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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Visit

I am so excited!! Mrs. H is going to come and visit my library next Wednesday!! Best news ever!! Excepting, of course, that I get to spend all my time once again in the library...preferably Sprague. It's still what I consider my home. :) Came in, turned on computers, sent an email to our coach about maybe since St. Patrick's Day is coming up to have the kids do some ceili dancing for PE. He told me that afternoon he liked the idea and will mull it over. Got set up for my first classes then off to LLI, we had a good lesson, and even sang 'On top of spaghetti..' that was fun. Back to the library, put away books, checked the classes coming in and pulled only the bookmarks of kids who could actually check out books. I think that might help. Had fun reading Detective LaRue by Mark Teague, one of our authors of the month to two of the classes. The other two classes got Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed. Had two helpers in the library after my lunch and cafeteria duty. I gave them cleaning rags, and they weren't very methodical. One minute they'd be over on one side of the library, the next over on the other. I don't think I could tell you what they dusted and what they didn't. I shelved books. Then up to Mrs. M's room and listened to Charlotte's Web (Wilbur is headed off to the State Fair - yes, I was listening too!) then Ms. H our counselor came in with a lesson on diversity. Mrs. M gave me some stickers for our Reading for All program to put in the teacher boxes after I had my last class of the day. There was a question if we got them all and I ended up dashing down stairs because my last class was there waiting with our coach. Got them all done, then put the book labels into the boxes and back up to Mrs. M's room for afternoon math. Mrs. L asked me to help one of the students who just wasn't getting greater or less than fraction combinations. She said she tried four different ways and he still wasn't getting it! So I tried, and though he said he thought he got it, I'm not sure, and I don't think he is either! Ended the day with shelving most of the Everybody books and cleaning those shelves up. I also noticed one of the library plants is gone! I have one by my desk, one in the corner of the room by the windows, then there was one on top of one of the bookshelves and it's gone! My dusting kiddos noticed dirt, but I didn't pay any attention until that afternoon.  A mystery!

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