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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Great Kid

Came in this morning to see one of my favorite students come into the back with some laminating, so he and Mrs. M and Ms. A all got talking. How wonderful to have such an amazing student. He's off to Harvard in August and will be missed! The three of us all stated that if he ever ran for President, we'd vote for him! Processed in one magazine, Orion. I love that magazine, just my style. Finished packing up all the rest of the boxes to go to ECHS - I had to let her know there were 11 boxes coming, and be prepared! I also broke down and asked XXX for their back door report on barcodes and book numbers from the old Trac-it Program. Until those old books are replaced or weeded, we really need a way to quickly and efficiently find the old books on the shelf. As the new books get into the back, we'll of course, not need the old numbers, but for a system that will work, we really need it (shuuush! don't tell anyone we have it). Worked on renumbering the Prentice Hall Literature Gold. Replaced old falling apart copies with some replacement books we had purchased last year and I had on the shelf. No sense in just letting them sit there, time for old books to move on and new ones to get into use. Moved up to the front counter today after Mrs. M left. Mrs. H had a meeting at one of her elementary schools so I was the last library assistant in the building. Made every one of our 7th period release kiddos sign in on our tabulation sheets and collected over a page of signatures from them. Dealt with front desk duties for the rest of the afternoon and an issue with our bookkeeper and a student. Cleaned up the library for the night, put out our screen and an InFocus machine with a DVD player for the group that needed it for a meeting tonight.

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