The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back to Normal

Huzzah! There's no more AP testing in the library so we are back to normal! Cleaned up the mess we had made in the back with all the papers, repair stuffs and desk clutter that I might have needed. Checked out the books that we had only hand checked out while we were in the back. Got Old Man and the Sea and Lord of the Flies ready for check outs, but no one came! Looked through subject headings for our textbooks from a file sent by LMSS to show what we used that they had and other headings we've used and sent that back to LMSS. Moved the old language books no one uses up on top of the math shelves and had room to spread out the dictionaries there and renumbered all the shelves for them. Also worked on the new tags for the Lit and Language books and will probably do them tomorrow. Moved some 2nd edition American Experience books over (the aides always get these confused with our numerous 1st editions) to another side of the center shelving and put the Actor's Wheel of Connection over on the well used English side. Checked in and out other books and helped clear seniors so they could pick up their cap and gowns today!

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