The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, February 28, 2014


My hubby came by after school was out to see the library! That was so awesome! Came in a bit early since it was Friday. Woke up computers, shelved more books, opened windows, got books ready to go back to their home school, headed off to LLI. Graduated my three students. We worked on words, read their books. Made Thank you letters to the LLI ladies. Came back into the library and created a letter to send home with students on their overdue or lost books and got four letters printed out for the first kinder class. Had three classes in a row, two kinders and one 4/5 grade blend. Then my lunch, then cafeteria duty and straight into my last class of the week, some kinders. I went into the back and set up a cart to shelve later. Then Mrs. M's class came down for computer time and I helped students work on math projects they hadn't completed for the rest of the day. After students went home I went back into the library and worked on my books for next week. Then my hubby came in! So he got to meet a few people and I showed him where I work. I looked up some more of my books for next week, closed the curtains. Computers all shut down for the weekend. Off with hubby to look at some home DIY stuffs!

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