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Friday, May 1, 2015

More Books

So since I do have money to still spend, I called over to Escape fiction to get the extra books I wanted back awhile ago. He worked it out & I went over after work to seal the deal & get my stuff documented today. I was only 5 cents over, so I'm hoping that's ok! If not I will donate 5 cents or they can take it from my other fund.  Yesterday I learned a new word, think so anyways! Bibliotherapy - which is something like: getting the right book to the right person to help them through a conflict in their life. Love it! Then a funny hysterical end to the day with my 6th period aides. One of them has so much energy, he was sitting on the book cart on the side and I told him, "You know better, this could tip over and you'd get hurt" and I walked away. I heard my other aide tell him, "Don't give poor Mrs. W a heart attack!" I cracked up, but not so he could see. He also delivered some books upstairs to Mrs. C the day before and kept my key! So when I needed a cart delivered upstairs to Mr. G's room with three class sets of math books, I couldn't find it. I was like "Oh, no! My key has gone missing, what little sweet angel has taken it??" I emailed and got back what I thought was my second key on that lanyard. Freaked out that someone now had just the key and who knows where it could end up! Then my 3rd period aide reminded me that my 6th period aide (the one trying to give me a heart attack) had taken books up. So we sent for him and he brought me my elevator key. Thank goodness! End of the day was perfect! 103 new books showed up from my February order!! They are here! They are here! Monday will be a fabulous day!

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