The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Today I finished off shifting all the Prentice Hall Platinum books. Checked over all the repairs I did last week and most of them were ready to go back on the shelf. Processed in one teacher magazine and two for us. Checked out a class set of Prentice Hall Gold books to Mr. M and took them over to his class since it was just around the corner. Got ready a set of First Aid books for Mrs. W's class to check out. Asked again for the Pay it Forward books that I had requested three weeks ago, and she had forgotten! So they should be here in a day or two. Helped a couple of students with research on the Gale and JStore databases. Decided today was a good day to shift library shelves. A teacher sub came in and I suggested it, but she couldn't do work below the waist, so I decided to go ahead. Our W's, Y's and Z fiction authors are so crammed at the end of our fiction section - and since we had just weeded our beginning non-fiction earlier this year, we decided to condense down those books and bring the fiction Y's and Z's over to the next wall. So, I shifted about 8 bookcases of shelving today (about 6 shelves on a bookcase). Looks good, and there's now room for books to be properly set back on the shelves. I found several books just on top of a row because there was simply no room for it to fit in! Favorite book I came across? Never Slow Dance with a Zombie - Ha!

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