The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Less Library Hours....

Sad day. Mrs. M learned today that she will be transferred somewhere over the summer. They have no idea where or what she'll be doing or even how many hours she'll have. That's just not right. She only has three years left before she can retire. I am sick about it. So, only Mrs. H and I will be in the library next year. They have no idea of the amazing person they are getting rid of. Worked most of the day on changing the status on our Prentice Hall Literature Gold books from 'new!' to 'fair' or 'poor'. Since they are 20 years old, 'new' seems like a bit much to have them at. Finished up tagging the shelves they were on and I'd do the status on a cart and then put it away. Did a couple of quick repairs. Checked in and out books. Went to a meeting on AP testing they are having next week. They have asked people to help by assisting students and just being a presence during the text. Walking around, making sure all is quiet and tests are moving along in compliance. So, I will help out on May 15th since that will be a late one. Mrs. M is being asked to help out on several others that start early in the morning. Taking my mom to the Sprague play tonight and meeting Mr. and Mrs. H there.

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