The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stolen :(

I went out to my car after work, drove to Salem Fitness and my workout bag was missing. I can only think someone got into my car today and lifted it. A nice beautiful new pair of workout shoes ($60) and my shuffle Ipod :(  How sad is that? So I went in early today thinking there was a DECA meeting so I could leave early, and after school as I posted a note that the library was closed for the meeting, a DECA person said no, there wouldn't be a meeting today. So I stayed on my own time and read a book until the usual 3:15. Sent back to home two boxes of Friday Night Lights and three boxes of Dime. Processed one teacher magazine and five for us.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Today I worked more on the Writer's Inc. books, renumbering and setting a new status. Sent several emails to Mr. C again and worked with our bookkeeper on getting billed kids converted over. Did some work of renumbering and setting status on the three classes that brought in their old Geometry books and checked out the Geometry V2 books. Had one of our aides work on moving books on the shelves in the business aisle - looks so much better and he enjoyed having a project to do rather than just sitting up front. Got in a new Junior Library Guild box and it was hard to leave for Mrs. H to open!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Came into work today and had some students at the computers. One said he had release, but no schedule or release card, so I looked him up and he was supposed to be in a math class! Then another three came in and said they had work to do and handed me a very obvious (hey, let's make one ourselves!) pass and they were supposed to be in the Junior assembly! I said, hey, wait a minute, are you...JUNIORS???  They got very sheepish and admitted, 'yes'. I told them they wanted to get out of school and graduate, and so did I! Off to the assembly you go! Sent ten horticulture books to North and sent them a list of our other books our horticulture teacher used since we don't have that program anymore. Finished getting all the renumbering and status for all the Foundations For Algebra Year 2 Vol. 1. Started working on Mr. C's list of books that are using the barcode filter. Once they get scanned in, they won't need the filter anymore and back at LMSS when they have to add in books, without the filter they can batch add, with the filter on, they can only do one or two at a time. Ugh! So I started at the bottom of the list and got through all The World Today and started Writer's Inc.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Good Day

Processed in two magazines for the library. Got together three class sets of the Geometry V2 books for a class and renumbered and statused them before the classes came down to get them. Did some old barcodes for Mr. C - scanned them off five different titles. Got in four boxes of books from LMSS! A lot of them were from our trip to Powell's over Winter Break. So, I unpacked them and put them on a cart for Mrs. M to check them in and finish processing them. Did notes on Foundations books. We've had our Art History book we keep in the library stolen out of here, so when kids need one to study I've been taking their name and number and keeping the note until they return it that period.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Glad to see it come around! Worked on some more transferring off lists for the Foundations of Algebra books, checked in and out. Processed a magazine. Lost my water bottle. Found some zombie shelved books. Worked on the list from LMSS and sent it in, with all the highlighting I did, I really don't think we need to worry about the old barcodes. They seem to be a non issue. I went through over 600 lines of titles!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Manga Set Go!

Today Mrs. H had to leave early, so I got to stay a bit later and be the supervising adult for the Manga Club. Manga was happy. They'd been shoved out of the library their last three meetings, so our principal bought them pizza for the meet. They loved it. They really are a great group and I do enjoy it when I'm around while they're here. Stamped, put barcodes on the new Constitution graphic novels we got in and found a place for them in the back. Worked on the list from Mr. C on the barcodes that don't really fit and need to be hand entered. So I went through the stacks and found all the textbooks that we don't use anymore to let him know maybe they should just be deleted. Sent that off to Mrs. H for confirmation. Did lots of checking in and out.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Destiny Billed

I finished up all the students we needed to bill from the old Trac-it program today. We had about $4,600 in total billing for the sophomores. Also found some kids on the old program that didn't have graduation years on their accounts, so I put them into Destiny with the books they owed. Had kids looking through our old yearbooks today, and that was pretty cool. Found a kid that just went into the back and helped himself to finding a book. I told him that he wasn't allowed back there, and one of our aides was back there eating lunch, so he said he thought is was ok since she was there. Another student hopped over my counter because he didn't want to walk around the library to the door. Had a lot of kids to help out throughout the day, but glad I got the billing stuff all done and switched to the Destiny program.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bazillion Books

Talked today about the Bazillion Books project and how we're going to set up to get the books out to the classrooms and control the madness! Worked some more on the billing transfer over to Destiny, had a question that I called over to LMSS and they decided I needed to talk to Mr. C about it when he came back in tomorrow. We had a kid who was just 'billed' in Trac-it, so I charged him the book. Turns out according to our bookkeeper he had actually paid for it and I wanted to be sure I deleted that fine appropriately. Checked out two class sets of Of Mice and Men. And the usuals. As I left today, I was cleaning up and found a thong (yes, the underwear kind) on the floor by our search computers. That has to be the most unusual thing I've found in the library! I left it on Mrs. H's desk. On a piece of paper.

Friday, February 15, 2013

And now the Juniors

Got done with all the Junior transfers from Trac-it to Destiny today, so I should be done by the end of the week. Processed in three magazines for us and one for a teacher. Did the usual checking in and out. Still have kids from Ms. A's class picking up their novel sets for their reading groups. Read Across America is officially next week, but I'm ready to get reading now!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

52 Seniors

That's what I billed today for books from our old Trac-it textbook program. We got a notice on getting that taken care of, so I got going and billed all of them with notes that these were all from the old program. I gave a copy to our bookkeeper so she can check and see if they all transfer over when she does her EOP. They owe for over $3,000 worth of books. Checked out reading groups of six different titles for Ms. A's two classes today and did various and other normal stuffs.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No Mrs. H! No Mrs. M!

Both of them were out today, Mrs. M is still battling that nasty flu going around and Mrs. H's son was sick, so Mrs. H called me in a bit early. She had come in to get things going, and left after her substitute came in. We had wonderful subs though! Mr. L is fabulous (for Mrs. H) and Mrs. T (for Mrs. M) are tried and true substitutes that helped keep the library on an even keel for the day. I was grateful that they were the ones that were here! No food in the library today! So lunch was easy. Finished off the Foundations for Algebra Year 1 Vol 1 and Year 1 Vol 2 today. Since I was the only one that could put money on accounts, I took in about $10 worth today. Checked in and out here and there, worked with the office on a student who owed fines for textbooks. We worked out a test project on him between me and Mrs. S, our bookkeeper. I love the way that the registrar now checks with us on when a student is withdrawing, so easy to check and know right away and bill. What a fabulous team we are!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


A kid spilled his plate on the new carpet in the library and just left a whole ketchup imprint along with tator tots and ground one into the carpet. Mrs. H said No More Food in the Library! After that and several kids that were disrepectful to her about the food all over. Had to check kids for fines and fees today. Finished up renumbering the Analysis V2 books. Had our classified meeting today that I went to. Checked in two class sets of Foundations for Algebra books. Had a kid climb through my window while I was sitting right there! I said, "Ah, no!" and almost had to push him back out. He came back and apologized after going into the library the proper way :) Swept out under my computer lab collecting a cup and various eating wrappers kids had shoved under there. Started to work on renumbering the Foundations for Algebra Year 1 Vol 1 books. Emailed with one of our techs on the students having problems finding our R drive to turn in work.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Downton Sprague

Checked out two class sets of The Adoration of Jenna Fox today. Processed in one magazine (People). Renumbered half of the Analysis V2 books and all of the Stage and School books. I also wrote up a notice for Ms. L on the kids that still had Stage and School books out from first semester. Worked with Mr. C on trying to get a report that I could run that would pull up a specific title and the kids associated with it. He tried to send one that I could edit, but I couldn't edit it, but it did have just one specific title on it. He also worked on my teacher check out list from Trac-it, so I went over that and let him know which teachers went where and with what so they can make sure those teachers still have their books charged to them. Checked out various other books today and checked in books. Talked with our bookkeeper about that Destiny should be talking with our billing system so she's going to watch for that. Worked on the new bulletin board I'll start this week and had the aides work on the board outside our workroom door.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Finished off the renumbering of the Analysis Vol. 1 books today and decided to work on the Stage and School books. Checked out a class set of Fit and Well books to a teacher. Some Adoration of Jenna Fox to students. Got in some AP Chemistry resources for  a teacher and took those down to him. Had students who were transferring out getting their textbooks and library books cleared. Had a student bring in a textbook from last year that was from her old boyfriend (he will be glad that's off his bill I'm sure!). Processed in one teacher magazine and three for the library. Just lots of one student coming in here and getthing one book, another one in five minutes later needing a different book. Another returning one, and getting another. Helped a teacher today set up her computer for split screen viewing and resetting the resolution so the screen wouldn't blink. A good day.


More of the same from yesterday, seems like I couldn't hardly sit down without someone or something claiming me for a need! Good days, all around.


We had an athletic signing to commit to a college here in the library this afternoon. It was for us a last minute thing, but I think it went really well. The kids are mainly going to Oregon sites, but one is going to Montana. Nice to see that the school played it up and maybe gave some other athletes a reason to work just a bit harder on their sport, grades and personal integrity. Today was busy, more checkouts, bringing books up from the back, taking more back, in between working on my renumbering. Answering emails and sending emails on getting books from other schools. Working with students and teachers on various things. As you can see I'm doing this on Friday so the details escape me!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


With the snafu over our The Sixties books, today I ran a few pages of reports from Trac-it that had all the books checked out to teachers. Not one of them transferred over to Destiny, they aren't checked out, or lost - they are available! Oh no! I checked through a few random lists and checked the shelves as well and that might be a big mess. We'll see what Mr. C says when he gets my email in the morning. Tried to get some books for teachers, Things They Carried - no luck - both schools are keeping theirs. Evaluation of Orthopedic and Athletic Injuries - nope, the teacher has the set in his room, not back in the textbook window. Checked out a lot of books today, and checked in a lot. A teacher is going to give me her first semester class lists to see who still has out single semester books because we really need them for 2nd semester. Our black and white printer was down yesterday, but a tech person came out and he got it working again. Worked on renumbering the Algebra Connections V2 books and happy I started to do that because kids came in today and checked out the V1 books I was all done with. Huzzah!

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Semester

Busy day for textbooks today! Still some coming in, some going out. Got ready Economics, Developing Child, Working with Young Children, Homeless Bird and some others! Processed in five magazines for us, and we also got two new aides in that were fabulous in putting away textbooks! Put barcodes on two boxes of miscellaneous teacher resources that I had sent out that took awhile. Answered emails on who was coming in when to get what! Almost before I knew it, the day was over!