The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Mrs. M!

Today was Mrs. M's birthday and she actually gave me a hug when I gave her the plant I picked out and her card. I will really miss her. She is such an inspiration to me. Finished off renumbering all the books but one title today. Processed in three magazines. Finished the status on the Literature and Language books. Pulled almost all the books off the shelf I keep back at my desk to get them put away. Had a teacher give me a sheet with all his students and the books they wanted, so I had to look up their accounts, check the book out and then put a sticky note on the book with who I had checked it out to. Checked in more books. Fined a student for a missing cover. Helped a parent with ordering a replacement book. Cleaned up the library tonight since Mrs. H had a meeting. Happy Birthday Mrs. M! You deserve a good day!

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