The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Got a half dozen eggs today from Ms. H. She has a little flock of chickens and I know they are eating fabulous things and well loved! Worked more on the unused titles today. We had an exchange student that needed to get in some 'work' hours, so I set him to pulling all the books off the shelf of my list and bringing carts out to me, and that worked really well! Had some real 'techie' moments today that I solved and so very happy that I managed enough tech to do them! One was a substitute that was running a DVD on the computer and so I had him log in, then play the DVD and then discovered we didn't have any sound because the computer was muted! He was very grateful! Found a flash drive and was able to reunite it with a kid. Helped another couple of kids with other computer issues. Checked in and out books today - the usuals as well. Another great day at the Sprague library.

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