The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Tuesday

Came in and turned on all the computers I had turned off on Friday. Realized that I still needed to do President's week on our Read-A-Loud, not last week like I thought! Luckily I only had one set of kids I did last week, so they will just get a different book this week! Got my February authors bulletin board done. Did my LLI class. This set of students will be done with their program next week. Then just a bit of time in the library and got ready for my students that will be in after lunch to work for me. Up to Mrs. M's class. Swept, put together a birthday book, made copies and looked up a book for her. Then got a call down to the library to look at a computer, so took care of that, and ended up calling our techies to see what could be done. Then my lunch time. Then cafeteria duty, then had only one student come in to work the library and I had a great time with her. Then back up to Mrs. M's room. She had gone home sick and I helped the sub with a worksheet on the differences between Lincoln and Washington. Then we did math, fractions. I worked with various students. Came back to the library and shelved some books.

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