The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fiesta Salad

Had to be in the back this morning, and it was the last classified staff meeting of the year. I had to bring in snacks, so I brought in some bought stuff and made a Fiesta Salad that I've made before and everyone loves (Thank you Rachel Ray!). So the meeting was an hour and basically the news is more cuts are coming, to be prepared. Back to work, and I worked on renumbering shelves for Mythology and a student and I found a shelf that had lost its brace and had started to crack, so I found a new pin and set it in. Should all be good now! After we got in the library again, I finished off doing the status on the Prentice Hall Literature Platinum books we got in. Then worked on a list from Mrs. H that a student had started. For some reason, we had books listed in the 'drama' department. What??? So we found them and put them back as being in the 'main library.' Covered two books, checked in and out quite a few books for the last two periods of the day. We're closed all day tomorrow and I have to help watch the afternoon AP test.

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