The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, May 31, 2013


If there's something strange, in your neighborhood. Who ya gonna call? Why your friendly librarians of course! Today our senior aide came with ghostbuster costumes and they had a great time going out and around. Anyone seen a ghost in here? They even left Mrs. H a 'pack' for us to keep for the library and Mrs. H and I dressed up for a photo op! That was so much fun! On the other hand, I filled boxes and boxes today with all the books for the surplus pick up next week. 32 different titles and 1,129 books! I heard back from Follett and all they want is our Latin books so I put those off to the side. Bookbyte didn't want any of them. I ended up with about 20 boxes and glad to get it done. Last pick up I think we were the first ones early Monday morning, so I wanted to be ready. Still have some more books to ship out, but the shelves look good and cleaned up, so I'm happy. Ghostbusters!

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Today one of our seniors decided to do skits with her friends and go around in classrooms as PacMan with the ghost and the other characters! What a hoot! They were so cute going through the halls at lunch and then they got permission from teachers to actually go into classrooms - how fun! What a great way to celebrate senioritis! Since I got the O.K. to surplus out the rest of the textbooks I spent the day withdrawing books. Did some checking in and checking out as well, and letting seniors know what books they still had out. I also wrote up a list for Follett on some of the texts we had very nice, nearly pristine texts that if they wanted to purchase them, we'd be happy with that. I also spent some time going over the AP Chemistry resources with Mr. W. He was shocked at the cost and we may go with the edition before the new one, just because it's cheaper - like $35 a book cheaper and with 75 students, it adds up.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Very special treat today, Mrs. H let me browse through her Booklist magazine and circle possible titles for the library since it was their fantasy/sci fi issue! Huzzah! So that was a lot of fun! Got in the AP Chemistry 'wish list' of titles for this fall and worked on the prices for all that - came in at about $20,000 for two classes of that. That's more than I make in a year! What we do for our talented brainy students! Also processed in two magazines, checked in and out books all day and a whole class came in for Old Man and the Sea right after the last school bell, but I was ready for them! Got the approval late today to discard almost all of the rest of the Unused Textbook list so I started to pull them. I am also taking out the nicer ones and sending those titles and ISBN numbers to Follett to see if they want to purchase anything. Talked with our bookkeeper and SASI coordinator about how we will handle the billing for seniors on textbooks and also for the rest of the students. A great busy day! I love my job!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Today I got my yearly review and it went well. Finished off the status of the Journal of Finn Reardon today and renumbered their shelves. Checked in and out (still!) a lot of books today. Worked on the 'lost' America: Pathways books - there were 124 of them! - to see if they are truly lost or we need to keep them on record in case they do come back.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Three Days

Memorial Day weekend is here and another busy day for us. Only twelve school days left, so lots to do. Helped out Mrs. H on the inventory today. Did a bit more work on the magazine orders. Renumbered shelves and worked on the status for the Journal of Finn Reardon books. Closed up the library for the three day weekend, and remembering the service my kids have done - Sonya and Brendan in the Air Force, and my son Derek in the Army. I'm so proud of them!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Transferred out and packed up all the horticulture books we have today. I had some done, but finished off our stash. Sad to see them go! I did keep the Sunset Western Garden and an Introductory Horticulture book for the library since we didn't have either. I thought our review would be next week, but got notice that it would be tomorrow and I had to have my self evaluation in today, so I had to spend some time on that. I had planned on doing it over the weekend! Replaced a couple of our Out of the Dust books since the replacements came in. Tweaked the magazine list a bit. Found out that Mrs. H's School Library Journal will come from LMSS this year, so that was a big savings on our order. Printed up the forms for the stuff we need to order from the vendor themselves. We had one more magazine to get in so we decided on Teen Ink. We've had some free issues from time to time, but I'm really looking forward to getting it in on a regular basis.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I had gotten back some requests for magazines so today I hunkered in and worked out the new excel magazine document for next years subscriptions. I had to call Ebsco on the Journal of Chemical Education and they don't carry that anymore. I saw there was no price in the catalogue and that's why I called. Had a couple more requests as well. I added in Real Simple to our rack since Newsweek is no longer in print form and it would be nice to have that filler. The kids have been asking for things on real life, so I'm thinking that may be a good choice. Started to transfer out the horticulture books we had. North still has a program and their teacher said she would like them, so I put two boxes out for pick up today and started to pack a third. I put aside one of our nice Western Garden books since we don't have one in the library.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Today I hopefully finished off the renumbering of shelves for the English section. So nice to have that all done. I'm also hopeing that students will put the books where they belong! Not just find a shelf and stick a book there! Did some laminating for Mr. L. Processed in four magazines and one for a teacher. Sent out the call for magazine subscriptions for next year and got back three responses so far. Started researching the new titles teachers want. Got in 27 books we had lent out and got them back in and on the shelf.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Mrs. M!

Today was Mrs. M's birthday and she actually gave me a hug when I gave her the plant I picked out and her card. I will really miss her. She is such an inspiration to me. Finished off renumbering all the books but one title today. Processed in three magazines. Finished the status on the Literature and Language books. Pulled almost all the books off the shelf I keep back at my desk to get them put away. Had a teacher give me a sheet with all his students and the books they wanted, so I had to look up their accounts, check the book out and then put a sticky note on the book with who I had checked it out to. Checked in more books. Fined a student for a missing cover. Helped a parent with ordering a replacement book. Cleaned up the library tonight since Mrs. H had a meeting. Happy Birthday Mrs. M! You deserve a good day!

Turning In

Friday - May 13th - Teachers are starting to turn in their books from their class sets. Checked in four class sets of books today and worked on resetting shelves. One of our aides helped me do that and we reorganized five titles and I think that with those, we'll be all done and ready for all the books to start coming back in. Did status and number notes on the Literature and Language books today. Checked in and out. Mrs. H had to leave early for a meeting so I closed the library down tonight. Off to camp at Cape Lookout!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back to Normal

Huzzah! There's no more AP testing in the library so we are back to normal! Cleaned up the mess we had made in the back with all the papers, repair stuffs and desk clutter that I might have needed. Checked out the books that we had only hand checked out while we were in the back. Got Old Man and the Sea and Lord of the Flies ready for check outs, but no one came! Looked through subject headings for our textbooks from a file sent by LMSS to show what we used that they had and other headings we've used and sent that back to LMSS. Moved the old language books no one uses up on top of the math shelves and had room to spread out the dictionaries there and renumbered all the shelves for them. Also worked on the new tags for the Lit and Language books and will probably do them tomorrow. Moved some 2nd edition American Experience books over (the aides always get these confused with our numerous 1st editions) to another side of the center shelving and put the Actor's Wheel of Connection over on the well used English side. Checked in and out other books and helped clear seniors so they could pick up their cap and gowns today!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

10 Minutes Left....

Finished up the last of the AP Testing today. This morning they used the library but decided to put the last nine people in the CRIC rather than the library, so we got to open up after 5th period. Mrs. M didn't come in, but sent a sub, so she helped out with the morning testing. I had to go in a relieve them for a break and then did various and assorted cleaning up after we could open the library again. Thanks to Mrs. D who offered some of her boys to help move tables! They took all the old classroom tables with a seat and the little desk top and moved them to the aisle so I could put our regular tables back in order. I was afraid Mrs. M would come in the morning and try to do it herself and she's been so sick, I couldn't leave the library the way it was. Since I came in later to help with the afternoon test and had to stay late, I went and relieved Mrs. H so she could go home on time and finished up the last test and turned in all the stuff to Mrs. W in the office. Yeah, the library is back to normal!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fiesta Salad

Had to be in the back this morning, and it was the last classified staff meeting of the year. I had to bring in snacks, so I brought in some bought stuff and made a Fiesta Salad that I've made before and everyone loves (Thank you Rachel Ray!). So the meeting was an hour and basically the news is more cuts are coming, to be prepared. Back to work, and I worked on renumbering shelves for Mythology and a student and I found a shelf that had lost its brace and had started to crack, so I found a new pin and set it in. Should all be good now! After we got in the library again, I finished off doing the status on the Prentice Hall Literature Platinum books we got in. Then worked on a list from Mrs. H that a student had started. For some reason, we had books listed in the 'drama' department. What??? So we found them and put them back as being in the 'main library.' Covered two books, checked in and out quite a few books for the last two periods of the day. We're closed all day tomorrow and I have to help watch the afternoon AP test.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Celtic Bliss

And to be sure! Isn't is wonderful to be listening to some music as ye work? We were in the back all day and after Mrs. H left to proctor, I could turn on Pandora and listen to my Gaelic Storm Radio! Very quietly of course so I wouldn't disturb any students taking their AP exams, but I love to get the chance to play some music to work to once in awhile! Worked on reinforcing the Prentice Hall Literature Platinum numbers on the textblocks and then did some repair work today on Witness and Out of the Dust. Hand checked out some books to students that needed their novels for English class and sent two more boxes of books to South HS.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Spent most of today up front, but still had to clear out of the library at about 11:45 for AP testing. I got in early since there was no reason for me to stay after school. Since we will be in the back all day on Monday I ran some inventory sheets for the books I still need to move on the shelves and took off all the Prentice Hall Literature Platinum books we have and changed their status from 'new' to mostly fair, some good and a few poor. Then put them in the back to etch with sharpie their number on the ends of the textblocks. Then the aides can start putting them away on Monday since we'll have to stay in the back. Glued cheese cloth on the spines of the Literature: Reading Fiction, Poetry...etc. So they will dry nicely over the weekend. All I need now is some good endpapers! Granddaughters coming over tonight! Huzzah!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Today I was texted by Mrs. H to come in early. Mrs. M was in but coughing so badly they didn't think it would be fair to the students testing to be interrupted by that. So I went in and Mrs. H was the proctor and I helped monitor the students. I had all my work in the back, so when I wasn't patroling I read Angela's Ashes. It was nice to read! After the students were done, I checked out group read books (four titles) to two classes of students and also checked in a bunch of Prentice Hall Platinum books and their last set of reading books (our verse novels they did for April). I rearranged all our Charles L. Sprague library books. They had been used in the play and were all helter skelter on the shelves so I put them in library order. Got off a bit early today since I was in early, so off home to BBQ for this lovely spring evening.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In the Back

AP testing started early today, so I went in at my normal time. Finished taping up the 12 boxes that will go to South HS and sent two of the boxes on their way. Worked with one of our aides to shift more books in the back. Also worked on getting ready our Literature: Reading Essays, Poetry..... books ready for repair. They'd come completely unhinged off their boards and I found cheesecloth in a drawer to make new mesh (crush and other assorted terms) for them. So I spent some time getting all the old glue off about five of them and finding a way to hold them up using our small bookends to keep them steady (great idea!). I actually glued the cheesecloth down the spine on one of them tonight to see how it looks in the morning. If it's good, I'll do the other four. Once we were back in, we opened up the library to the kids again and I sat up front once again to monitor the kids coming in. Checked out two class sets of Prentice Hall Literature Platinum books, and got Ms. A's Fahrenheit 451's to her. Mr. S came and asked for some as well, but we didn't have enough for his class, so I asked to borrow and they will be on their way tomorrow! Got Ms. A's other 'challenged' books on a cart for her kids to check out as well. Checked on some workbooks for Mr. C and his spanish classes so hopefully they will come for him to look at. Another morning of testing tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


AP testing started in the library today so we had to be out by 11am. I came in early since the library would be closed the rest of the day and opened everything up for the kids to come in early. Spent most of the morning transferring books to South that they had requested from my 'unused' list and after we had to leave the library I spent most of that time packing them all up. So far I have 8 boxes all packed and still one title (the big one!) to go. Mr. R ended up with 21 titles and 728 books I transferred to his school. Got off work at 1:10 today and headed off to trail run at Silver Falls State Park since I had the time :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Today - You Will Sign In and Show Your Pass!

Mrs. M was off to the doctor today and they didn't get her a sub, so I moved up front with Mrs. H. Seems I spent most of the day getting kids to sign in and show either their release card or pass from a teacher. I often wonder how Mrs. M gets all that done and gets work done too! I worked today on transferring books over to South for the titles we don't use anymore and the regular check in/out duties of the day. I had come in early since we had a teacher staff meeting this afternoon after school so I could go do my volunteer work at Salem Public Library a bit earlier today.

Friday, May 3rd

Had only a half day today so I went in and did more status on the Prentice Hall Platinum and Gold books and that took up most of my half day. Off camping with the granddaughters tonight up at Silver Falls!

Thursday, May 2nd

Not a great title, but I've been busy with home life! I spent the morning today working on my new calendar I put up kind of in honor of Mrs. M. Compassion is what she needed and what happened with her didn't go down in a compassionate way. So, this is for her. I worked on more status and renumbering for the rest of the day and setting up tasks for when we have the library closed next week for AP testing.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Less Library Hours....

Sad day. Mrs. M learned today that she will be transferred somewhere over the summer. They have no idea where or what she'll be doing or even how many hours she'll have. That's just not right. She only has three years left before she can retire. I am sick about it. So, only Mrs. H and I will be in the library next year. They have no idea of the amazing person they are getting rid of. Worked most of the day on changing the status on our Prentice Hall Literature Gold books from 'new!' to 'fair' or 'poor'. Since they are 20 years old, 'new' seems like a bit much to have them at. Finished up tagging the shelves they were on and I'd do the status on a cart and then put it away. Did a couple of quick repairs. Checked in and out books. Went to a meeting on AP testing they are having next week. They have asked people to help by assisting students and just being a presence during the text. Walking around, making sure all is quiet and tests are moving along in compliance. So, I will help out on May 15th since that will be a late one. Mrs. M is being asked to help out on several others that start early in the morning. Taking my mom to the Sprague play tonight and meeting Mr. and Mrs. H there.