The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Surviving Valentine's Day

Came in and opened things up. Did a bit on my February authors, took some READ poster photos for staff. Headed off to LLI. Then back to the library and spoke with the lady who sent me a box of preview books. She really worked it, but the price was still too high, so we agreed to pack them up and send them back. So I did that and they will be picked up Tuesday. Had three groups in this morning, my first Kinder group was awesome, as was my 5th graders. Then I had another Kinder group that was soooo out of control! Not only did they have a piece of candy, they also had three cookies. We did not even get to read or check out books! Then my lunch, then cafeteria duty. I had several kids wish me happy valentine's day. Then back to the library for my last Kinder group that was pretty good. Then a bit of time in the library and then up to Mrs. M's room for the Valentine's Day party. Oh my!! It was crazy. All the valentine's day sweets, from all the kids! Wow! Totally had forgotten what elementary Valentine's Day was like! Took some pics for Mrs. M. Ate two cookies and some potato chips, and that was plenty. Back to the library for Friday clean up. Sent the READ photos off to Mrs. B so her daughter can photo shop them over the weekend. Three days off again. Also learned school is extended two extra days from our snow days last week. Happy Valentine's Day!

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