The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Today was dress like a favorite book character day, so since I had a dirndl I wear for Oktoberfest, I decided to dress as Heidi. I took a book cover image and taped it on my badge, and I had fun all day telling kids that Heidi was written in 1880. That it was considered one of the all time classic novels from Switzerland. A brief synopsis and telling them about Shirley Temple who just passed away had played Heidi in a movie. As soon as the kids were gone, I changed since I didn't want to put away books in a dress and crawl on the floor. All four of my classes today were awful. Though I told them over and over again to be quiet because of the ELPA testing in the lab, they just wouldn't be silent. It is so frustrating!! Read a book of quotes by Abraham Lincoln that I just really liked. Managed to get most of the shelves cleaned up and the fiction shelved before I left for the night. I love my Wednesdays where I have time to clean up! Still have all the non-fiction and everybody books to order and shelve, but hopefully I will have helpers tomorrow!

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