The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, February 28, 2014


My hubby came by after school was out to see the library! That was so awesome! Came in a bit early since it was Friday. Woke up computers, shelved more books, opened windows, got books ready to go back to their home school, headed off to LLI. Graduated my three students. We worked on words, read their books. Made Thank you letters to the LLI ladies. Came back into the library and created a letter to send home with students on their overdue or lost books and got four letters printed out for the first kinder class. Had three classes in a row, two kinders and one 4/5 grade blend. Then my lunch, then cafeteria duty and straight into my last class of the week, some kinders. I went into the back and set up a cart to shelve later. Then Mrs. M's class came down for computer time and I helped students work on math projects they hadn't completed for the rest of the day. After students went home I went back into the library and worked on my books for next week. Then my hubby came in! So he got to meet a few people and I showed him where I work. I looked up some more of my books for next week, closed the curtains. Computers all shut down for the weekend. Off with hubby to look at some home DIY stuffs!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Visit

I am so excited!! Mrs. H is going to come and visit my library next Wednesday!! Best news ever!! Excepting, of course, that I get to spend all my time once again in the library...preferably Sprague. It's still what I consider my home. :) Came in, turned on computers, sent an email to our coach about maybe since St. Patrick's Day is coming up to have the kids do some ceili dancing for PE. He told me that afternoon he liked the idea and will mull it over. Got set up for my first classes then off to LLI, we had a good lesson, and even sang 'On top of spaghetti..' that was fun. Back to the library, put away books, checked the classes coming in and pulled only the bookmarks of kids who could actually check out books. I think that might help. Had fun reading Detective LaRue by Mark Teague, one of our authors of the month to two of the classes. The other two classes got Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed. Had two helpers in the library after my lunch and cafeteria duty. I gave them cleaning rags, and they weren't very methodical. One minute they'd be over on one side of the library, the next over on the other. I don't think I could tell you what they dusted and what they didn't. I shelved books. Then up to Mrs. M's room and listened to Charlotte's Web (Wilbur is headed off to the State Fair - yes, I was listening too!) then Ms. H our counselor came in with a lesson on diversity. Mrs. M gave me some stickers for our Reading for All program to put in the teacher boxes after I had my last class of the day. There was a question if we got them all and I ended up dashing down stairs because my last class was there waiting with our coach. Got them all done, then put the book labels into the boxes and back up to Mrs. M's room for afternoon math. Mrs. L asked me to help one of the students who just wasn't getting greater or less than fraction combinations. She said she tried four different ways and he still wasn't getting it! So I tried, and though he said he thought he got it, I'm not sure, and I don't think he is either! Ended the day with shelving most of the Everybody books and cleaning those shelves up. I also noticed one of the library plants is gone! I have one by my desk, one in the corner of the room by the windows, then there was one on top of one of the bookshelves and it's gone! My dusting kiddos noticed dirt, but I didn't pay any attention until that afternoon.  A mystery!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

156 Books and 3 Side Hugs

That's how many books I checked in today and I got three side hugs during my cafeteria duty from students! What a great day of work and kids. A nice surprise. Came in and turned on computer screens and got the search computers up and made sure they were just on the Bush collection and not for 'all' libraries in the system. Then to LLI. Only two days left for my students and I'll work with a new group on Tuesday. Hopped right back into the library to my four classes in a row. Really enjoyed my author talk for the older kids and reading Wringer by Jerry Spinelli. Then a great bit of fun reading Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed. When we got done, I showed them a picture of a real naked mole rat! Ewww! Then my lunch, then cafeteria duty and the kids off for the day. I had to go out and judge the reading 'Go for the Gold' bulletin boards. Worked on my self evaluation. Got books put away, but still have lots in the back. With my letting the kids check out extra books this month, that means more to put away. Closed up the shades, turned off the computers. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Came in and turned on computers, then I got involved in some book buying and look at the time! Off to LLI! My group is moving on after this week, so our leader told me to also give them a chapter book to read this week and they were very excited about that! Then some shelving then up to Mrs. M's room for art. Our volunteer art teacher had the kids doing a flower and was showing Georgia O'Keefe flowers. A few of the kids had some amazing flowers! Then I took the kids all out of the room, and down the hall to take their picture with a favorite book. That was fun! Then my lunch, and then off to cafeteria duty. Back to the library. I thought I'd have a few helpers this time, but no one showed up. Had a ton of books in my return slot and on my desk. Sent an email to Mrs. H and asked for the number for contact paper. I really want to cover the paperbacks before I put them out. Back up to Mrs. M's room for some reading and then math. I do so well when I'm just one on one! Back down to the library after school and I printed books out for each class. Checked the kids that said they didn't have bookmarks and had to make four new ones. Had to send a kid to the office today for hitting another student and he was sent home. So I had to write up a report on what happened.

Monday, February 24, 2014

First Aid

Since I only had one class in the library today right after cafeteria duty, there was a first aid class in the library this afternoon. Came in and took care of Mrs. L's co-worker evaluation. Then I did my suggested books for the Bazillion Books drive that we have here in town. I picked the ages and the books I hope that our students will get. Just had a meeting in LLI this morning, then a couple of subs came in and helped me put away books. Put away some books today. Worked up in Mrs. M's room this morning. Made some card passwords for the kids for her then listened to her two new students read. My lunch, then off to cafeteria duty. Mrs. L's class came in right after the two cafeteria lunches and I read to them Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, one of my favorites! I also love the Knuffle bunny books. Then a bit more work in the library and up to Mrs. M's room for the afternoon. Helped a bit with their President reports, then onto math for the afternoon. Then back into the library, organized books, then put some away during the First Aid training and I left them to it!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Poopy Head

Today had been going really well. Got in a bit early since it was Friday. Got my Spanish and Bilingual books ready for my first Kinder class since Mrs. V had asked for that. Did my LLI group. My two boys did pretty well, and one left early for choir, so I got to spend some good one on one time with the other. Back to the library and checked off my new books off the list. Put the hardbacks out for the kids for today. Salem Public Library come in and do a presentation in the library all about what they had to offer the kids. They brought the bookmobile and let the 1st graders check out one book. I had my three kinder classes and had them all sit in a circle about the size of the Cheshire Cheddar that was sent to the White House when Jefferson was president. They liked all getting together in a circle to see how big the cheese was. My 5th graders were pretty good as well. Lunch, cafeteria duty - which was better than yesterday, the kids were so loud yesterday, today they were better, maybe because our principal was roaming the tables! Then my third and last kinder class, a bit of clean up, then Mrs. M's class came down to the library and computer lab, so I helped with the kids that needed to finish up math work. There were still three when she went back upstairs and I was to stay with them, but the 5th graders were coming in so we went back upstairs, and she put us out in the hall. One girl and two boys. I helped the girl so we could finish her paper and the boys refused to work on theirs while I worked with her. They needed to go to the bathroom and talked about being poopy heads (~~~~!). They also called me a loser, and I said yep, I was. Really? Yep I told them. If I couldn't get two boys to sit and do their work then I really must be a loser. Mrs. M came out and saw one of the boys in time out by the water faucets and called one of them in. I finished with the girl, then the one boy was very nice and actually did some good work as long as I was focusing just on him. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Books!

Today was just a regular day except for the very end! First LLI then to be in the library for a bit until my three classes come in. Then lunch, then a bit in the library, up to Mrs. M's class, back down for a class, then back up to Mrs. M's class again for math and then back down to the library until I leave to go back to Mrs. M's class. Had a couple of students that came in to help me out and they wanted to do one way and I said no, please do it this way. They were like 'that's a lot of hard work!' 'Yep!' I said, 'it is hard work!' At the very end of the day our office manager came in with two boxes!! My Baker and Taylor order is here!!! Of course I had to open the boxes and uhhhh (!) and ahhhh (!) over them :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Today was dress like a favorite book character day, so since I had a dirndl I wear for Oktoberfest, I decided to dress as Heidi. I took a book cover image and taped it on my badge, and I had fun all day telling kids that Heidi was written in 1880. That it was considered one of the all time classic novels from Switzerland. A brief synopsis and telling them about Shirley Temple who just passed away had played Heidi in a movie. As soon as the kids were gone, I changed since I didn't want to put away books in a dress and crawl on the floor. All four of my classes today were awful. Though I told them over and over again to be quiet because of the ELPA testing in the lab, they just wouldn't be silent. It is so frustrating!! Read a book of quotes by Abraham Lincoln that I just really liked. Managed to get most of the shelves cleaned up and the fiction shelved before I left for the night. I love my Wednesdays where I have time to clean up! Still have all the non-fiction and everybody books to order and shelve, but hopefully I will have helpers tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Tuesday

Came in and turned on all the computers I had turned off on Friday. Realized that I still needed to do President's week on our Read-A-Loud, not last week like I thought! Luckily I only had one set of kids I did last week, so they will just get a different book this week! Got my February authors bulletin board done. Did my LLI class. This set of students will be done with their program next week. Then just a bit of time in the library and got ready for my students that will be in after lunch to work for me. Up to Mrs. M's class. Swept, put together a birthday book, made copies and looked up a book for her. Then got a call down to the library to look at a computer, so took care of that, and ended up calling our techies to see what could be done. Then my lunch time. Then cafeteria duty, then had only one student come in to work the library and I had a great time with her. Then back up to Mrs. M's room. She had gone home sick and I helped the sub with a worksheet on the differences between Lincoln and Washington. Then we did math, fractions. I worked with various students. Came back to the library and shelved some books.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Surviving Valentine's Day

Came in and opened things up. Did a bit on my February authors, took some READ poster photos for staff. Headed off to LLI. Then back to the library and spoke with the lady who sent me a box of preview books. She really worked it, but the price was still too high, so we agreed to pack them up and send them back. So I did that and they will be picked up Tuesday. Had three groups in this morning, my first Kinder group was awesome, as was my 5th graders. Then I had another Kinder group that was soooo out of control! Not only did they have a piece of candy, they also had three cookies. We did not even get to read or check out books! Then my lunch, then cafeteria duty. I had several kids wish me happy valentine's day. Then back to the library for my last Kinder group that was pretty good. Then a bit of time in the library and then up to Mrs. M's room for the Valentine's Day party. Oh my!! It was crazy. All the valentine's day sweets, from all the kids! Wow! Totally had forgotten what elementary Valentine's Day was like! Took some pics for Mrs. M. Ate two cookies and some potato chips, and that was plenty. Back to the library for Friday clean up. Sent the READ photos off to Mrs. B so her daughter can photo shop them over the weekend. Three days off again. Also learned school is extended two extra days from our snow days last week. Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bowing to Mrs. M

Another great day in the library! Mrs. M had one last day of G.L.A.D. training in her room and said for me to spend the day in my beloved library!! So I bowed to her when we had to come in for our staff meeting after school today. Came in to my usual morning, set up computers then off to LLI group and had all three of my kiddos. Then back to the library and getting ready for my first class. Went back to my talk on the Caldecott's. I also looked up the Honor books and then made a discovery, that for the last two years, we have not ordered any of the Caldecott books. So sad. If a librarian had been on staff, we'd totally be up to date. Since I did Mrs. M's class on Tuesday, I had more space today and started on my February authors. Got quite a few done, but still have a few to go. Did my DLC class and they all got to check out today! Then my lunch, then after I did my cafeteria duty, I had four awesome kids into the library to work. Two of them to work off fines, two of them that just want to work. It was so much fun to just interact with these students and especially my two that were working off their fines, the smiles on their faces as they worked, and seeing their grins when I took their days 'work' off the fine they owed was a huge highlight of my day. I worked on my Baker and Taylor order, adding in the last couple of years Caldecott medal winners and honorees. Our staff meeting was about kids that cause problems. We had a guest speaker and she asked for three kids. Asking questions, about what do they seem to shine on, what sets them off. Targeting what makes them stable and teachable, and what are the triggers that set them off. It was interesting and I knew exactly what kids they were talking about! The meeting ran a bit long past my regular time, so as soon as we were done, I lit out and headed home. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

READ Poster Shots

I got to take pictures of the staff today for READ posters and it was fun! We have a program from LMSS that we can use for a week to photoshop, put the image into a poster and then send the image to have it printed up! So fun to see the books that people picked out to have their picture taken with! Came in, did LLI, then straight into my four classes for reading time and check out. Then it was time for my lunch, cafeteria duty and then the kids were out for the rest of the day. I looked through a box of books that had been set, and a few I really liked, but their prices were too high. So I will probably send them all back. Did a bit of cart building on Baker and Taylor since we have a bit of extra money. Had a substitute teacher come in and offer to help so I had her straighten shelves, a very needed exercise after my four classes! Talked with Mrs. B after school and it was good to let her know about the story of how I got to be there and my frustrations of not near enough time in the library to do what I'd like to do. She was very understanding and gave some good advice.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

3 Snow Days

We've been off since last Thursday because of our snow storm, but finally got the call to head back to work last night. Got to work and Mrs. M said that since she was doing a special training, I could be in the library all day!!! Oh joy! Oh joy! Oh joyous joy! I did do a lesson for her class, but the rest of the day was spent putting away books - everything is shelved, everything! Got in my new JLG books and sent them to be processed. Sent some books back to their homes. Worked with my student aide who helped me get books ready to shelve. Did my big gold medallion for my bulletin board and put the 'READ' on it, I think it looks good! Started to work on my February authors since I'll be doing them next week. Got a box of books in for previewing, but will do that tomorrow afternoon. I was in heaven. I also got to take a picture of Mrs. M with The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane for her READ poster. That really is her favorite book! I got sad news today from Sprague. One of the students I really loved to see come into the library there passed away last weekend. I cried when I realized who it was. Amazing how much a student can impact you. He was a great kid and will be missed.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Came in and did a few things in the library, then remembered I needed to make sure all the computers were on. Turned on screens, headed off to LLI. Had the kids reading to me and one of them read the word 'tugged' and came up with 'tuggled'. Cracked me up! Flew back into the library for my four back to back classes. Did my intro on the Caldecott's and loved that a lot of kids checked out our Caldecott books! Then lunch, then cafeteria duty. Had the scholastic book fair lady come by and introduce herself and we talked book fair. I had to tell her that I couldn't commit to that. I already am so behind and already have too much on my library plate. So we talked about having the Parent Group run it, or maybe Willamette students and I told her I'd let our principal know. I had a great time shelving all afternoon. Got nearly all the non-fiction shelved. Was able to help some kids find just the right book for them and that always makes me smile :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Cello

Got in today and did a bit of library work, then off to LLI. Back to the library for a bit, then up to Mrs. M's class. Did some laminating for her, then listened to kids read. Then my lunch looking out my beautiful windows at the snow gently falling. Cafeteria duty, then had a couple of helpers in the library and decided to display Caldecott winner books since we're focusing on that this week so they helped me with that. Then up to Mrs. M's room where they were all leaving to watch a presentation. It turned out to be a cello guy who was very funny, and played beautifully as well. I wish he could have played in the library whilst I ate lunch and watched the snow fall! Then back up to Mrs. M's room and the kids had to do a writing project, then we talked about all the stuff from the assembly on Monday on our Go for the Gold in Reading competition. Back to the library for after school, and the whole Tiger Club came in. I was able to help them out a bit with some books, so that was fun. Put more Caldecott books out and checked in all the books that had been brought in. Ran reports of due books for the classes coming in tomorrow. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Love of Reading Month

Today was the first day of the month so we had our assembly. Since the school is celebrating Love of Reading month, I was on a committee to help set up some things for the school to participate in, so I got to announce that in the library I would allow the 1st & 2nd graders to check out two books this month and the 3rd-5th graders will each be able to check out three. So I hope that helps with their reading goals for the month. I worked on Mrs. M's bulletin board for their goals for my morning IA time. Then my lunch, cafeteria duty, my first class of the week and our highlighting the Caldecott medal winners. I had Mrs. L's class also get a chance to draw 'Gloria' from Officer Buckle and Gloria. They really enjoyed that. Requested some books. Tried to find some ice skating books and we are missing three amazing books. They are not on the shelves, and not checked out. That really makes me sad. Afternoon IA time I watched Mrs. M instruct the students on George Washington, and then helped the students do math. Worked down on my bulletin board for a bit, put away a few books. Glad I'll get some help tomorrow!