The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sandals Again

It’s been hot here! My goodness! Up in the 80’s! Yesterday I wore sandals, and today a different pair. It’s been that hot! Grilling! Eating on the deck! It’s been great! No grilling at school today. Had a call from our office that a couple of links I had sent for our MakerSpace kits only led to a cart that didn’t have anything in it! So they were resistors and I looked them up again along with another item and resent those in. I have to hand it to our office! All these parts from 11 different middle schools! Glad I am not ordering them! The ladies there are amazing and I love them for all they do for us! Talked to teachers about students today. Some coming in, out, letting teachers know what I observed on some of them. Got my repair pile down, books ordered. Cleaned up some books. Put away books. Put together a cart for our teachers for the next two weeks. I had brought in some contact mat stuff to hold the DVD player and doc camera on the cart and found two little ornaments that my mom had given me that had been missing!!! I was so happy! They were wrapped in that, nice and safe! Glad I was careful unrolling it! Had both lunches in, and wanted to work with my OBOB students, but only one was in and more interested in being with his friends than doing OBOB. So I still wonder if it will happen! A pretty normal day, a great time in the Leslie library.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Today I only worked a part day because my son had to have 2 teeth pulled. So, I went in and got the library running. Put away books and got things ready for my sub. I had to email and a teacher that needed to come in and get books and let her know that the sub would be in here. Had to let lunch people know as well that we would have a sub, print up the passes and that a class would be in before A lunch could come in. Had a phone conference call scheduled and rescheduled that for Thursday. Then I left. Came back to find all was well. Had to clean up emails when I got back. Worked on some repairs. Did some laminating. Sent out another books, got some back. An easy day for me! Played with the OBOB Jeopardy game that one of the other LMA’s put together. It was fun! I only scored 3,800 points! Good thing I’m not on the team!

Monday, April 23, 2018


My goodness! I didn’t post last Wednesday or last Friday! How did that happen?? Just too busy I guess, or too tired! But since I am a grownup, I will let them go! Today was an easy day. Sent out 5 books to other schools, did some repairs. Made some decisions on what to keep and what to toss in the repair pile. Like Fablehaven. I had a book with some problems, so I looked in the catalogue to see that I had 10 copies! And 5 of them were PermaBound! That one got discarded and I put out two of the PermaBounds on the shelf. They had been safe in the back room! Nearly pristine! I did that with a few others as well. Decided to add some books that are in bad shape to my new PermaBound order, nice to know I’ll never have to repair them again! Had two classes come in today to get new math books. Had a book come back on Shaquille O’Neal and it was just about toasted. So I tried to find basketball player books and finally ended up on Amazon! They had some! Some of the books still for sale were so old! 2003! 2009! And he played until I think it said 2011! Hall of Fame in 2017! So I will look into those more.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bathroom Girls

Seems I have been finding groups of girls in the bathroom lately, doing other things than what a bathroom is for. Today I was asked to go in and check on some girls by our male counselor and some of the male people who were concerned about one of our new students. One was in the last stall peeking her head over when I walked in. I told them that there were people outside who were waiting on them to come out and one girl said she had a bathroom pass. I asked for names, and they gave me three of them, but there were four sets of feet in four stalls. So I told them I counted four. When I came out, the men said they had all been in there about 15 minutes and when one of the other teachers came in (in response to the call) there were only two sets of feet, and no had left. Interesting!  That was just part of the day. Went up at the end of first period to get the Chrome cart for Ms. K and Mr. F had forgotten to put in the Chromebooks again! So he recruited some boys and we grabbed the Chromebooks from the desks and I got the cart down in the library for Ms. K. Then I took it back up when 2nd period was over. Had a presentation to do for Mr. H on looking up books on the search engine using lexile and interests. That was fun and the students really seemed to enjoy it and come away with books they were interested in. I set up the DVD and document camera today for the health class to use and found the remote for the DVD player. Let them know that all was ready. Helped more students today find their biographies and worked on an order in Titlewave to maybe get purchased over the summer so we’ll come back to new books! Got in 19 of the 30 or so Lightning Thief books I sent out a call for. Great response! Love my job!

Home Too Late

So I’ll post once I remember what happened on Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, today is really my birthday and it was a good one. I had new books to process in and get on the shelves. A talk with my PA and I got new maker sets and Chromebooks that I was not expecting at all! That was another great birthday present for the library! Kept up the cart for the research kids working on their projects. Had a class in to pick up their non-fiction books and I got most of the ones they didn’t want put away this afternoon. Redid some barcodes that weren’t quite right for where I needed the books - example: Jedi Academy is under 741.5 Brown and 741.59 Brown then the new guy that took over is F K...something. So I made them all 741.59 JA (for Jedi Academy) and then the author name. Turned out really well. I’m happy with it. Got all the new books out and put away today. Had students in for both lunches. Time for dinner and cake!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Researching Viewpoints

Today I walked Ms. K’s class through all of our databases so they could begin a research project. It was a lot of fun. I researched Jazz Music since it is Jazz Music Appreciation Month. A really nice fit to show them where to look. I did two book talks for Ms. K as well, then we had her Lightning Thief second class (ha, that was kind of funny, lightning thief second class!) No, we have a class set for one class, but needed to bring in other books from other schools for this class so I had them all come in and signed them up through Destiny for holds on that book from other schools. I’m hoping it works well. We had the library shut down for lunches today because a special speaker was supposed to come and they didn’t. But our students still met with our counselor and he talked about the summit for them coming up. It was a great busy day and I got in one of my book orders!!! From PermaBound! I was so excited! I got a couple ready for my last book talk of the day and one of them got checked out. Tomorrow I’ll get the rest ready to go out on the shelves. A lot of them are replacement copies for very worn and ancient books. Like Lightning Thief, Sea of Monsters and Titan’s Curse. A couple of Unfortunate Events books as well. Some graphic novels and I was so excited to get in March book 1 by John (I think!!) Lewis. I had book 2 & 3 but #1 was always on back order, so very excited to finally get that one in! Happy day tomorrow! I also forgot my work keys this morning, so luckily my hubby was still home and brought them by <3. That was sweet.

Friday, April 13, 2018

So Tired

I think I only got an hour of sleep last night. I even went downstairs and finished off a quilt square. Ugh. I fortified myself with a Pepsi and some mint M&M’s to go along with my lunch! Five classes in today and I gave a little speech on biographies vs. autobiographies. Then they went for it. My 921’s are a good third gone! It was great to see them look through and pick out the books they wanted and the people they wanted. Though one gal took a book on Joan of Arc just because it was the smallest - Ha! I dragged chairs over this morning so the classes could sit in that area of the old computer lab. Had to move a table over so that one of our counselors could work with a group of students on their interviewing skills. They were selected to interview for a great program with Willamette University, a great honor to even just get an interview and they spent time today talking with them about how to present yourself, enter and shake hands, what are some possible things to say, making yourself memorable. It was a good lesson. Garten came and picked up my discard/surplus books I’ve been gathering from last fall. The miniature pallets did not work! But luckily we had a very nice driver that waited while I called the custodian, who found a big pallet, then waited while we took boxes off the little ones and reloaded the big one (a big thanks to Mr. S who came by and saw us and started a ‘box brigade’ that did the job really quickly!) then the custodian had to take the pole out of the doors to outside so the driver could get that big pallet out to his truck. I am so glad those are all gone! Time for the weekend! 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Mediterranean Cruise

That’s how I thought I’d word an announcement tomorrow for all the lost book slips going out I started with 357 students, but some students are gone so we’ll never see those again. So if all the books were brought back, the district would be so happy that I’d get a cruise! Or something like that! Got those all done today and ready to go out to students tomorrow. I was interrupted by little things all day! A student needing to know about a book. Another needed to look over the books from Monday and make her choices. Chrome carts coming and going and signing up here and there. I’m amazed I got anything done! Laminated tonight, got the AV cart out for the class tonight. Finagled things around for a very busy 2nd period tomorrow. I’m glad it was time to go home! Now stuff to do there too! A very productive day!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Breeze

That’s the name of my hubby’s radio show he does every Wednesday morning from 9 - 11am and when I can, I try to listen! Like today, I ran off all the overdue/lost notices for both library books and textbooks. I had my aides sort them and give me all the ones that had no homeroom on them so I could look them up, so that’s what I did while listening to him. Listening to contemporary jazz while slogging through a stack of papers and combing through our Destiny program and Synergy was not a bad call! Took my miniature pallets (I keep thinking they are like miniature horses, but pallets instead) put them down and loaded them up for Garten to come. I contacted them and they called back right away. Making sure they were books. Then a driver called and he will pick them up on Friday morning. Got all the notices done, now I’m going through them again to check which period they are in so the teacher won’t have such a pile to go through. And some students had actually changed teachers, so good to catch that. I am disappointed that more students are not around for Battle of the Books. I only have two since one was taken out of school yesterday. One is super upset and I could tell very disappointed when I was talking to her today. She still wants to try and make it work with just two. Packed up 15 Red Kayak books to send off. Got some Chrome carts checked out. I was going to get all my empty boxes sorted through since I had all my boxes for Garten out of the back rooms, but didn’t make it. Maybe tomorrow!