The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Worked on the bulletin board today and got it mostly up. My theme was to be warm, heartfelt and family, and I really combed through the books trying to get a good stack of books together for that. Checked in books from students that were leaving us, did some work with students on the computers as they were shutting off remotely again. Worked with Mr. D on the PoT books and had him go over them for the two different editions and he didn't see a problem with them. He also brought me in some extra teacher materials for his Physics class that I will be more than happy to catalogue tomorrow!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Yes, it's homecoming and I came to work during the assembly this morning. Worked most of the day on the PoT books and got almost all the Unit 7 books done. Processed in two magazines and worked with students. Confirmed Mrs. M's writing up a student who was viewing a very inappropriate and violent website. Lots of kids wearing the Oly toga style today which was very funny!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Front and Center

Mrs. H left at one o'clock today and Mrs. M ends her shift at one, so I shut down my back computer and came up front for most of the rest of the afternoon. Worked on more PoT books, processed in two magazines for the library, did a LOT of student assists with a myriad of requests. Suggested a book to a student, checked in a ton of release kids for 7th period, can't believe how long that took to see their cards and have them sign in.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Of Sound Mind

Well, some would say that would not be me, but I did check out a class set of these, and two other class sets back out to Ms. H for her sign language class. Worked on PoT, processed one teacher magazine, did some shelving in the back to hold more PoT books and discovered we have even more books I've processed in that say they belong to South, not to Sprague - what is up with that???

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Grandbaby!

I'm a grandma again! I'm so excited! Even with printing a pic and getting it ready for my desk I still made it into work on time! I only talked about Constanza to the people who came near me! Moved boxes from where the Follett rep had left some. Processed in three teacher magazines and five for us. Did a lot of student monitoring and of course, the inevitable PoT books :) After school was out we closed up the library and Mrs. H and I went to the Site Council meeting. Interesting to start this process again. I guess we used to have Site Council and it got relocated for a couple of years, so we will try to revive it.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Our Follett rep came in today and trolled through all the boxes of books I had in the back and bought 5 boxes of books for around $450! We will be able to buy some new books with that money, so Mrs. H was very happy about that! Worked again on the P of T books and did some research on their website and what is available to teachers and then sent that all in to Mr. D and he sent me a big thank you! Checked out a lot of books today and helped kids with various getting on, printing and looking for books. Processed in two magazines.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Spent most of the day working on the new computer lab desks since there was no one else available to put them together so Mrs. H and I got them all done! Yeah! She was afraid she'd worry about them all weekend, so that was good! I took all the parts and laid them out with their designations (something the boys that came in yesterday didn't do...) and we just cranked them out. Then I got out the Principles of Technology and as I looked at the Unit 7's I found we had some second editions but also a ton of the first editions, hummmm. So, I sent an email to the teacher to see if he wanted me to use all the second and some of the first to fill in the 110 copies he wanted. Then it was time to go home for the weekend! Huzzah!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I decided to work on the Principles of Technology the upper books since they are hardly used and cranked out a bunch of the Unit 14 - Unit 8 books and got them all done. Helped a student pick out a book (yeah!), processed in three magazines for us and one for a teacher.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Post

Today I finished up all the changes on the shared novel list and got that sent into our tech team for posting. Checked out quite a few books. Made a recommendation to a student for some historical steampunk. Worked with Mrs. H and Mrs. M to handle our audio books so that students will hopefully not steal the CDs from them. Did some book repair, cleaned off the pile of paperwork on my desk. Processed in some donated Watership Down and The Old Man and the Sea books.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Edited as a Child

Ha! I was processing in magazines today and saw this funny cartoon in The New Yorker - two women looking in a room where a man sits straight, staring ahead and the one woman tells the other "Ted was severely edited as a child." Made me laugh! Processed in ten magazines for the library and four for teachers. Cleaned up the magazine spinner rack, pulled First Aid books for two more classes coming in today. Decided I really needed to reorganize my textbook paperwork so I redid the files in my drawer and filed them all away better than they were! Checked out a class set of Sentence Combining to Mrs. J. Worked on Principles of Technology books and cut more crackle paper for the edges of them. Answered a couple of phone calls and worked the front desk for a little bit for Mrs. M and got to put the laminated covers on books for a bit - one of my favorite jobs!

Monday, October 17, 2011


One of our teachers today wanted his students to get a Fundamentals of College Physics book, and so I pulled those and checked them out today at various times as students wandered into the library. He had come earlier for a set and let us know he'd be back, so that helped! Processed in 3 teacher magazines and 6 for the library. Dug through my emails since I was gone Wednesday and our half day Thursday (my father-in-law had passed away and I went down to California for the memorial service - miss you dad). Helped students with various requests all day and worked on my ongoing project, the Principles of Technology books.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


back later...

Monday, October 10, 2011


So today I spent most of the day working on restoring those old Principle of Technology books and using our crackle paper to bind the edges. I did a lot of gluing and taping as well. When there was a meeting this afternoon, I took some old movies (cleaned out of a teacher's room) and put them in the DVD player to see if they played and what language - mostly German!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Mrs. G Comes

Mrs. G came in for Mrs. H today, they are good friends outside of work and Mrs. G was one of the K-8 Librarian teachers that got laid off so it was good to see her and that she got some work today! Most of the day was spent on those Principles of Technology books deciding the best way to get them revamped for use next year. Helped a lot of kids and checked out books. I gave Mrs. G some of the really nice Principles of Technology books to restamp and she got all of them restamped and a lot of them spine covered. We had a good time today.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tech Principles

Spent a lot of time today on the Principles of Technology books weeding out the bad, keeping the good. Got an approval to write up an order for Periodic Table by Primo Levi which is very exciting, hopefully it will get ordered. I called our rep and they got us even a bit better deal than their online price, so that was very awesome! Checked out books to individuals today, got two of our American Pageant books somewhat repaired - they are missing the first 100 pages or so, and since that class is beyond those sections now, I have a couple of girls that would still like their own book.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Groundhog Day

We had some confidential type meetings today, so I went into the back and rearranged shelving to make room for four sets of books. Had to move some other books to make way, but found spaces for everything without too much trouble! Then I went through our deleted textbooks to see why they wouldn't delete, and it was because of the comment section. You need to delete the comment record before they go, so I went and deleted the comments. They still wouldn't delete. You know when you haven't done something for a long time and it takes awhile to remember? That was me today, I had to go back through them all and then delete the records. That did the trick! Did the usuals for the rest of the day, checking out books, helping students.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Read Banned Books Stormtrooper

Yep. I took a 'I read banned books' button and taped it onto my Stormtrooper that sits on my printer. Now if he reads banned books, everyone should! Came in to find one brand new Realidades 1 book on my desk, and we had ordered 25! So I raced up to the office and yeah! There they all were - two more boxes full! So I sent an email to the teacher and processed them all in. Finished processing in and covering the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books we got in earlier and there's even a spot for them on the shelf! Got in a shared novel list from North HS and so I updated their portion of the list to go along with mine. Made a new Vision background for Mrs. H on the ORCA (Oregon Readers Choice Awards) with all the titles for the 2012 list. Did some research for a teacher who requested our Deutsch Aktuell 3 books on a DVD program we sent him, so I did some research and got an answer and suggested another resource. Did a lot of individual check outs as well.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Chair Abuse

Pulled Tesoro Literario for Mr. M's class and checked them out. Withdrew all our old First Aid books and boxed them up to go away. Put the new ones on the shelf in their place. Mr. C brought me a track baton for my bulletin board! Cleaned up all the books Ms. S brought in at the last minute on Friday, found an old (1979!) yearbook that belonged to Ms. A, she also took some short story books we had and Mrs. P took the rest of her Tech Writing books, she thought she had them all. Worked on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books Mrs. H brought in before school started. Also helped kids get their computer numbers, ran the front desk so Mrs. M could take her lunch, made a new desktop for my computer with Sprague team pics on it. Got paper for the copier for a teacher. Chair abuse is what I tell the kids when they are leaving from lunch, to pick up their trash and throw it away and to push in their chairs. Since the chairs can't move, it's chair abuse to leave them hanging out while they are trying to get back to the table. I have so much fun at work!