The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

10 Minutes Left....

Finished up the last of the AP Testing today. This morning they used the library but decided to put the last nine people in the CRIC rather than the library, so we got to open up after 5th period. Mrs. M didn't come in, but sent a sub, so she helped out with the morning testing. I had to go in a relieve them for a break and then did various and assorted cleaning up after we could open the library again. Thanks to Mrs. D who offered some of her boys to help move tables! They took all the old classroom tables with a seat and the little desk top and moved them to the aisle so I could put our regular tables back in order. I was afraid Mrs. M would come in the morning and try to do it herself and she's been so sick, I couldn't leave the library the way it was. Since I came in later to help with the afternoon test and had to stay late, I went and relieved Mrs. H so she could go home on time and finished up the last test and turned in all the stuff to Mrs. W in the office. Yeah, the library is back to normal!

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