The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Big Sale

So today Ms. B had someone come over and load two carts with books from the book fair. It was really amazing. They ended up getting 212 books for a little over $1,000! Nice! It came to about $5 a book, a fabulous deal. I had fun again telling kids, "Go back, you get one item free! Go get another book!" Tons of books came in today and my aides were all very busy. I let my first period aides know what I really thought of them, and told them what I had written down from yesterday's post. I hope they were touched. But then I blew it again this afternoon. A bunch of rowdies came in from Mr. S's testing and one of them decided to take the knee scooter our girl who broke her ankle uses and started to wheel around the library in it. Again, I said something I probably shouldn't have. I was more afraid he'd knock someone over, or damage that piece of medical equipment, or even hurt himself, I wanted him to immediately stop. He did. Had two boys carry out posters they told me "what? these aren't free? I didn't see any price?" Seriously? We had our campus monitor come and pick them up. Then a student told me about a boy who had taken one and put it under his coat. He comes back in after school holding the poster telling me he found it in the bathroom, and since it was wrinkled and I'd throw it away, shouldn't I just give it to him? Ah, no! I said it all had to be accounted for and everything that was stolen had to be paid for. Not quite the truth, but I hope he realized that yes, everything has a price that needs to be paid. The students that had me hold books all came in and picked them up today. Managed to get out of there only 30 minutes late, but I'll need to finish up the money Monday morning. Took out all the trash, packed up all the wheel carts, but again, will have to pack up the trinkety stuff Monday. Maybe I'll have my aides do it. Ending the day just disappointed in myself and handling these over the top rowdy students. Take a breath. Breathe. Chant 'only 7 days to go..." 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Called Out

Book fair was crazy today, lots of kids buying small stuff. Had a woman in at our PLC in the library this morning who said she had money to buy books for the summer reading program and might come back tomorrow and buy a ton of stuff after the kids here were done! That would be awesome! Had my frustration boil over this morning at my aides and said some things I shouldn't have. They did not deserve to have me hold them to my standard and then call them out using the terms I did. They are truly amazing people! The girls are all wonderful in their own way. A reminds me of a good friend who totally makes me smile at her tenacity and the way she goes after what she wants. A true rock star! A is quiet, but that quiet that comes from the bedrock of a deep seated grounded soul. I am so glad I got to know her just a bit. A I am not often sure about. She can be flippant, assured, wildly wacky and then quiet. I think of a forest and all that it holds when I see her. It makes me smile. B has a smile that totally reaches into his very core being and shines out loud. He is incredible! They all have worked very hard for me this semester in many, many ways and it truly is my personal disappointment to have spoken to them like that. I apologize deeply. Worked on our audio book collection and how I can make that more accessible to our teachers and students, so I'm creating an excel sheet on each audio (Tape Cassette, CD or Digital Audio Book). It's coming along nicely and I'm so happy with that! I can't wait to get it all done and tweaked and sent out to the teachers. I may put together a book of resources that is handier than just looking things up on the library web site. Dream on... Mr. M came down and we had a quiet conversation this afternoon. Ran the tape for the book fair, took all the money I had except for change up to the office for the safe. Glad for a day or two to have just regular classes in the library! Talked with Mr. M about scheduling for the lab as well today! He is an amazing principal and I'm glad he is mine. I love my job, warts and all!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Worked on these today as well as doing a great business with our book fair (I even bought a book and got one free!). Nothing much exciting. Almost finished off the update copying the science books so that project will be done. Today was the last day we checked out books. No dressing up as a 'twin' for me today, just nice and comfy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Batgirl Superhero

Today was SuperHero day for spirit week and everyone loved my batgirl costume! Have to love batgirl, librarian by day, crime fighter at night! 741.59 Graphic Novels...  Did some more repairs today and finished up some that I had left to dry over the three day weekend. Worked the BOGO book fair and made $63 today! That's cool for a first day! Had classes signed up for the computer lab and yet, testing isn't over! So I told the teachers that since our testers were only in three periods a day today and tomorrow, I would reset the computers for them all. So it was nice having in regular classes to the library, but hectic to flip the computers back in between classes from regular to testing and back again. But this way at least some classes get in to get their technology time. Was very glad when the day was over to take that headbacnd and bat ears off!

Friday, May 22, 2015

BOGO in the Building

Got in our Scholastic BOGO fair today. So glad that arrived and is ready to go. Pulled up computers this morning. Sent a rolling cart to Dr. R. Sorted out BOGO flyers and had my aides take them out to the language arts teachers. Moved tables for the BOGO fair to make room. Did more repairs. Sent out a class set of math books and did copy status on them. Worked on more repairs. Set up the little trinket scholastic stuff in the back. Did a test run on ringing things up for the BOGO fair, nice that you can put in books any old way and the computer sorts them all out for the best deal. Collected data (how many copies we have) of OBOB titles so we can vote on them for next year and sent that out to the other middle school library media assistants. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Do Overs

So I had my students do copy status on the 'N' science books and they missed a whole section! What is up with that? So I redid them all, worked out which books were not coming back (like the ones declared lost in 2012) and which might conceivably come back for shelf space) and reorganized for the second time. Found another book that was not properly checked in to take a fine off a student's account. Made a few repairs. Looked up books for their age suitability for my order for next fall. I might put together an order for July when our budgets come back. Worked again with a lot of students. Sent some back to class. Started to turn some away from checking out new books since next week is our last week to turn in. Had a student with 4 books out already, all overdue (November, Januarythat wanted a book. I hate to do it, but turned him away :(  I need my books back!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

41 Books

That's how many books I've read from the Leslie library this school year. I posted them with my comments today by the gates. Did more status copy and I had to go in and remark the shelves for correct book placement. Changed out a lamp today for Mrs. C. Got in my new Percy Jackson's Guide to the Gods! So excited! I gave two copies to the teachers who are doing that and told them they were more important that Zeus' lightning (ha!)! Had a teacher ask for some books on family issues and poverty, so I poked around titles with keywords and pulled together about 20 books I thought she might be interested in and then talked with our Instructional Coach who suggested a different book and the teacher loved it. I love it when we collaborate and come up with a plan! I did put all the books I pulled away myself ;) Did a bit of repair work. Worked a lot again today with students. Sent some out of the library that were not working on their assignments, so sad! A great day in the library!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


After a dearth of no laminating for weeks, I had a ton brought in today! I laminated from the time school got out until time to go home! That's a lot of laminating! Had it running for an hour and a half! Had my aides work on more copy status updates today. Worked with a lot of kids as well, helping out here and there with finding books, checking overdue books, getting some book titles we need for series we have. Had my insurance check today to make sure all my beneficiaries are in order. They were. Did some repairs and worked on a Lightning Thief  book from another school. It was in pretty bad shape, so I'm doing some work to it to return it better than when it came. Did some other repairs as well. Worked on some document cameras to see if we could get them to work, one seemed to be fine, the other puts out something that looks like a fiesta striped blanket! I'll probably have to send that one in. A lot of people out in the garden today, working hard! I can't wait to see the new patio, but afraid I will lose some of my gorgeous view :(  Hope not! 

Monday, May 18, 2015


Watched some cool videos on the Scholastic site today about new books coming out. Well worth my time!! Sometimes I forget that taking the time to do things like that is part of my job as well as the other stuff I do! I came up with some great titles and one on bullying that I will definitely be ordering 4 or 5 copies of. Had the students do more copy status today, pull books, put books away. Had some issues with students in here from study hall, so I let the teacher know. The big bruhaha going on outside the windows today was starting construction on a patio in the garden outside. Everyone was at the windows when this truck was shooting gravel up and over the fence into where they are going to build the pad! Had a wonderful sub come in and read all the shelves and did an awesome job! She might be back on Thursday! I have about 10 boxes of books for surplus pick up, which is the minimum, so I just need approval from Mr. W to send them off. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

One Month To Go!

June 15th will be my last work day for this school year, so only one month to go! Today was some book repair on some Lightning Thief books that had come from another school. They came in pretty battered and I know the elementaries have no time to repair things, so I just decided to make them better than they were when I got them. Seemed like the right thing to do! Got done with all the 'J' science books, and found a couple more that hadn't got checked in properly. Had one more bit of 'boys' in from the health class since the girls hadn't quite finished yesterday. Checked in and out a bunch of books. Got two more PE injury students that started with me today. The boy did a fabulous job of putting all the 'J' books back on the shelf, and he had his arm in a sling! Great job! Had some printer issues today and had to help clear some things so students could get their print. Helped music copies by reducing the image to 90% so it would copy onto a regular sheet of paper. Shut down all the computers tonight for the weekend. Deleted no longer needed emails. Sent our principal pictures from the battle yesterday off my phone. I know there was more, but it's late and time for bed!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Team Firestar

Got to take our Team Firestar to the Battle of the Books over at Houck Middle School this afternoon. They did a great job, but came 2 points short of placing! A valiant try, but maybe next year! Worked on copy status with the science books today. Traded our new LIghtning Thief books for some from other libraries. Watched the boy half of the 'birds and bees' talk today. Found 7 books at $20.47 apiece that were still checked out to students who were now in  high school. A great day for a battle, and the kids all had a great time. Eight different schools with about 5 kids apiece! They all got snacks afterwards and a book to take home! A great time was had by all!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Busy Day

Had my first period aides start to put all the biographies away. They didn't get very far, but my second period aides did a great job and got it nearly all done. Had two classes in today turning in books and checking out new books. Some of them got the new Lightning Thief I finished covering today. Had three classes in from the 'birds and bees' talk in health class. Today the girls were in and did a fabulous job of keeping quiet and doing their work. Checked out two class sets to the Kercheski method for science books. I didn't have any aides 3rd, 4th or 5th, so by the time my 6th period aides came in our library book return box was really full! Kept them busy! Had a sub come in and say she needed work for a period and I put her in charge of getting the biographies straightened out! She said she was good after that, got in her library 'fix!' Bought a few more books since Scholastic said I needed to spend $165 before next fall. That's it. Doesn't seem like that much, but the day flew by!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Stat on Stats

Finished off my newsletter entries for this school year. Spent some time doing my stats for the year that I thought parents and students might be interested in. My aides I read it to didn't seem that impressed! So, that one is off to the printers. Looked for the May newsletter and couldn't find it, sent an aide up to get one, they didn't have one either. Our amazing office admin Princess Z printed a copy from the web and let me know that we never did get our school copies! No wonder I didn't get one! Covered Lightning Thief  books today and got over half done. Even had a couple of girls come and get a copy during lunch today. Yes, I did it. There is nothing fun about our new Outlook 2013. Drab and weary looking. So I fished around today and managed to upload a picture of me to my contact information. Ha! We'll see if anyone notices ;) Rainy day out the windows, but always a great day in the library! Here's my newsletter stats!

The Leslie Library has been a busy place this year! Since September we have checked out 13,920 individual books! We added in 602 new books into the library this year as well! My quick blurb on getting books turned in: We currently have out 266 very loved books that have been out for more than 5 weeks! If there’s a library book sitting around, be sure you turn it in! On the textbook side, we have checked out 8,717 textbooks this year. We have hosted 244 class visits for checking out books or working in the library. We were home to not only our 5th grade students who needed a place in the mornings to wait for their math class here, but also students who take classes at South then come in and wait here until their regular day at Leslie begins. The library hosted approximately 7,573 individuals visiting over the year coming in to check out a book, work on a project out of class, do research, take a test or just quietly read. These students all have passes from their teacher for a specific task. We also host students coming in every day when they have finished lunch as another place for students to wait until their next class begins. I have aides that have done a fabulous job this year helping keep the library in order, books shelved, checking in and out properly and they also get a half school credit for the hard work they put into keeping our library functioning! I have had 20 aides this year and I hope they’ve learned something about how a library operates! They are the best! I love being here at Leslie and working in this fabulous library with an incredible staff and amazing students! Next year will even be better!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Thief in the Building

Well, almost! Got the call today that our class set of Lightning Thief  was ready for me to pick up at LMSS! Yeah! Deleted old emails today. Checked out two class sets of When Zachary Beaver Came to Town for Mrs. S. Stamped and wrote up the processing slip for the last of the books to send to LMSS for processing this year and boxed all those up and have them ready to go for tomorrow. Had the kids all work on their non-fiction today. Talked with a technician on the generic password for the computers at school. It seems that we can only lock a certain number, certainly not all the labs (three of them) and other computers in the school. The tech told me that at this level, the kids should know their login numbers and there shouldn't be any reason for them to use the generic anymore. So I picked just the main desk computers and our search computers to leave that on. I'll have to change the password every year, but as long as I remember to do that we'll be all right!  We had a brief staff meeting (and everyone got a root beer float if they so chose!) about recognition for next year, so that'll be nice. Instead of waiting until the end of the year, we'll celebrate notable 'days' on that day, rather than waiting. Nice! As soon as the meeting was over, I jumped into my car and drove over to pick up the book copies and they will be ready to go for tomorrow morning! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Something in the Air

I'm not sure what it was today, but what a great day! Finished covering all my new paperbacks. Got in 21 Lightning Thief for my LA teachers! The aides got all the science books put away. Cleaned up all the Star Wars books and put them in the fiction section above the 'S's'. Learned a bit about Google Chrome. Sent off some borrowed math back to their home. Decided to make piles of books for each of the aides so they won't leave any books in their sections behind on the cart! Laminated two Honor Society posters for one of our students for a meeting Saturday. Put one of our big display books in the copy room (since it is back up running after a week down waiting for toner!) so staff and students have something to do while waiting for the copier. Decided This One Summer  really wasn't appropriate for our school and sent it off to South High School. Won an Amazon gift card for Teacher Appreciation week! I was amazed since I'm not a teacher, but everyone has said 'no, you deserve it' so I guess I'll take it :D

Thursday, May 7, 2015


The tech crew came in last night and finished upgrading all the computers in the school so I came into Windows 7 this morning on all the library computers. And OutLook 2013 for our email. We can still use the old, but I know I just need to work on getting happy with the new toys we got. Spent some time today readjusting all my stuff, playing around with how things are going to work. Checking out all my programs I use. And the big news of the day was yes! I did get two yummy cookies delivered to me today! Yummo!! We also got in our copier toner. I thought we had plenty since this copier was going to be replaced, but no, not soon enough! We ran out of toner last week. So the office staff did miracles to get us toner so the teachers could print there again. They were very happy! Also helped out our Instructional Coach today. She had a short list of boys who weren't progressing in their reading, so I called down to our office and yes, we could look up AR levels and run a report on a batch. So we looked at the first couple, then she had to do some things and I went through the list and sent her what I thought were 'boy' interest books off that list. Put them into my new OutLook 2013 and sent them to her. She was very grateful for that! Covered more books today and then headed off to help at the track meet this afternoon over at South HS.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nutella Cookie Wins!

Today was our huge big assembly. One of our marketing kids contacted the local paper and said that they used Otis Spunkmeyer dough for the student store, but they were experimenting with making their own flavors. So Otis contacted the school and said they would come and do a taste contest and make a production run of the flavor they selected and they chose Nutella cookies! Who came up with that idea? Why, one of my aides! I was so proud of him! He's usually very quiet, does his jobs, sits and reads, so I was shocked when he was announced and served the CEO of Otis and the other judges his cookie! Then another of my aides had won an award for an essay and they presented him with his award and $250! See?? Reading leads to great things! My favorite part of the day though was after the assembly. "You've just won the Otis Spunkmeyer cookie flavor award! What're you gonna do to next??" He came into the library and checked out a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book! Then back to the gym for some more press time! I have the best job in the world! Yes, we worked too! Covered books when I wasn't busy with the kids. Love my job and tomorrow I get cookies!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

No Cookies!

So tomorrow is our big cookie assembly and I decided I should pony up and buy some, and they didn't have any today!! They were making something like 900 cookies for tomorrow so I was out of luck. It'll be fun at the assembly tomorrow. today we had TV crews and all sorts of hoopla getting ready. I on the other hand, stripped books, and got through all the hardbacks and moved into the paperbacks also covering those with contact paper. Had a teacher with a projector down. She sent an aide with a note for a new bulb, but they couldn't get the old one out. She had a couple of teachers help, but they finally gave up and brought me the projector and I gave her one of our loaners to get her through the day. All those eight years of electronics assembly can come in handy! I took off the cover and there's a spot where the bulb sits down onto some connectors that tends to get stuck, so once the cover is off, you can just pop a flat head screwdriver in there and it'll come out. Put a new bulb in and screwed it all back together and had my aide take it up to her. She was very excited to have it back and working again. Checked out a lot of new books (huzzah!!) and got to put more on the rack. Life is good, if cookieless!

Monday, May 4, 2015

May the Fourth be With You and Checked Out by You!

I think a nice blue would look awesome for my lightsaber if I had one! Today of course, is Star Wars Day (May the 4th!) So I came in, got computers up and then looked up the keyword "Star Wars" on my computer and couldn't believe all the books I had under that! I had so many books up there! Shakespeare to Science Fair, Legos to Young Jedi Knights and Origami Yoda! It was much fun! I had to make a sign of course (!) so the printer is up by our bookkeeper and I went up with my invoice from Friday (at 5 cents over budget) and kneeled before her and said something to the tune of "Oh bookkeeper, I have sinned..." She cracked up and said to not worry about it. The rest of the day was mostly spent on putting strips in books and check out labels and putting them out on our book display! It looked so awesome! I was so happy to be able to spend the day doing that! Attended the staff meeting this afternoon, mostly about the insurance verification going on. Talked with our SKEF employee about the books I had on display for the garden outside, he liked that I had done that! Then off to Escape Fiction to pick up the books he ordered for me on Friday, they are in!! My garden book display below - I had to shut the windows to see!

Friday, May 1, 2015

More Books

So since I do have money to still spend, I called over to Escape fiction to get the extra books I wanted back awhile ago. He worked it out & I went over after work to seal the deal & get my stuff documented today. I was only 5 cents over, so I'm hoping that's ok! If not I will donate 5 cents or they can take it from my other fund.  Yesterday I learned a new word, think so anyways! Bibliotherapy - which is something like: getting the right book to the right person to help them through a conflict in their life. Love it! Then a funny hysterical end to the day with my 6th period aides. One of them has so much energy, he was sitting on the book cart on the side and I told him, "You know better, this could tip over and you'd get hurt" and I walked away. I heard my other aide tell him, "Don't give poor Mrs. W a heart attack!" I cracked up, but not so he could see. He also delivered some books upstairs to Mrs. C the day before and kept my key! So when I needed a cart delivered upstairs to Mr. G's room with three class sets of math books, I couldn't find it. I was like "Oh, no! My key has gone missing, what little sweet angel has taken it??" I emailed and got back what I thought was my second key on that lanyard. Freaked out that someone now had just the key and who knows where it could end up! Then my 3rd period aide reminded me that my 6th period aide (the one trying to give me a heart attack) had taken books up. So we sent for him and he brought me my elevator key. Thank goodness! End of the day was perfect! 103 new books showed up from my February order!! They are here! They are here! Monday will be a fabulous day!