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Monday, April 8, 2013

Early In

Came in this morning to books! Classes! All the people that I had emailed last week about who was getting which books and when was all a flitter in the air! So I sat down and composed some wonderful emails for the parties that they said they got a kick out of. For the Gatsby Group, I had young Daisy finding a ring on the dash of the car and ended up on the side of Mt. Doom between the orcs and the lava hoping Gatsby would drive up in the car and save her. My other set was of the Pay it Forward (or Pay it Frodo) group who I invited to wrestle the book over the pit in Mt. Doom to see who would get the copies. I thought them rather clever :D Back to work! They got all straightened out. Checked out Maus II and Witness to Ms. O. Processed in three magazines for us and one for a teacher. Checked in and out various books and new students. Packed up the old scantron machines for Mrs. H and we taped them shut, stuck on the stickers and sent them off. Worked more on the unused textbooks list - totally finished off page one and started what hadn't been done yet on page 2. Helped a withdrawing student try to get all her books in. A good day and yes, I had my picture taken for the yearbook as well and got two tickets for the Oly Pageant for Saturday night. I've never gone, but Mrs. H and I and my mom will cheer on our fabulous Oly's and the great sum of money they've raised this year for Doernbecher's.

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