The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Library Assistants Day

Finished off all the unused book list today and went through 106 titles and recommended something done with 89 of them. Whether they go to another school, or are surplused, it will be a great relief to our shelves! I can hardly believe we had so many. A lot of them are old novels that have only 30 copies or so, but still, it will be a cleaner place! Checked in and out today and at the end of the day helped Mrs. H pull out novels in verse for a class. As the class swarmed the table she had put out what we hadn't pulled yet, I went down the stacks with a list and would put new titles onto the table as the kids were looking through them. Emailed a school that has a horticulture program and they will take all our old horticulture books, so that will free up some shelving as well. Mrs. H came in and brought us some lovely tulips and treats for Library Assistants Day. She cares so much that we get recognition for what we do every day. She is a true library advocate. I am so blessed that I get to work with her every day.

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