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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Stat on Stats

Finished off my newsletter entries for this school year. Spent some time doing my stats for the year that I thought parents and students might be interested in. My aides I read it to didn't seem that impressed! So, that one is off to the printers. Looked for the May newsletter and couldn't find it, sent an aide up to get one, they didn't have one either. Our amazing office admin Princess Z printed a copy from the web and let me know that we never did get our school copies! No wonder I didn't get one! Covered Lightning Thief  books today and got over half done. Even had a couple of girls come and get a copy during lunch today. Yes, I did it. There is nothing fun about our new Outlook 2013. Drab and weary looking. So I fished around today and managed to upload a picture of me to my contact information. Ha! We'll see if anyone notices ;) Rainy day out the windows, but always a great day in the library! Here's my newsletter stats!

The Leslie Library has been a busy place this year! Since September we have checked out 13,920 individual books! We added in 602 new books into the library this year as well! My quick blurb on getting books turned in: We currently have out 266 very loved books that have been out for more than 5 weeks! If there’s a library book sitting around, be sure you turn it in! On the textbook side, we have checked out 8,717 textbooks this year. We have hosted 244 class visits for checking out books or working in the library. We were home to not only our 5th grade students who needed a place in the mornings to wait for their math class here, but also students who take classes at South then come in and wait here until their regular day at Leslie begins. The library hosted approximately 7,573 individuals visiting over the year coming in to check out a book, work on a project out of class, do research, take a test or just quietly read. These students all have passes from their teacher for a specific task. We also host students coming in every day when they have finished lunch as another place for students to wait until their next class begins. I have aides that have done a fabulous job this year helping keep the library in order, books shelved, checking in and out properly and they also get a half school credit for the hard work they put into keeping our library functioning! I have had 20 aides this year and I hope they’ve learned something about how a library operates! They are the best! I love being here at Leslie and working in this fabulous library with an incredible staff and amazing students! Next year will even be better!

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