The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


After a dearth of no laminating for weeks, I had a ton brought in today! I laminated from the time school got out until time to go home! That's a lot of laminating! Had it running for an hour and a half! Had my aides work on more copy status updates today. Worked with a lot of kids as well, helping out here and there with finding books, checking overdue books, getting some book titles we need for series we have. Had my insurance check today to make sure all my beneficiaries are in order. They were. Did some repairs and worked on a Lightning Thief  book from another school. It was in pretty bad shape, so I'm doing some work to it to return it better than when it came. Did some other repairs as well. Worked on some document cameras to see if we could get them to work, one seemed to be fine, the other puts out something that looks like a fiesta striped blanket! I'll probably have to send that one in. A lot of people out in the garden today, working hard! I can't wait to see the new patio, but afraid I will lose some of my gorgeous view :(  Hope not! 

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