The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


A kid spilled his plate on the new carpet in the library and just left a whole ketchup imprint along with tator tots and ground one into the carpet. Mrs. H said No More Food in the Library! After that and several kids that were disrepectful to her about the food all over. Had to check kids for fines and fees today. Finished up renumbering the Analysis V2 books. Had our classified meeting today that I went to. Checked in two class sets of Foundations for Algebra books. Had a kid climb through my window while I was sitting right there! I said, "Ah, no!" and almost had to push him back out. He came back and apologized after going into the library the proper way :) Swept out under my computer lab collecting a cup and various eating wrappers kids had shoved under there. Started to work on renumbering the Foundations for Algebra Year 1 Vol 1 books. Emailed with one of our techs on the students having problems finding our R drive to turn in work.

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