The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Watched some cool videos on the Scholastic site today about new books coming out. Well worth my time!! Sometimes I forget that taking the time to do things like that is part of my job as well as the other stuff I do! I came up with some great titles and one on bullying that I will definitely be ordering 4 or 5 copies of. Had the students do more copy status today, pull books, put books away. Had some issues with students in here from study hall, so I let the teacher know. The big bruhaha going on outside the windows today was starting construction on a patio in the garden outside. Everyone was at the windows when this truck was shooting gravel up and over the fence into where they are going to build the pad! Had a wonderful sub come in and read all the shelves and did an awesome job! She might be back on Thursday! I have about 10 boxes of books for surplus pick up, which is the minimum, so I just need approval from Mr. W to send them off. 

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