The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

No Cookies!

So tomorrow is our big cookie assembly and I decided I should pony up and buy some, and they didn't have any today!! They were making something like 900 cookies for tomorrow so I was out of luck. It'll be fun at the assembly tomorrow. today we had TV crews and all sorts of hoopla getting ready. I on the other hand, stripped books, and got through all the hardbacks and moved into the paperbacks also covering those with contact paper. Had a teacher with a projector down. She sent an aide with a note for a new bulb, but they couldn't get the old one out. She had a couple of teachers help, but they finally gave up and brought me the projector and I gave her one of our loaners to get her through the day. All those eight years of electronics assembly can come in handy! I took off the cover and there's a spot where the bulb sits down onto some connectors that tends to get stuck, so once the cover is off, you can just pop a flat head screwdriver in there and it'll come out. Put a new bulb in and screwed it all back together and had my aide take it up to her. She was very excited to have it back and working again. Checked out a lot of new books (huzzah!!) and got to put more on the rack. Life is good, if cookieless!

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