The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Long day taking care of teachers, organizing everything to be ready for next year. Checked in and out just a bit today. Put away all the rest of the textbooks and library books. Had to make a ton of new barcodes for calculators and books that had theirs torn off. Did a lot of cleaning up teacher accounts for the year. Carted out the rest of my stuff for home. Got everything all signed off. Put notes on all the boxes so I'd remember, or a new person could make some sense of what everything was. A very good busy day and I'm glad to be done and gone for the summer to play with granddaughters! Farewell! I'll be back in August!

Monday, June 19, 2017

One Down, One to Go

Today was hectic. Checking in loads of books, from rooms, teachers, carts in the hall. Had books in my mailbox three times today. Good news though, I got back some books I knew were missing. Grabbed a whole slew of books from the pass room - a whole shelf and a half on a cart. Signed out teachers. Had one of our subs looking for work so I asked if she wanted to do math books and she came and shelved a ton of math books. I was so grateful for her help! I got so much farther today than I thought I would! Still lots to clean up, lots to straighten, lots to get ready. I applied to go back to Sprague today, and if that happens, I don't want to leave the new person a horrid mess. One more day to go for me, then home with the granddaughters!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Students Done!

We did have a full last day of classes. Checking in tons more books. Got the rest of the math books all sorted and now I just have to place the ones that have come in with their book and in the stack where their number belongs. Teachers came and checked in all their stuff, then some of them turned around and checked it out again so they would have it over the summer. I was running all day. Sending books back to other schools, getting books back from other schools. I put in 5 miles on my fitbit today! Put away books, checked in still lots of lost books. Just a day of getting things all straightened out and cleaning up for the break. Two more days to go and I'm done!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Six Periods To Go

 We had our recognition ceremony today during 1st period to show off some of our great students and their accomplishments. I love our Donavan Award, for a student that is just a good student every day. Nothing specific, but just a student that makes you glad that you work in a school. A very long day of checking in books, working with students and teachers. Finding issues, trying to work out those issues. A real long getting things in and done day. We had the final locker clean out this afternoon and got in more things, but still, so many more to go!! Here's to hopefully more coming in tomorrow!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Inventory Done!

Yes, it is all done for this year. Got in my new books (!!squeeee!!) so I could scan those that were on my 'missing in inventory' count. Then I went and found the books in Russian that were on the inventory and some Spanish books. Still have students bringing in books as well. Did laminating for teachers first thing this morning since I was too busy yesterday to remember to do it! Checked my new books off the invoice (I think I got in about 55?). I see a couple I want to read already! Then I ended up laminating again for the DLC since they needed to send cards home with their students. I also helped cutting out the cards from the lamination to make sure the kids got their learning words to take home. Got some of our old math books deleted and raunchy ones to go in the surplus pile and now have a box of some really nice ones that hopefully will get bought back. Hunted books for students and found a couple. Had a music assembly this morning. Our music students are amazing! Loved the choir, the orchestra and the band. I am so lucky I get to hear these students play!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Buckets of Books

Got in tons of books today! Oh my! Our assistant let everyone know that all textbooks needed to be in, so the teachers started coming with books. Getting carts for books. Crazy. Then I worked on printing up the last of the overdue/lost book notices, getting them into classes and getting those up to the teachers to hand out tomorrow. About 240 or so. That took up the rest of the day.

Monday, June 12, 2017


Today I got down into inventory. Got all the non-fiction done. The 001.001-099.999; the 200-299.999; 500-599.999 and the fiction A - G. But I have some cleaning up to do there. I still need to find 50 or so books, and some may be in the new district diversity books they let me know they shipped out today. So I may have to wait to finish until those books get here. Oh well!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Staff Wins!!

We had the annual Staff/Student Basketball game today and the Staff won! Good thing I didn't play! Last year I did and Staff nearly lost, but we won by a good margin today! Lots of books coming in, books to put away, making sure books are all in the right places. Opened up my three boxes from Sprague and looked them up, kept some, will look at replacements for others, put the rest up in the staff room for teachers to look at. A very busy day! But I think I got most of everything done I wanted to for the weekend! Will be starting Inventory on Monday!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Locker Clean Out

We held the first locker clean out at school today before the end of school. Got in 107 library books (many came up 'lost'!) and 112 textbooks! Not too bad, but as always, I hope for more! Listed and sent off my books from Sprague today and kept some for summer reading. Worked on covering the new The Outsiders that another school had sent our way to replace copies they lost. (I have two to go!) Got in three more boxes of Sprague books so I'll be popping those open tomorrow! Had a teacher turn in their Schoolwide boxes today, so checking those in means I also have to account for all the stuff that comes with it! I checked in the 107 library books, but left the textbooks for the aides tomorrow! I put numbers on the few History Alive: US History books that were checked in this morning. We had numbers on them, but with the new system the numbers on the top and bottom of the  textblock were no longer on there. The new books have the barcode number, and some of the old numbers were scratched out and the barcode put on (just the last 5 numbers), but some still have their old numbers, so we pull them up and put in a note that book barcode 220228976 is actually #85. It really helps when a student comes in saying "I turned in that book" to just be able to look at the bottom number rather than open each book to look at the barcode. Good night!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

PGE Kits

I think that's what they were. One of our teachers got enough kits for all our 6th graders to take a kit home. New water efficient shower head, LED light bulbs, faucet aerators and a booklet. It was fun to see the students come into the library and pick them up. Very nice! Took all the rest of the Sprague books and got them all stamped. Will type up the list to send for processing up tomorrow and send them off. Checked in a lot of textbooks from teachers today. Had my review (yes, it was good!). Worked some more on getting books put away. Took all the series books down off the shelves and put them in the back room and had enough room in the workroom shelves where I get rid of a ton of VHS tapes to put them back there. That made me happy! Still lots of books coming in, that makes me happy too!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Back at Work

Went back to work today and a lot of people gave me their condolences. It was good. Did a lot of pick up stuff from the last three days. The aides kept busy checking in books. I went through the stack of damaged books that the sub had in a pile for me to look at that she had checked in yesterday. There was no sub for Thursday or Friday!! I felt so bad for the kids! Ran some reports today for teachers, what they had for textbooks and for library books. Had two teachers bring in cartloads of textbooks to check in. Had another teacher bring in all her Schoolwide boxes and we went through all of them and found the barcodes that were supposed to be with them and got all those straightened out. Had lots of mail to go through. Trolled through emails. Laminated Darwinesque squirrels and some DLC stuff. Off to The Ram to say goodbye to two of the middle school library media people who are leaving us this year. A beautiful evening to be out on their deck with good people.

Monday, June 5, 2017


My mom passed away on June 1st. I will miss her.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

End of May

What a great end to the month! Pouring over the books Sprague deleted then sent to me to see what I wanted/needed and it was so much fun! Some I took, some I had, but looked at the condition of the one I had on the shelf to see if the one from Sprague was better or worse and if the one from Sprague was better, I had a 'swap' out pile. I would take my book that was worse, make a new barcode, then put that barcode over the nicer Sprague withdrawn barcode. I had a great time! Going through those four boxes of books took well into the afternoon. I had to do two book talks today. Have been getting in lots of lost books which makes me really happy. Talked with our PA about what to do with the Leslie Library after they computer lab is gone. He liked my idea and told me to go ahead and pitch it to my principal, so I did that. Then I also contacted one of our technology people to see if they would support the Span Wall if that was something we would seriously think of doing. So, the ball is rolling and we'll see where it stops! Hopefully with a new library set up!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bits Here and There

Really kind of a quiet day filled with lots of little things going on here and there. Worked on a new set of library lunch passes since the ones I just made are quickly disappearing. Helped out teachers with items. Worked a bit on the PowerPoint I made and got a response from our PA that it looked good to him and we need to talk about it and fitting that in with some of the other things they have going on with technology and STEAM for the district. Had an interesting time with some students that looked like they had refunds coming. Emailed our Destiny guru and she asked some questions, we responded (our bookkeeper and I) and there is definitely some issues going on with the communication between our accounting and the textbook program! We are glad that will be looked into! Did some laminating. Put a barcode on a replacement book. Made some more book reviews for our folder. Accepted an appointment for my yearly review. Lots of little things going on today!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Dream Big

Today I only worked a little bit on my books because I got swept up in other things. The school district made a decision to let go of all book and textbook fines for the students that are going on to 9th grade. That's a ton of money at a time when we are looking at a reduced budget for the next two years. So the middle schools all got together and created a spreadsheet of how many library books would be waived and then how many textbooks would be waived and the cost of all that, just for the middle schools. Mine alone came to about $6K and we have eleven middle schools. That's a ton of money. Then I started to work on getting a PowerPoint together of getting in a Span Wall in the library. I need to get the picture off this web page here (!) for a slide. Then did a drawing of the library and how it's arranged now with my Envisioned Library! We are all losing our computer labs over the summer, so they are looking at what to do with that space, so I drew it all out (I am no architect draftsperson!!) and gave a timeline for things to do, and how to go about my idea! Then I wrote down some great reasons why, statistics on library use - we only used the table area of the library about 30% of the time this year. If we had the Span Wall??? I bet it would be in use all the time!! I am really excited about it! Though I doubt it will happen, I can still ask and show the benefits! Three day weekend!

Thursday, May 25, 2017


I spent a lot of time with my new books today. They were so cute! I sat up at the front desk and put strips in, put in their due date slips with the 'New - 5/2017' 'Diversity Grant' and Leslie Due Date. Then I went into their records and recorded in the copy notes that they were "Diversity Grant Spring 2017". Then I took scrap paper (8.5x11 cut in 4th's) with what their diversity was on it. Then Mrs. H from Sprague came with 4 boxes of books she cleaned out of her library and were appropriate for middle school, so I got in 4 more boxes of books! Most in excellent shape!! Can't wait to fondle them tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Overdue/Lost Notices

That's what I spent all my time on today. Printing them up, then seeing when and with who the students had their Language Arts classes. There were about 400+ so yeah, that took up most of my day. Sorted them into teacher piles, then sorted those by periods. Delivered them up to the teacher boxes for handing out tomorrow and sent an email to the teachers to let them know that's why they had piles of papers in their mailboxes! But the best part of the day was when I was nearly finished, the last of my grant books arrived!!! 33 of them!!! So after I finished up the notices, I checked in all the books, checked them against my grant list and fondled them for the last 20 minutes or so of my day. Pure bliss!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lost Books

So I have a grand total today of 345 lost books. That's after I sorted through the list, took out teacher and just concentrated on student books. So, not too bad. And the grand total of found books was 18! That's more than I thought I'd find. So, some kids will be very happy! I also found two Avatar books that had swapped barcodes. When I looked for two of them lost, one number came up, but for a different title. I pulled them all and went through until I found the other one with the swapped barcode and just printed new barcodes and put them on the right book! Took down my last two displays and put up a new ALA poster,  Greek Out - Read! Since our classes are doing their mythology unit. I also printed up some book covers to put around it. Put up the 'Reading Makes you Smile' on the Rene Telgemeier 'Smile' book and put up some inflatable happy face flowers around it. Did some laminating as well today. Cleaned up some shelving while I was looking around for lost books. A very good day! 4 weeks to go!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Some Lost are Found

Today I took up my handy lost books list at 500 strong and got to around #320 or so today. I think I found about 6 lost books, so not very many. Had two classes in to check out math books today and two classes in to check in/out library books. Checked in some country books for a teacher then checked her out others. Lots of walking from shelf to shelf looking for those books. Will hopefully finish tomorrow. Had three computer classes in using the library tables today too. 

Friday, May 19, 2017


Was a pretty quiet day in the library. I did make some commemorative  bookmarks for my BOB students.  I was upset when I had put in an announcement fir them and it didn't get read. I called the office right away!! Those kids deserved it!! Now they have to wait until Monday.  Admittedly the office was swamped with teachers out today, but I was still angry that my announcement got missed. Three rest of the day was light, a few students in here and there. I actually did some reading! Got all the bits of math books put away. Also all the lit books.  Everything looked good,  computers all off, shades down, looked really nice. Off for the weekend, supposed to be nice!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

2nd Place Team Tacocat!!

I am so excited our district Battle of the Books team took 2nd place this afternoon over at Houck Middle School! I left school about 3:10 this afternoon and met them over at Houck. The battle started at 4pm and ended around 4:50! Everyone knew that the FBI team would win and I was thinking Tacocat had a good chance at 2nd or 3rd, but was so happy when they got 2nd!! They beat out the third place team by only 1 point! I am so proud of them! We had our final meeting during A lunch today and I had to do a bit of finagling for one of our students. His mom doesn't have a car, so she was going to come by the school using the bus, pull him out of class early, then they had to ride the bus all the way into downtown, then take another bus back out to Houck. A good couple of hours. Luckily, one of the other boys called and asked his dad if the other boy could ride over with them, and he said yes. What wonderful parents we have at our school! That was amazing on a nearly last minute notice! We battled ten other teams from around Salem, so I am very proud of their 2nd place finish! Had two classes in to check in/out books today. Did another math book set, I think we are getting about done. Did some laminating before I left today. A fairly quiet day in the library! Needed that! I even got to shush (!) students today while Ms. V had prospective students in today for an AVID presentation! I love my job!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Got back all our Mostly True Adventues of Homer P. Figgs books in this morning. There were about 25 of them all from different schools, so I had to check them all in, then out to the school they came from, then put each one into an in district mailer. That took time!! I had a whole copy paper box filled with envelopes. Glad for the lending though and pout a note on each book back that we were very grateful for the loan.  I get so excited when a box of books comes in! Huzzah! My order from Scholastic from the Book Fair arrived today and first things first, check them against the invoice. Then I took them and the other books that have come in that were donated and others, and prepped them all, stamping them with the Leslie stamp in three places each and writing up the books for a list to put in the carton with them. Did a bunch of deletions out of my emails today, the whole gone and dead. I had over 4,700 deleted emails, so I took time today to totally destroy some of those. Did two book talks today and checked in/out a classroom after one of them. Got another set of math books done and back on the shelf. At the end of 6th period today I hear this big thump and the students by our copier machine had slammed the door shut and it had knocked off the two all school pictures and they had dropped and broke the glass on both the pictures. What a mess. So I called the custodian to come and get that glass up. Luckily the glass was just by the wall and since we have carpet, it didn't go anywhere else. I think I'll just take the pictures and take them up to the office to see what they want to do with them.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Rest

Went around today to the science rooms and poked and prodded around to try and find a bit of the 51 still missing books and no luck. Worked on cleaning up magazines from the library program this morning and got those all deleted, then had a few titles that asked if I wanted to delete them too. So I said yes. Ah, oh. That also deletes the MARC record and after a few emails our LMSS office guru called and I let her know that it was only about 6 magazine titles that no one else in the district had, and no, I didn't do that to any books! The copier went down and the tech called and asked me to try some things, but even though I got some of it reset, it still needed a technician. The rest of the day was pretty normal. I let students and staff know on announcements that they will have until June 5th to check out books and a few kids came to say they were happy with that. Checked in and out here and there. Had a lot of students in again today studying and getting work caught up. Let my textbook aides have the day off, they could just sit and read since they did fabulous with the inventory! Love my job! Took the surplus books and sent a box to LMSS.

Monday, May 15, 2017


That's where we are with the textbook inventory. My aides have done an amazing job of getting that done! Over 5,600 books they ran through inventory! I went and picked up about 60 teacher resources that were in the back room after school was over today. There's only 51 books left to find! Now I just need to go around the school in the science rooms and see what I can find in them. Did another set of math books today. We are getting a new Follett for the library side for next year, so I did some checking that out from the information our PA sent out. The basics are just like our textbook side, so checking in and out should be about the same, just a bit different on how to search. The library was busy today, lots of people in and out, though no classes! 

Friday, May 12, 2017


A great week! Got another couple of math books all in order and put away. Put strips in the new books I got and started to cover the paperbacks. Put away all the repairs I made and got those back out. Had two people bring me donated books. Put markers on the new books as to their diversity. Thinking about leaving them in the back until next fall so they'll be new for the students. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Numbers in Order

Today we got going on getting the math books back in numerical order. I started in the 6th grade books, put together my layout grid on the big workroom table (long horizontal rows for 100's - short vertical for the 10's) - there's usually around 300 books for each title. So I helped out 1st period since one of the aides was gone, then had 2nd period start the next title, then 3rd period got new math books ready for Ms. D for 3 periods doing the Kercheski method. Had two other classes come in and pick up their math books. Had 5th period do some more, then 6th period got started on another one, so we got through all the 6th grade books today! I had a student need to work off a lost book, so he started the 7th grade books. Laminated a few things today. Got in my first set of diversity books! So excited! Got in 22, 37 to go! It was a busy and very productive day! Huzzah!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I spent most of today working on the repairs I have on my shelf. Laminated some covers and the other things I had in my pile. Did some more book searching. Got some books ready for tomorrow. Sent off books back to their school that a teacher had. Repairs kept me pretty busy, helped out students here and there. Had a fire drill today, but that went pretty quickly. Did some more laminating.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Granddaughter Cuteness

I took in a picture of my granddaughters today and decided I really needed to clean up my 'pile of stuffs' I had in the corner of my desk. So I tossed some of them, put others away, repurposed some of the paper and then had a nice spot to put their picture! Did do a little bit of reading today, also did some book repair. Watched a webinar on new YA for summer 2017, then I started looking at grade levels of the books, realized that most of them were 9th grade and above, so I can't have them. Since I laminated yesterday, I didn't today. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Student Reviews

Worked on getting my student aide reviews all printed up today and into our binder. Got in our two lit sets of The Outsiders to get to our teachers. Put up a new display of blue covers of books with a "Mrs. Willer, it had a blue cover..." and there were a lot. Found about 6 books I don't have in my side bar of reads! I knew there were a few, but not that many! Our custodian picked up all the VHS withdrawn stuff and took it out today. Put paper in the copier. Helped some kids make copies for teachers. Cut up some book marks off old book posters. Had two classes in to check out books. A good day. If I remember more, I'll add!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Power of Perception

Yesterday at our school all the students were required to watch a power point on diversity and what that means, so Ms. S asked me if I could do a talk on perceptions, so I did five books, Terrible Typhoid Mary,  Stella by Starlight, Positive, Please Stop Laughing at Me and Malala. I read selected pieces from each of the books and I think the students really appreciated it.


This is actually Thursday - Got to give two book talks today on our mythology books. No Percy Jackson, but there are so many more books that are based off mythology. My favorite had to be Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman. I actually took the time to read that book today, since it was a pretty short novella. Loved it! I also did a quick 'May the 4th Be With You' display with our Star Wars books. I also took over to LMSS 7 boxes of surplus books since that was the only way to get rid of them.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

VHS Gone

Today I worked on getting rid of all the VHS tapes I withdrew. I recycled the paper from the containers and cut the tapes so they couldn't be used again. I have four boxes of tapes and holders and a garbage bag full as well. Took a box from a VHS of a country and it had cards in it, with a little statue and a flag - went over to Ms. V and she loved them! So we had about five of those sets and I got all the pieces to her to use. She was pretty excited about them and couldn't wait to use them in a classroom. Glad I thought to show them to her! Did two book talks for a class and had to check in/out for one of them myself since I don't have aides that period. Finished reading Iqbal, very good story for the book talks. Sunny and warm, too warm! When I left today, 81 degrees by the car temp gauge! Wow! Maybe summer is on its way!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pass Out

I got an email from our assistant principal that I needed to make new lunch passes for the library. At the beginning of the year we had 40, and now we're down to 10! We usually get in more students than that because we all know who comes down and who doesn't, so I spent a good part of the afternoon making 23 new passes to go along with the 10 we still had. They didn't turn out too bad, but I didn't want to take anymore time with them. Had three classes in today to check out new math books. Took the science books up to the staff room for the rest of the teachers to take for their rooms. Found a better YA list to go with the books I have for my display. Worked on the books for my three very different presentations for the rest of the week. I nearly fell asleep reading over one of them! That can't be a good sign! A pretty quiet day none the less.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Jump Right In

Came in today and had a teacher ask for 4 sets of books! So I had my one aide help out and together we got 148 books all checked out and off to the teacher. Then I had my aide take the books up to the room. Had a ton of emails to troll through. Then we had a bit of a gnashing of teeth about our Outsiders books. I had four teachers all looking for class sets. I looked through the district books and found two kits for them to have as well. So I have three teachers covered, with almost another whole set, so I asked a teacher to get some back, so hopefully we'll be good. I did a display on our YA novels, since The Outsiders was considered to be the first YA novel, and it's 50 years this year! So that was interesting! 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Half Day

Today I went in, grabbed and did a few things, then off to our PD over at South HS. Attended three sessions on Weeding and Inventory, Innovative Libraries and Sub plans. Loved just talking to colleagues and tried to get inspired with the innovations, what we could do with a full budget! I was off at 11am! Took books to try and meet up with Lynn, but never saw her, so they are sitting in my car. Hopefully I will send them off Monday and she'll get them Tuesday.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Take a Child to Work Day

It was a really cool day at school. We did have a lot of missing students and the ones that were here got mega attention from teachers. Our Spanish teacher had classes in the computer lab and they were so funny! They were on a website, and one of them created a game for them, and they got so into it! So cute to see them getting so excited about learning. Made me feel good! Got all books put away today. I did some, my aides did more. Cleaned up my Perma-Bound orders. I had about 6 on that list and moved some, deleted others, so now I only have two lists I really want to keep. Got in my next new JLG books and already have sent them off to process. Got surplused books boxed up and ready to head to LMSS. I was hoping to do that tomorrow, but probably won't happen so I will plan on that next week. Helped the office with laminating today. Ms. A was making posters for Tuesday night and needed them laminated, so I got it on and started laminating while she was making the posters, we were right at the end of a roll, so I did about 3 posters, then had to change rolls to finish the rest. Then I had a job for a teacher. Had an aide put out flyers for the 2-a-week free audio books up around the school since that starts today. A busy, and well done day. Only a half day tomorrow! Grading and Staff Development! 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Back To Normal

Was nice to have the library normal today! Three classes in to check in/out books. Computer lab filled all day. A teacher came and picked out the VHS she wanted me to keep, so got that all taken care of. Changing call numbers on a few things. Rearranging shelves. Got books together to take to another school on Friday. Looked up new books to order from JLG. Answered a ton of emails. Lots of student interaction. Time to go! One more student day tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

NAEP testing

The library was closed today for NAEP testing, so that meant we all just stayed in the back. I got out all the rest of the VHS tapes that we need to get rid of and went through our old books on tape (yes! Cassettes!!) and got those all ready to go. Took a lot of work, two full carts of VHS and I haven't withdrawn them yet, but it no one comes down by Friday, out they go! Had a fun find, my daughter when she was younger loved the movie 'Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken' and there was a copy on our shelves! Good movie! I also went through some CD sets we had (1997 - never checked out) and put them up for adoption as well. A good day, glad I didn't fall asleep!


This would not connect at my mom's last night. I forgot to go ahead and use my phone. Le sigh. A good day back. Not too many emails. Had two classes in for book talks. So I had to prep for that since I didn't know about them until 1st period. Had classes in the computer lab all day. Mr. M came and said that the computers are all leaving this summer, so I won't have that responsibility anymore, but what to do with all that space?? I suggested couches, and he said no, they were all gotten rid of, but I knew another school had gotten some from the prison that were a fake leather, so no cloth to hold in, ewwww, kid stuffs. Some kind of maker space will probably be in there as well. Took the VHS's I had pulled earlier this year and withdrew them all, marked out the barcodes and took them up to the staff room to see if anyone wants them.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Last Day this Week

Did two great book talks today and the eight books I pitched, four of them were checked out! That always makes me happy! Did more lining out of barcodes and Leslie stamps on science books today. Helped out a substitute today. Had a couple of subs in today asking for work so I sent them to read shelves. Had a student come in after school to work off a fine.  She did a great job and only needs to work another 40 minutes. Packed up 19 Peak books to ship out. I did more, but it's been stressful on the family side.

Need to bring my mom home again tomorrow, so I'll be gone for the next two days. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

By the Way

First thing this morning Mr. R came in asking if I could get him some Weather and Climate books for his classroom, I said sure, did he need them for 1st period? Yes! So I jumped right on to that and got them up to him before school started. It was quite the start to the day! I took out the castle/fantasy display taken down and put up all the rest of the new non-fiction I had just gotten in. Brought down the last cart of books down from the staff room to Ms. V so she could pick out books for the Read 180. We have more classes for next year, but no money to buy them books, so I'm trying to make sure  she gets to pick so those kids will have books. I only have two shelves of science books left to cross out their barcodes and Leslie stamps. Got my books all together for the book talks tomorrow. So happy about that. Still have students bringing me slips to be aides next year. One student had only checked out one book all year! So I questioned him and he said he reads at home a lot and loves fantasy, so I signed it for him. :)

Monday, April 17, 2017


Yep. Today was my birthday. I even got a card today from our assistant principal, and that was sweet of her <3  Spent a good part finishing up the new books! Getting their date due slips in and stripping them. I will get those all put out tomorrow when I take down the castle (had to leave it up for my birthday!) Answered a slew of emails from Friday and today. Have only one cart left of books upstairs for teachers to have and will let Ms. V look at that tomorrow. I'm hoping to withdraw the VHS videos and have those up in the staff room tomorrow for teachers to take. Time to relax and watch Dancing with the Stars. My birthday night date with white chocolate cheesecake!

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Finished the deletions on the science books, about 500 all total, so started to sharpie over all the barcodes and Leslie name stamps on them all. It's a long process and I wasn't sure I really wanted to start that! But I did and got quite a bit done. Was also so excited to get in my last order of books for the year, more or less! From Perma-Bound. Ms. V found the box on the floor in the back room! I nearly got them all with their due date stamps on them, but still need to strip them. A long day of marking out.

Friday I spent with my mom getting her transitioned out of the hospital.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Yes, it's late, but I am getting in today! Started deleting the science books today and crossing out the barcodes, etc. That took a lot of time. Had just a quieter normal day. Sent off a couple of book requests. Got back in some of our Outsiders from a loan. I was really hoping they were new books, but no, drats!! Picked up another few good titles to hopefully get in over the summer. Lots of sharpie smell in the air. Good night!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A MonTuesday

Yeah, life has been crazy with my mom and busy with my granddaughters being here, so I forgot all about yesterday and almost forgot today. Spent a lot of time with the 500's and I'm sure I pulled at least half of all the books. I think we are just about all done, but the space on the shelves is massive! But that gives us more books to display so maybe students will check them out. Also added books to hopefully my summer list that will be ready and waiting when I come back next August. Took upstairs the fiction books I deleted for teachers to take from first, then I will let students choose. Started deleting the non-fiction books and was happy to see that my average age of the 500's went from 1999, to 2000! I gained a whole year in just 100 deleted books! We also had our science fair students do their presentations today for other students, their teachers and a panel of judges that came in especially to help them fine-tune their projects. I love it when that happens! We also had four classes in today to check in/out books. All in all, a great day in the library!

Friday, April 7, 2017


After waking up at 4am and hacking, coughing up mucus, sneezing and feeling like my body was saying "Hey Lady, slow down!!" I called in sick today. We didn't have any classes coming in so I decided to take care of myself and get well.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Weeding Science

Today I started going through the books still on the shelf in the 001 - 099 books to pull. Found more to pull and then did the 200's. I tried to be ruthless, and most of the time it worked and old books got pulled off. Started going through the 500's that my aides had pulled and got done about four shelves full of old books that need to go. One book was 30 years old and had only been checked out 4 times. Time to go! Science should only be about 5 years old I hear! That took awhile. No book talks today, but we did have an OBOB meeting during A lunch and they really fell apart today! Before break, they were getting nearly every answer correct and today they were all over the place! I actually ended up leaving early (at 3) today because I felt so wretched. There's not a lot going to tomorrow, so I'll just have to see how I sleep tonight. Printed up a books to process sheet and named all the books I got from the Scholastic book fair to be sent to LMSS. Did a few repairs. Did not laminate!! Since I went home early! Good night!

Actually, this is Wednesdays....

Love my castle display with all my granddaughters' Disney princesses and a horse or two as well! A very busy day doing three book talks, calling up another library to get books in for a teacher, and. I forgot what else. Been sick and today when I went home my throat really hurt and after book club, it almost made me cry it hurt so bad. But my castle is quite nice and made me happy!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Our amazing bookkeeper let me bring in all the last bits of money from the Scholastic Book Fair today even though she was buried under a sea of track and field payments! A very low and humble bow to Mrs. F!  So yes, I did the financials today and we'll see how it goes! I should get another $700 or so from Scholastic to buy books! Huzzah! Worked more on the castle today (braiding Rapunzel's hair to come down out of the window!) Added a star in a window and made a pennant to fly from the top of the turret! Hoping to finish up tomorrow! Got all the books to the math class today so they could start them. My aides did 2.5 classes and I finished off the last one. Helped with Ms. S and getting her some Oregon books for a class project. Herded students from the testing rooms. Rearranged all the tables from the book fair placement I had. Did a ton of laminating from the DLC and a few others tonight as well. I was so happy I didn't have to change rolls this afternoon!! Grabbed some books for a book talk tomorrow. All around another very lovely day!

Monday, April 3, 2017


Today was getting back in the groove! I had a ton of emails to troll through, and then we lost our shortcuts to the check out programs for both the library and textbook sides, so I had to go into the internet and type in their addresses so we could check out books this morning! We ended up doing it manually and then after I got everything up and running we entered them in. Luckily we had two techs in the building and they put my shortcuts back onto the desktops for the check out computers. Yeah! Had two classes in today checking in/out books. Took down my two displays from Ireland and Dr. Seuss. Put up a 'fairy tale' based book display then started crafting a castle for that. I got a backdrop and two turrets done! So hopefully I'll finish up tomorrow! Forgot that a teacher had sent me classes to 'Kercheski' math books too, so got two classes ready for tomorrow morning, then I'll have my aides work on the other periods tomorrow. The day just flew by, crazy! Glad to be back!

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Finally home after another 12 hour day. I am glad to be here! A full day of school and then more conference hours. We had more parents tonight and more students in. Did more book fair business. Ended up at about $2000. A bit less than normal, but things had been slow. Not sure why. Worked on deleting more books today, and all in all pretty quiet in the library. Actually got to do some repairs to sit after gluing while we're gone and had a very happy student that I fixed a book so he could check it out and take it home! Had our OBOB meeting just during A lunch and had our one B lunch student switch to A lunch so they'd all be together. They worked really well together, so that made me very happy! After school was over we had a quick meeting in the library to talk about our Turn-Around award for a student who has really made decisions and actions that show they are very different than what they were in 6th grade. I really like the student we ended up picking. He deserves it, but really, they all do! After the meeting I pulled out all my boxes and started to put the books in them that were on the tables. So easy with the sheets the aides did for me! I knew exactly which book went in which box! At about 7 I ran outside and brought in all my signs from the rain and stacked them to dry while we're gone.I left the boxes open on the table until conferences ended at 7:30, so people could still shop, then got all the books nicely stacked inside, closed the carts, heaved all the boxes up on the carts, pulled them to the front of the library. Printed up the total report, put away the scanner and machine. Filled out the envelope for the credit slips and it came out perfectly with what the report said. Closed that all up in its box then got out the rest of the money and checks and got them all put away for the week. I made a big deposit yesterday, so there really wasn't a lot of cash left. Glad to be on break! I'm tired! Of course I brought home books to read. ;D We're back on April 3rd. See you then!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

12 Hours And a Spider!

And a half for my lunch. Worked from 7:30am - 8pm tonight for conferences. Didn't do too much with the Book Fair. Had two classes in for a book talk and started the book fair video and Ms. R was like 'Pssstt, we've already seen that...' Oopps! So I quick did a talk on the brand new non-fiction we just got in. Herded students today as they came in to finish projects - well, some of them came in and did projects, some were there I think just to hang out. But they will have to show their teachers their work. Spent a lot of today finishing up weeding the fiction A - G section for this year's cull set. I have three carts of books that are no longer supporting their shelf space! Got two carts done and destroyed in the records, and one still in my office I need to check and destroy tomorrow. The shelves really do look good, like they've had a great haircut. As I took hold of the books I had brought into my office yesterday to start working on them, egads!!! A huge spider came out from between the books!!! It was huge!!! I quick ran to our sink and grabbed a paper towel to catch him, finally got him before he jumped off my office counter, and he started to climb out of the paper towel I thought I had squished him in, I dropped it on the floor and stomped all over him!!! Creepy!!! I did not want him loose in my office or anywhere else in my library!! Proof positive that those books needed to be weeded out if they were growing spiders that big behind them!! Back for another 12 hours tomorrow, but hopefully not with spiders!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Destroy the Weeds!

Today I finally took on my weeding hat and gloves and destroyed then deleted books that I had my aides pull back a week or so ago. I hate to do it, and I only pulled about 5 books from the fires, but my basic criteria was if it hadn't been checked out since 2011, it was time to go! I had my aides work on sharpie-ing out the barcodes and Leslie stamps and getting them ready to head up to the staff room to see if teachers want them for their own collections before I let the students at them, then the rest will go for projects or to that great pulp mill down in the industrial area. Did a bit better on the book fair today. Had three classes in to check in/out books. The library was a very busy place with teachers sending in students to complete work since they weren't doing anything in class. I pulled more books for weeding. Put check out stickers in all our beautiful new non-fiction books. I did yes, put away the rest of the math books I abandoned yesterday in the back room. Had to help a bunch of students with their internet accounts because all the 8th graders were selecting their classes for their 9th grade classes next year. Got in my last book fair restock (yeah!) and found one of our book fair books on the back shelf behind the book fair carts! And my aides even did shelving this morning and didn't see it! I think it had been missing for several days already! Gotta love my aides though! Their help has let me do a lot of things I normally wouldn't have any time for! Two long days coming up, we get Friday off, but have to make up the time by working 12 hours on Wednesday and Thursday with our conferences in the evening. They will be long days....

Monday, March 20, 2017

Books, books, textbooks!

Finished off getting all the new math textbooks ready for the shelf today and I nearly put them all away until I got distracted! Didn't have much business at the book fair today. Got almost all (except three) of my new non-fiction books all stripped so they are ready to go out into the world! Had three classes in today to pick up math books. Got in my book fair reorder, I was so close to out on so many things! Actually got in 2 boxes and probably about 50 books! Had a class in to check out books. Had a lot of groups in today as well. Sent off some books to another school. Glad all the math books are done and out of my office! 2 carts worth! Now to start putting the new non-fiction books out on the display rack! Hidden Figures the Young Adult Version has already been checked out! Our IC has already put tabs on one of our new ones for spring break and took a religion comparison book up to the social studies PLC this afternoon! Happy to see my books serving our community needs!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Put up a display of all things Irish today, including my Book of Kells poster and a couple of the books I got over there. Put away all the women's books. Ran the book fair. Started processing in the new math books. Had bunches of kids in the library all day working on projects, so had to spend time with them! Played my Celtic mix of music all day in the library for fun. Boxed up three boxes of the old math books for surplus. Had three students leaving town so got their paperwork all done for their library/textbook items. Got the library all put away for the weekend. Another great day in the library! Sure and begorra!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Voluntary Meeting

Today I went and attended a partial 'voluntary' meeting since our district will not fund meetings anymore this year because of projected shortfalls for the next biennium. Part of the meeting was paid, but we did cut it short because there were only three of the schools there out of eleven. We got to meet the new Library Media Assistant for Houck since the old one retires in just five working days! She looks very happy to be heading out to pasture and we really joked with her a lot. New rules for buying books. Talked about inventory. Talked about our aides. And we only ran about 15 minutes over our normal time (instead of an hour!). Got in our new math books. Hardcovers to replace the beat up vol. 1 & 2 paperbacks. They are quite the chunky book. More book fair today and took money up to the bookkeeper. Had the AVID group scheduled to come in tomorrow, but their presenter cancelled, so I said, hey, we had this great meeting with Derek at World Book online, want me to get ahold of him? Our IC was really excited and they wanted him to try and get out tomorrow, but he is on vacation with his granddaughters! So, not tomorrow, but I hope they come up with a time for him to come. Our students, especially our AVID students need him! Had to get into my Munis account and ended up sending a life ring to technology, but got in to see what kind of pay I had. Now I have my login and password in a file! Had two classes in today to check in/out books and watch the Scholastic preview video. Off to listen to some Jazz tonight!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Book Fair Open

Yes today we officially opened the book fair and did a good amount for the first day. I may already have to order in some books, which is fine. We had attendance surveys in the library for the first three periods of the day today, so that didn't effect me too much. I got the notice that the grant money I asked for to get some more diverse books was awarded! Along with many others, but glad to know I'm going to get more books! Had to put on my calendar reminders of all the meetings going on so I don't forget to put out the carts!! Did that today. Was very busy with book fair stuffs, and collecting money and sending yummy books home with students. Even had some parents in after school to buy things for their children. A good busy day!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Almost Officially Open

Our Book Fair that is! We did a 'soft' opening today and raked in about $30, but we are all open tomorrow. Man, I just remembered I forgot to set up the computer cart for the Portland State class tonight. I have been so bad. And of course, the library is totally set up for the book fair and they will be in the midst of all that! But we did get all the books out for the fair today, so that is all set up and ready to go. Got up my fairy tale type of books cover images printed up for my Beauty and the Beast ALA poster. Love it! It was pretty quiet today, so we had plenty of time to work on getting that ready. Did some laminating today as well. Put out the Book Fair signs. In the rain. At least it was a soft rain and no wind!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Early Arrival

Our book fair arrived today and it's a bit early, well, maybe not! We are not on until Wednesday, but I may open tomorrow! Got all the boxes down from the top of the carts. Had to (of course!!) open up all the carts to see the books!! Had two classes in today to do book talks - and I found the Scholastic Book Fair trailer so I ran that instead! They are all so quiet when they watch the trailers! Had two math classes Kercheski style (my aides did that). We moved tables around for the book fair, though I may still change them a bit. Sent out three packs of books to other schools. Had my aides go through all the boxes and put in inventory sheets on what books were in which boxes for when I have to load them up and send them back. Last time there was a note on the carts saying to be sure you send the carts back with the stuff that was loaded on them! I was like, ah, oh. I set up the back a bit today with all the little trinkety stuff. Had a fire drill today and I had about 10 extra kids in the library. We used to have slips to write names, so I ended up pulling out a Emergency procedure sheet to write down names for Mr. M. When we got back in I was sure to put some notebook paper in the sheet protected items we have to carry out with us. A bit rainy, but not too bad. Looking forward to our last book fair for this school year! Took in my other quilts I have here for my quilt book display. One of the teachers loved my books and took one home then asked today if I wanted it back! I told her no, she could just check it out. She really likes it and and is thinking of buying it! Picked up change from the bank on the way home and some lock-ties for hanging the sign up outside on the fence. Time for book fair!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Half Day

Today for LMA's was a Professional Developement half day. Since the other part of the day was grading, and we really don't grade, that made it nice on a bright sunny warmer day! Went into Leslie and picked up my Chromebook to take, did a few little things like making sure all the computers were off for the weekend, redid a couple of call numbers on books, then headed up to the northeast part of town. Had a very interesting discussion for part of the meeting on how should a vision for library media work when we really no longer have Librarians (except at the High School level). Then a fabulous presentation by World Book Encyclopedia Online! He was fabulous! There are so many great ways to use their site and I really need to get him into Leslie for our teachers. Then we were off for the rest of the day! Lucky for me, my hubby is off too.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Granddaughter's Quilt Day

I was super excited to get my granddaughter's quilt back from the teacher who does long arm quilting and so I took it into work today on display with some quilting books for the students to see. I loved having it in there and showing it off to people all day! We had two classes in to check in/out books. Had the girls finish pulling our 'Least Checked Out' books. Got in my first Junior Library Guild selections! So excited! I went on their website and tried to log in and finally realized that I was using a password from another site. (Insert rolling eyed smiley here...) Got all books put away today! Tomorrow is a half day for me with 3 hours of PD (professional developement) so it will be a quick into school. Make sure things are turned off for the weekend. Pick up a Chromebook for my PD then off I go to PD then I'll be done! 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Going South

Or going to South High School next year! Today the library hosted all the 8th graders for a presentation by the South HS counselors, so we were pretty quiet today in the library. We did have a few kids come in, but for the most part it was dark (2 sets of our 3 lights off for the PowerPoint presentation) and it was just dark out today. I made extra stuffs for our Scholastic posters and got those all hung today. They only represented one book each, so I put in the dates and the other two lines I made book cover images and short blurbs about some of the books I had gotten in the preview package, then glued those all onto the posters. I think they turned out pretty cool! The Book Fair is just creeping up on me! It comes on Monday! Did three 'Kercheski' method math classes this afternoon. Another awesome day in the library!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Had another snow day yesterday, so here we are at Tuesday already! I had my aides start to weed out the old books. I printed up a Least Circulated Items sheet, and gave that to the students telling them to pull any book that hadn't been checked out since 2011. They seemed to enjoy it and I'll still go through the carts once they're done and go through all of the books myself. Finished up checking out math books the 'Kercheski' method. My second period aides got it started, so I ended up checking up on them and then finishing their classes and doing the last class myself. I cleared off a cart that had all the VHS tapes on it and put them in boxes to start surplusing. Gave two book talks today as well! That was fun! Got my final budget notice, and I had $30.33 left in it for the year, so I quick did an order through our Central Stores for $30.25. Got my budget down to just 8 cents left! That is awesome! 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Workbooks Done

I got all my Dr. Seuss books off the big tables and put them up on the table by the door. Good to see the great group I have! Had my two health teachers come in and take the HRM resources so they could look at them. Finished up the pile of Realidades 2 workbooks I've had on my desk I think from forever! They were the last bit of workbooks from the beginning of the year and I was ready to finish covering them and then barcodes went on and the ends numbered. That was a great relief to get those all done!! I had three piles of them and that really cleaned off my desk! Took my watercolor of the Camino in to hang in my office today. Love the way it looks. Makes me feel very peaceful. Other than getting the last of that big project done, at the end of the day I had about 20 students in the library when we had a Lockdown #1 called. That means we just keep the students in class (or in my case, the library), cover the windows and just kind of keep school going. I had to go around and check off from my list who was in and who wasn't, then email the names of all the students in to the office in case anyone was looking for them. We were all kept in the school until about half an hour after school was over. So I had enough time to shut down computers, close the blinds on the outside windows, lock all the doors and leave! See ya Monday!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Remembering Dr. Seuss

 Today of course was the birthday of the amazing Dr. Seuss! I had my tables all full of our Dr. Seuss books and during the passing times, I wore the hat and read from Cat in the Hat, and Oh, the Places You'll Go and finally The Sneetches. I got some happy smiles, and once I had a whole group of kids stop and sit around me in the hallway (though I think it was just to not go to class...!). A great day! We had three classes in to check in/out books today. And our DLC class came in second period to be in the library! I so missed having them come in like they did last year every week. I covered the new Scholastic Book Fair preview books today and enjoyed the day immensely! Sent off for some books. Sent some books. It was a happy, sappy, Seussian kind of day!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

More VHS

Did more titles and got a list of about half of them sent out. I had several teachers come down and look at the titles we had. One sent a list of the ones she wanted me to keep! I told her that I would as long as we made a deal that I could toss them if she hadn't used them for five years! Ha! Sent out a notice to remind the staff that tomorrow is Read Across America day. I'll be putting out all our Dr. Seuss books in the morning all out on the tables. I love to do that and encourage students to read him all day! Made an announcement for tomorrow as well. Had to do a book talk for a class today. Otherwise it was pretty quiet. Just me and my old VHS tapes!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Today I really started in on getting our VHS tapes out of here. I created a spreadsheet and began listing all the VHS resources we have, putting in call number, title with any other pertinent information, copyright date, the date we catalogued it and the last time it was checked out. Most of them so far were back from the 90's. I worked with my fiction aides today and spent time with all four of them on their shelves, so they could see how I work the shelves, my expectations and talk to them about shelving etiquett. My knees are a bit sore tonight! Put up a new display for Women's Month. Recreated the first week of Black History Month so I could have a picture for Mr. T. (I had deleted the original thinking I had saved it....). A very busy day! 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Grant Finished

I finished up the grant for more library books today. It is due tomorrow, so I'm glad I'm through with it. Not sure I'll get anything, I've never done a grant before, so we'll see how that turns out! Had to take some time off today for a medical appointment, so I went in and got everything up and running from being off all weekend. One of the check out desk computers was not having anything to do with running, just kept looping with an automatic repair cycle. So I sent in a tech ring on that. Signed up for a webinar for the newest graphic novels. So,  short day, but getting that grant turned in made it all worthwhile!

Friday, February 24, 2017


Mr. Trisef who wrote the Oracle Series was in for three periods today as a treat for the AVID students. So the library was pretty well closed for half the day. We got all books put away today, my favorite thing to do on a Friday! The cart was empty when I left today! I spent the morning changing the laminating film and doing the book covers for Mrs. K and then did all the folders for Mrs. C. One hundred of them! Then I got ready for our speaker, getting out the cart with the projector and the speakers for him. He did a great job with our students and you could see they really enjoyed it. I let my aides sit in on his talks and they were really excited to get that chance. I bought the 5th book in his series since I had 1-4 already. I just hope I get reimbursed! If not, it's a worthy donation! Worked more on the diversity books list. Glad we did not have snow overnight and another great day in the library!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Persuasive Diversion

Today I worked more on the diversity list, but also pulled books for the Persuasive Book Talk I needed to do 1st period. I pulled all of our 'You Wouldn't Want to Be....' books and then talked on Cryptid Tales, George vs. George and Middle School - the Worst Years of My Life to the students. Laminated after school until I ran out of film, I will finish up tomorrow! I did Mr. G's and Mrs. F and didn't even notice Mrs. K had book covers out! They were not in the box is my only excuse!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hard to Find

Put up my last display for Black History month. Loved finding more books than I thought I had. Worked more on the Diversity books for the grant and boy, they are really hard to find :( I came up with about 20 more books, but that was really digging. I had to look at my lists, then go to the one from LMSS, then check libraries and Baker and Taylor. It was long, but my list looks good. Had to give two book talks today, had another class in to check in/out. I love that I have enough aides I can do this. Sent out three sets of books to other schools, and already have another book to be sent out tomorrow. Talked to a teacher about our grant for books for the school. Now I just need to find some great persuasive argument books for a book talk tomorrow! It is certainly a 'list' kind of month!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Today I worked on the fact that every school can apply for a $2,000 grant for books. So I decided to focus on more Diversity books and spent a big part of my day working on lists, what I already had, what wasn't on the Diversity list in Baker and Taylor. Laminated today, worked on the file folders that Ms. C asked me to do. I did about 60 today, and will do another 50 on Thursday. Then I'll just have another set of 50 to do. Took down last week's Black History Month display and started my last one for the month. A great day. So glad I have great aides that allow me to do other things! Had a math class in today to swap books. Two book talks to do and three other classes came in to check in/out books. A busy day as well!

Friday, February 17, 2017


Seems like all I've been doing is working on lists!! So I found more Hi Lo books today and a fabulous list! So I checked that with my collection and put together a list of awesome books with their lexile numbers and sent that out to our Language Arts teachers today. I didn't have any aides 1st period today again, but not much was going on. Had three classes in today to check out math books, and two really quick Hi Lo book talks for a teacher who came in really late. Finished up all the new books, strips and Date Due slips, so those are now out of my office! Listened to JLG's diversity video before I left today. Three day weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hi Lo

Had a quiet morning and got all ready for our day. Had two classes in to check in/out. Two classes of math students in to check in/out. Copier issues! New toner, a rack in the 4th drawer that wouldn't lay down right. Got them both taken care of. Didn't have any aides 1st period! Oh my! So I took care of a class then our LMAL (Library Media Assistant Lead) came by to see my school! I had a great time showing her all my stuff and she took pictures. She stayed about 45/60 minutes and we got busy so she took off. Spent time today getting together a Hi Lo list for a couple of classes coming in tomorrow. Low Lexile, High interest is what those books are called. So I used the list I got from our PA then went on the internet to find other books that other people had ranked. Had my aides start to pull those, and I finished them up. Did some laminating today. Had my OBOB kids in. Glad today is over! But still, a great day in the library!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Meeting Push

I thought our principal was hosting a meeting for other principals today so I went to great effort to clean up the library. Checking all the shelves, putting up great books, finding places where my aides had misshelved and fixed that, made sure the racks were all pretty. Then I found out that it was for a meeting for one of our after school programs to meet with some people who might help fund a project. So, it was all for the good anyways! Covered a lot of books today. Had a sub in for a teacher and realized that I hadn't told the teacher about the meeting today so went to the sub and explained what was going on. What a great punter she was! She contacted the teacher that runs our computer classes and the one period we had an issue with, he only had prep, so she got to take her class in there. Most excellent! Glad it worked out! Covered more books today and nearly got them all done! Just three left and all will be well! Made another page for our book binder to take out my review and put in an aide's review instead. I had come in at 6:45 so I could leave at 3:45 for a doctor appointment, so I'm tired! Very busy day tomorrow! Goodnight!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No More Blind Dates

With books that is! Valentine's Day is now over! Tomorrow what's left will get unwrapped and we'll just do our regular books. My aides found a few more books in their missing/overdue sheets I had done yesterday. I also added pages to our book review binder, about 12 new books in there now. Then, it's getting so big, I decided I really needed to make a list so I can see easier than going through the whole book what I've read and what I haven't. And what my aides have done! I have one page I need to redo because an aide did a review on the same book, so I will take mine out and leave hers. We have a ton of old magazine resources in the library workroom, so today I took some and withdrew them and our IC was so excited. She sorted them out and took them to teachers that use the curriculum they touch on. So much better than them sitting in my workroom gathering dust!! I am so excited!! My PA sent us an email about a Diversity book list they are starting to put together, so I looked it up, and out of 102 books, I already have 36 of them! That made me feel pretty good! Then off to score the wrestling match after school. We finished up just after 6pm. Ready for some great soup and doing a bit of quilting.

Really, this was Monday the 13th

Had a great time today putting up week three of our Black History Month. Just had a lazy evening relaxing with my hubby and forgot about this! Spent most of Monday working on the missing and overdue books list. Since what I print has names, addresses and phone numbers on it, I decided to just copy down book author name, book title and the last set of barcode numbers to give to my aides for Tuesday. It worked really well, but took nearly all day. It was quiet and we were nearly done with our 'Blind Dates with Books!' I'm sure I did a few other things, but I can't remember. Most of the day was spent going through those 244 slips! 

Friday, February 10, 2017


I did not get any books covered today - because it was craziness in the library! I came in and sent out an email to get all the Homer P. Figg's books in and then I remembered that we were having a class come in to pick up the the new Core Connections V. 2 books and graphing calculators, so I decided to just check a few calculators to make sure they were good to go and NO!!! They were not!! Most didn't even have batteries in them! I quickly began to push batteries (they take 4 AAA's each) and then had to test them to make sure they actually worked! Luckily I had just ordered new batteries and had some, and the office had enough to make it work! Thank goodness! Some students had a calculator already and that helped as well! So a student comes in right before the class to get a book. She's standing at the counter just talking with my aide as the whole class comes in and they are just talking! Not checking out her book!! The other aide did something to her computer and it went down so I had to restart it and then relog into our textbook program (which I had already up and running on both computers when I started this morning!) I was very frustrated!! The whole morning just turned upside down in a matter of moments. The library book student ended up just leaving (but we put her name on the book and have it on the hold shelf) and got all the math students checked out. Then I spent the next period getting more calculators ready for the 3rd period group. Then I decided to go ahead and check all of our T73's (a lot) and T83's (not so much). Making sure they turn on, then removing their batteries. We had quite a few exploded batteries. I marked the ones that were well and truly dead with sharpie on their screens 'DEAD' and withdrew their numbers. Had our groups of math students in still working on projects today. They were quieter than yesterday thank goodness! Three classes in the computer lab, lots of other students in and out. Some for projects (science) some for writing. There was a moment in time where I walked out and no one was in the library but a teacher and I, and I had to take a great big breath of the calmness wafting through! A very productive day even if it wasn't on my plan for the day!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Almost Covered

Spent most of today chugging through all the paperbacks to get them covered. It was quite the chore and I still have more to do, but I really made a dent in it today. I have dreams that I'll be done tomorrow! Slow day. Just two math classes came in to change books and my aides did them. They then wrapped books. I decided to start looking at our immigration/immigrant/migrant books and put together a better list than what the computer gives, so started a search off the web for titles. Had a couple of classes in to work on projects. Had my Battle of the Books kids in, along with some very quiet others from lunch. A productive day, but on the easier side.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Immigration and Forensics

Today I had four classes in for book talks and two were on immigration and two were on police business like forensics! Wow, that was a jump to go from one to another! I collected books then talked about issues with both of them and what our library has to offer in the way of resources. It was really fun, but when the first class checks out all the books I've pulled, sometimes it's hard to get a second set as good as the first set!! Checked out more of our 'Blind Date' books. Had some boys in the hall today that were just, defiant, but didn't really care to be mean or angry. Just didn't want to answer my questions ("where are you supposed to be?" They just shrugged) oh my. I ended up sending an email to our behavior specialists about them after following them down the hall and up the stairs. It makes me sad when I see students acting that way. Put all those brain cells to work for good!!! I had laminated some book covers for a teacher so she sent an aide down for me to teach how we put the laminated covers back on. She did a really great job of it! Really made an effort to cover and get our paperbacks ready to check out today and got a whole stack of them done. Loved having my aides with me today as those four classes checked in/out books today. All my aides love doing that the best! Only four more work days for 'Blind Date' with a book and I think my aides are tired of wrapping books, but the students really love to open a book up and see what it is. Some are 'Oh, Cool!!' Others are "Can I turn this in??" So, I tell them they need to read at least 5 pages and keep it overnight. That's the rule!! Otherwise they'd unwrap quicker than we can wrap! Off to mail Valentine's Day cards to my granddaughters!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Saw that on an ad and liked it and I have an aide with that name, but spelled the correct way! None of my scheduled classes came in today except one! So I had my aides finish up the 8th grade math books for Ms. D and they took the cart up with the 7th grade ones. I'll have them take up the 8th grade tomorrow. I got to put together books on immigration for Ms. K and did a book talk on them that was really fun. The Arrival is one of my favorites and someone checked it out! Also got a new box of books!! My Scholastic order I just sent in last week is back already!! That is exciting! My aides also covered more books today and I got the new books ready to be checked out. Some already had holds on them, so I've put those aside! Did some laminating after school. Got to help score a wrestling match again after school, so just two more to go next week! So fun to see the students in a different venue!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday, Monday

It was a very busy Monday. We had in three classes from Ms. S to check in and out books. We also had in Mrs. M with her classes (two of them) for a booktalk. Since I had done my display (see picture above!) I decided to talk about our Black History Month and highlight books on slavery. They listened, but didn't check out very many of the books I picked out, but a few. Her last class 6th period wiped out my 'Blind Dates with Books' rack. I think there were only about 4 books left by the end of class! I love getting a set of books together for the booktalks! It really is fun to see what I can have fit for the class and to give them a scope of what's out there. Got math books ready for Ms. D and took them down to her so she'd have them for tomorrow. Covered books, emails, lots of normal everyday activities. I love my job!

Saturday, February 4, 2017


So yeah, this was supposed to be Friday but I wasn't feeling well and well, just forgot! A nice quiet day in the library was had by all and the students loved our blind date with books! All our books got put away by the end of the day, so that was great! I did some wrapping along with my aides and got a new aide as well for second period. So I now have ten aides! Oh my! Will change my non-fiction display to the bringing in of the slaves on Monday, a kind of walk through history. Sent out some books to other schools. Our IC gave me a list of diversity books and I went through our library catalogue and we had so many more than I thought! She was super excited. We also worked to pull books by and about African Americans from the Everybody books and our myths and legends section for a teacher and came up with 40 to take up to her room on a cart! That was exciting! Biggest challenge? Remembering to take attendance! I almost got them all done today in the initial 15 minutes of class but one! I will get better, I'm sure, or at least hoping!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Super LMA

Yes, I did feel like that today! I had two classes come in to have a book talk on different themes. I found a couple of websites that did themes, then found some books where I could attach a theme to them to show the students. Then I had a ton of students coming in looking for dystopian books and after I ran through my favorite six or so titles, I decided I needed to look up lists, so I knew I had some, but needed to look up others and got together a pretty good list of the books we have on hand. Then I had my aides working on more wrapping for our 'blind dates with books' which I started after my last book talk today. I also did a book talk for the Read 180 kids and was very happy our PA had handed out a list a few months ago on our high interest, low reading level books, so that went very well. I was all over the library today and put in about 5.5 miles walking time! Love it when the kids are excited to check out books and had to laugh this afternoon as our after school students were all into picking out a 'blind date' book! Also had my Battle of the Books students in today for both lunches and that went really well.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wrapping Up

Today I had my aides work on our 'Blind Date with a Book' by wrapping up books for students to check out. Rules are: If you pick a wrapped book, you MUST check it out and keep it overnight. I got PO's for my book orders and the orders were sent in. !!! 💘  I did a book talk and my aides did pretty good on putting away books. We'll see how it goes! Covered quite a few of my new paperbacks today. That made me happy. A new day dawns for tomorrow! What will it bring?

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Another great day in the library. Worked on my Black History Month first display with a 'Where did they come from' theme. The aides are nearly all trained and I even had some today checking out Kercheski style for me today! Got them out on the shelves and starting to do shelving. Still have one aide I haven't seen yet. Got my Scholastic books all stamped and sent off, then got the call that my Girl in the Blue Coat book is not approved for middle school. Rats!! I had only stamped the top, so that wasn't too bad. I looked up the high schools and found two that didn't have it, so I asked if they wanted it and they said yes. Good for them. Glad to help! Though I'd rather have the book in my library!! Did some laminating. Took down my cooking display and will put up a 'blind date with a book' something or other starting tomorrow. Maybe a set of dinnerware? Candles? Might have to give it a try! Talked with Scholastic today and got my next book fair all set up and ready to go. Took three more class sets of math up to Mr. G today. Had some students in the halls at lunch. Two girls were opening and closing the boys bathroom door by the library. Ms. V and I went out there and they were from lunch, what were they doing down the hall??? And messing about with the door of the boys bathroom??There are bathrooms right by the lunch room?? Then three boys came running down the hall and I chased after them up the stairs. Two disappeared, one went to his locker. I headed back to the library and Ms. C saw me and I told her what had happened. After work I helped again at the wrestling game and got to just keep time this time (sooo easy!) and as I left to come home, Ms. C said they identified the students from the cameras and that I had really picked up and ran after those boys! She was impressed! Ready for a new day tomorrow!

Monday, January 30, 2017

New Start

Hadn't heard anything about passing out schedules, so I moseyed on down to the gym and ended up handing out the new schedules for 20 minutes or so. Today was the first day of the new semester. I have eight aides! What am I going to do with them all??? I will have to be organized! Today I had five of them working on the Order in the Library shelving program, and most of them got done, or nearly done. I also gave a tour of all the places in the building where we keep books! I worked out the shelving sets for everyone and I had two repeat aides! So that was nice to have someone who knew what they were doing! I covered more new paperbacks, including Chi!! So excited to have my favorite kitty in the library. Ah, oh. My Bad Kitty is looking at me...  Got in my Scholastic order today, so excited to see our new country books!! They really do have a nice set!! I got in about twelve? Myanmar, Tibet, Nepal and others and they are all 2017 editions! That should help get my non-fiction average age up a bit! Nice, slick, 144 pages, perfect for our students for research! Checked out 'Kercheski' style for three math classes and finished up one more that a student had started. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Today I got a call from JLG - Junior Library Guild and they really are very nice folks and I had their services at one point, but decided to stop. But today since our focus has been on updating our non-fiction, I decided to listen and ended up purchasing two of their non-fiction for middle school packages. It will help keep me on track and they always have great books. So I am looking forward to it. I can change the book they send if I want, so that's a handy feature. That will take nearly all the rest of my extra budget, but there will still be a bit left in there. I think it will be good for the school. The rest of the day I started covering the paperbacks. Then I got ready for our first OBOB meeting. I had nine kids during A lunch, but only one for B lunch. So we'll see if any more are interested in the next week or two. It was the end of the first semester today, and as the students began to leave, someone pulled the fire alarm ~~~!! So we all got some nice afternoon air while we waited to be cleared to go back inside. I got my new ALA posters all laminated today. Gave my departing aides a pick from my box to say thank you for all their hard work. Found out I had a ton of aides for next semester, ten in all! I had four that I questioned because they don't check out books! One girl even said she DID NOT want to be in the library - they moved her, thank goodness!! I worked the wrestling match again today with no help! I did my best, and the ref said I did good. I am off tomorrow, so see you on Monday!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


This morning I was getting ready for work and realized that I thought I had a class coming in during lunch! So NO Battle of the Books! I had to change my signs and pull my announcement and write a new one. At least I noticed before school began! So, did two more book talks today and got all the hard backs all done. Started to work on the paperbacks, but didn't get too many done. Had quite a few students in today working on projects since grading is on Friday. Not much else to report! Just one more day this week for me!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Book Wrestling

Nearly a perfect day of nesting with my new books! Putting in strips, putting in due date slips. Finding my series and numbering them. Happy, happy sigh of delight! Did two book talks today as well, talking about how many books are out there. We have about $3,300 worth of lost books since September, and about $48,000 of overdue books!! That's a lot!!! I put up signs for beginning Battle of the Books tomorrow. Put in an announcement for that for tomorrow. Sent off a book to another school. Got a couple in. I also helped tonight with our wrestling program by helping keeping score! It was fun, but I have no idea what the ref saw when he would hold up his arm for red and two fingers for points! I just put it on the scoreboard. Which was fun to work with the electronic score board too! Luckily I had a fellow next to me that kept me on track - it would have been chaos without him, I'm sure!!

Monday, January 23, 2017

They Are HERE!!!

Yes, my five boxes from Baker and Taylor showed up today and I am ecstatic!! They didn't come until 6th period, but they are here! I got them all checked in, and even checked out one to my 6th period aide! Then I got some others ready for a book talk tomorrow! Yeah! Happy Dance!! Before they came, we did check out books to two classes today. I finished up covering the books from the two boxes that came Thursday. I covered some more of the Spanish 2 Workbooks. Sent in an order from Scholastic using nearly all the money I made from the fall book fair. Got some nice 900's books from there as well. So excited to have new books! Now I just hope we get my last two orders in before the end of the school year!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Books On Shelves

Didn't get in my five boxes but did get done my two, nearly and got them our on the rack. Put up some penguin books for Penguin Awareness Day. Helped get some resources for teachers today, some voice recorders (our lovely IC brought those to the attention of the teacher) and we didn't have dictionaries students could speak into but we did have some that work phonetically! So they took those after I put new batteries in them. Stripped the new books, put date due slips in, covered the paperbacks. Our of 53 books I only have about 7 left to finish. Had an aide help me move tables back to ADA format. Love my job!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Two plus Five

BOOKS!!! BOXES of beautiful BOOKS! I got two in today and another five are on their way to the school! I was so happy all day!! Finished up my orders for Baker and Taylor and PermaBound. I told them to cap them at $900 each, so that should about finish up my budget for the year! Found some great new country books and was really happy to get those on order. I was very happy and our PA said I did a great job with those! So hopefully I am done with ordering for the year! Did some laminating and had to change the film rolls. Had to let our acting office manager know that I put in the last set, so we probably need to order three more. I still have Scholastic money to spend and our replacement account, so I will look at that as well. A very happy clicking my heels up and singing a happy little tune!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mom's 86th

Today I took off at 11:30 (half my shift) to spend the afternoon with my mom. So, I spent a lot of time working with students and helping them get the books they need. Putting away math books. Tried to work on my order. Cleaned up my office a bit since I would have a sub for the afternoon! So very grateful I got to spend this time with my mom. It was worth it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Computer Day

I think I spent nearly all day on the computer looking up books to order. We did have two classes in to check out math books, but that was pretty quick and easy. Left for our LMA meeting at 3 up at Waldo. We talked about ordering, some changes to our library program, and how things are going and deadlines! Just need to tweak some of the odds and submit.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Shelf Life

I again had two aides gone today, so I spent a lot of the last couple of periods shelving. Did the 600's through the 900's. Had about two and a half shelves worth and of course, did a lot of straightening and cleaning up from all the students who have been checking out the non-fiction. Worked today on a Baker and Taylor order for the non-fiction off the approved list. That was a grind. Still not done! Had two book talks today. Checked in and out. Got my posters approved, yeah! Looking forward to them! Three day weekend. At least we don't have to take a snow day!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Today I knew that Ms. S's class was coming in for a tour of one of our research sites, but totally forgot! I even had her write 'Disc' on the lab calendar and still forgot! Oh my! So I quickly logged into the teacher computer and started to show the students what to do. By her third class we were really working and the students that got on, loved checking everything out on the EBSCO Discovery Service site. It really is amazing! I also helped students get logged on, showed them how to navigate to the site. Got some nice interaction today! Helped students get non-fiction books. Checked out a class of library books. We got in a notice that we could be eligible for a LMSS grant for $2000! So I went through my collection report and then went to PermaBound for their collection search and picked out new 900's books since our books come on average from 1997! That's 20 years old! Then I started on the 500's since they are also average 1997. That's a lot of years in between then and now! I love the PermaBound site, you can put in everything from Dewey range to number of pages and grade interest...I loved it! I still have a lot to learn on it, but it's good to weed out the old and get working on the new. There are so many new things to learn about. Favorite moment today? Two girls came in looking for books on Rosa Parks. We had a few left, so I showed them what we had, then gave them some other options. A book on Elizabeth Keckley (dressmaker to Mary Lincoln) and another on Bessie, one of the first African American aviators and they took those! I love letting students see what is all out there in the world beyond what they can easily grasp and show them fascinating books that make them go, wow! Really? Asked for some new posters for the library. Also asked for next Wednesday afternoon off to spend my mom's birthday with her. Mr. M said that was fine. I have such a great school!