The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Do Overs

So I had my students do copy status on the 'N' science books and they missed a whole section! What is up with that? So I redid them all, worked out which books were not coming back (like the ones declared lost in 2012) and which might conceivably come back for shelf space) and reorganized for the second time. Found another book that was not properly checked in to take a fine off a student's account. Made a few repairs. Looked up books for their age suitability for my order for next fall. I might put together an order for July when our budgets come back. Worked again with a lot of students. Sent some back to class. Started to turn some away from checking out new books since next week is our last week to turn in. Had a student with 4 books out already, all overdue (November, Januarythat wanted a book. I hate to do it, but turned him away :(  I need my books back!!

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