The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Spent a good part of today doing repairs with glue! A lot of page tipping and some tear repairs. Then back in the stacks to move more books and relabel shelves to work my way up to where the books have no room! Watched Manga Club after school for Mrs. H today since she had to leave. Got a nice present in the mail, or rather from my courier son. I got a call from South HS that they had a present for me. I asked what and where did it come from and they said it was a box of Sees Mint chocolate wafers and that it had come from Mr. C at LMSS! I cracked up. Mrs. H had told Mr. C that if he really wanted to thank me it should be mint chocolates, and he did! Not sure how it ended up at South, but I had my son drive over and pick it up since she didn't want to put it through the district mail (bad experiences there!). Too much yummy fun!

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