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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Forest of Voices

As I was working through the unused textbook titles, I found a set of books called A Forest of Voices. Even though I liked them (being a wilderness lover) I thought they had to go, so I pulled them all down and got ready to list them for consideration to get rid of. I opened one up and inside the front cover was a notice that they had been purchased by the 1996-97 College Writing class and the teachers for future Sprague students. How could I get rid of them then? So, I sent an email to Mr. C asking him to put that note into their record. They are all now happily snuggled back onto their shelf. Went to our classified staff meeting today all about flex accounts for the most part. Checked in and out books. Even got a student to return a book she had checked out last September! What a coup! Worked more on the unused titles list and I'm up to about 58 or so titles for curriculum to cull through and more to come! I really wanted to get rid of two other titles, but rats, they were checked out as recently as 2010. Processed in two magazines for us and three for teachers. Sent a tech request in for a student who had to log into four different computers to get to the R: drive for the teacher folders to turn in work. It shouldn't be that hard!

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