The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Today one of our seniors decided to do skits with her friends and go around in classrooms as PacMan with the ghost and the other characters! What a hoot! They were so cute going through the halls at lunch and then they got permission from teachers to actually go into classrooms - how fun! What a great way to celebrate senioritis! Since I got the O.K. to surplus out the rest of the textbooks I spent the day withdrawing books. Did some checking in and checking out as well, and letting seniors know what books they still had out. I also wrote up a list for Follett on some of the texts we had very nice, nearly pristine texts that if they wanted to purchase them, we'd be happy with that. I also spent some time going over the AP Chemistry resources with Mr. W. He was shocked at the cost and we may go with the edition before the new one, just because it's cheaper - like $35 a book cheaper and with 75 students, it adds up.

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