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Friday, May 29, 2015

Big Sale

So today Ms. B had someone come over and load two carts with books from the book fair. It was really amazing. They ended up getting 212 books for a little over $1,000! Nice! It came to about $5 a book, a fabulous deal. I had fun again telling kids, "Go back, you get one item free! Go get another book!" Tons of books came in today and my aides were all very busy. I let my first period aides know what I really thought of them, and told them what I had written down from yesterday's post. I hope they were touched. But then I blew it again this afternoon. A bunch of rowdies came in from Mr. S's testing and one of them decided to take the knee scooter our girl who broke her ankle uses and started to wheel around the library in it. Again, I said something I probably shouldn't have. I was more afraid he'd knock someone over, or damage that piece of medical equipment, or even hurt himself, I wanted him to immediately stop. He did. Had two boys carry out posters they told me "what? these aren't free? I didn't see any price?" Seriously? We had our campus monitor come and pick them up. Then a student told me about a boy who had taken one and put it under his coat. He comes back in after school holding the poster telling me he found it in the bathroom, and since it was wrinkled and I'd throw it away, shouldn't I just give it to him? Ah, no! I said it all had to be accounted for and everything that was stolen had to be paid for. Not quite the truth, but I hope he realized that yes, everything has a price that needs to be paid. The students that had me hold books all came in and picked them up today. Managed to get out of there only 30 minutes late, but I'll need to finish up the money Monday morning. Took out all the trash, packed up all the wheel carts, but again, will have to pack up the trinkety stuff Monday. Maybe I'll have my aides do it. Ending the day just disappointed in myself and handling these over the top rowdy students. Take a breath. Breathe. Chant 'only 7 days to go..." 

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