The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Just got back from donating my three ficus trees to the Sprague drama department. A young gentleman came from Ms. L and asked if they could borrow our library ficus for Curious Savage that starts tonight, but we had gotten rid of it last year before the bond work. So I offered my three ficus trees that we are getting rid of and since the play starts tonight, I drove them down to their new home. I'm sure they will stand in their places well and I'll get to see them for years up on stage :) Checked out a couple of extra books to Mr. C today for a student, checked in and out books. Sent out the Lit books list for people to look through. I pulled all the titles that Ms. O has on her 'Reading Through History' class list before I sent it. Now I just need to do the list for the titles we had more than enough copies for and give that to Mrs. H and we'll be about done with weeding those out. A very busy day in the library but well worked!

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