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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Step Ahead

So today I was awaiting my new list results (hearing from teachers) and one of them came storming in with boxes to make sure we didn't get rid of her novels that she uses and we were already one step ahead :) I had already pulled her books and had them on a cart and she only had to pull a couple more to get all that she wanted. Then Mrs. H and her came to an agreement, so I withdrew all those copies and we gave them to Ms. O. She will really get good use out of them, better than them sitting on a shelf in the back. She had some students pull out of the back room an old bookcase and was so excited that those books would now be available to her students right then and there. Then she pulled in our sports history teacher and we pulled books for him and withdrew them and let him have them for his class. It was a good busy day! I was so excited to see these teachers really charged about having these books available right in their rooms! And so excited that the books will be out in the world getting used! Also processed in four magazines for us, one for a teacher. Checked out a class set of Technical Writing books to a teacher and transferred 60 old language books to another school that Mrs. H will take over next Friday. Checked out a class set of First Aid books as well!

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