generation is passing away. And how we need to remember and keep those stories. I had three classes in, and one I missed telling those stories as students came in and needed help to log into their Chrome books. I finished up the sign in sheets for the rest of the year and got those printed up and in the binder. Showed my aides how to mark out the stamps on the books I've withdrawn. Today for some reason, this day is hitting me hard.

Monday, September 10, 2018

July Order In

I got a call from the office today that my book order I had placed in July had arrived! Huzzah! I was so excited! But first! I had four classes in today to get orientation and check out books. A lot of the students had already been in, so that made it easy, even got in a book talk for one class as I roamed down the shelves! I love doing that! Had my aides do some deliveries, check in the old Medieval History books that Mr. P brought down. Did not have to find or ship any Geography Alive books because the school found theirs, yeah! Kercheski'd two math classes for Mr. G. Checked out same for Mr. A 7th period. Withdrew a cart full of books to get that process started. I have books that need to be withdrawn EVERYWHERE! I even had to unload my box cart of books so I could pick up the new ones! I always love it when I get in new books! Got them all accounted for, now to strip them and get them ready to get out there!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Friday the 7th

Got to thinking, 'did I do the blog Friday night?' and checked, and no! I did not! I had in five classes for orientation (though most had heard it from yesterday) and so I mainly let them just go ahead and get books. I dug out all the Goosebumps books I had that were in with the redone reference section and were on the floor, under a desk in the back room. I got them all out on a cart and then got out the cart so I had access to the file cabinet and got out the rope that hung on the gates and the door. We have this crazy electrical plug in that sits out in the middle of the floor where students could come through and step on it, trip, all sorts of grave ideas of mishaps. So I looked at that to see if it might help. I don't think so. Pushed the desk back, kept the rope out to mess with, later I had an aide put all the other books back under the desk. I also had a meeting with a lovely lady from Oregon Corrections about a quote for some new furniture for the library. They make really good, really sturdy stuff so she is going to get me a quote. Six new chairs and two round coffee tables to add to the room. We'll see what it comes in at. Thank goodness Oregon doesn't have tax! The colors we can have are awesome and I want all different colors! Now I just have to hunt up some grants for the money to pay for it! Glad it is Friday and I have nothing on the agenda for the weekend! Huzzah!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Brutal 6's

What was I thinking?? A full, only second day of school, and I schedule 6 periods of 6th grade library orientation coupled with 6 classes of Spanish coming in to check out their workbooks and promise 2 teachers I'll Kercheski their math books for their 6 classes each for tomorrow with only 6 aides for the day that only had their first day to work in the library yesterday?? I survived, but just barely! The orientation talks went well and I was happy with them, but when I didn't have aides it was really hard to get all the Spanish workbooks checked out and all the library books checked out. Classes are huge and several of the 6th grade classes didn't get in very early and by the time they got in and had their talk I was trying to check them all (I had lines!!) even after the bell rang for passing. I did love to talk to the kids though. It was sweet! Got all the workbooks checked out and don't tell, but I had to work an hour over to get all the math books done. I will take it easier tomorrow, mostly because I should be able to! And our IC was still there and said she would make sure I got to make that up tomorrow! We watch out for each other! I was running all day long! Came home and finished off my last third (the gooey side and top frosting) of the Tuxedo cake from Konditeroi's that my hubby had brought me a couple of days ago. Self care is one of our focuses this year and that fit the bill rather nicely!