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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Called Out

Book fair was crazy today, lots of kids buying small stuff. Had a woman in at our PLC in the library this morning who said she had money to buy books for the summer reading program and might come back tomorrow and buy a ton of stuff after the kids here were done! That would be awesome! Had my frustration boil over this morning at my aides and said some things I shouldn't have. They did not deserve to have me hold them to my standard and then call them out using the terms I did. They are truly amazing people! The girls are all wonderful in their own way. A reminds me of a good friend who totally makes me smile at her tenacity and the way she goes after what she wants. A true rock star! A is quiet, but that quiet that comes from the bedrock of a deep seated grounded soul. I am so glad I got to know her just a bit. A I am not often sure about. She can be flippant, assured, wildly wacky and then quiet. I think of a forest and all that it holds when I see her. It makes me smile. B has a smile that totally reaches into his very core being and shines out loud. He is incredible! They all have worked very hard for me this semester in many, many ways and it truly is my personal disappointment to have spoken to them like that. I apologize deeply. Worked on our audio book collection and how I can make that more accessible to our teachers and students, so I'm creating an excel sheet on each audio (Tape Cassette, CD or Digital Audio Book). It's coming along nicely and I'm so happy with that! I can't wait to get it all done and tweaked and sent out to the teachers. I may put together a book of resources that is handier than just looking things up on the library web site. Dream on... Mr. M came down and we had a quiet conversation this afternoon. Ran the tape for the book fair, took all the money I had except for change up to the office for the safe. Glad for a day or two to have just regular classes in the library! Talked with Mr. M about scheduling for the lab as well today! He is an amazing principal and I'm glad he is mine. I love my job, warts and all!

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